Reading Test on Bill Gates

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Reading Test on Bill Gates

Check your comprehension skills after reading

Jose Díaz and Denis Barrera
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Do we know much about Bill Gates professional life? Why? Yes.A lot has been written about his computing revolution. Yes. Because he is a very famous person . You can see him on TV, the news or the Internet. No. Because there is a very little information about his private life. Yes. This text shows an anecdote. No. Because he has got problems with his mother and his psychologist.
Why did Bill parents think that he needed a psychologist? Because, he talked to his mother aggressively and didnt do what she told him. Because, he liked ocmputers a lot and spent all day playing with them. Because, he was in the sixth grade and his parents were worried. Because, he was very intelligent. Because, he wanted to be a businessman.
Why did the psychologist conclude that it was useless to compete with Bill? Because, a great number of computer companies can't compete with him. Because, punishing him was not a solution, he had his own ideas. Because, his parents were not very intelligent. Because, Bill didn't want to compete with his parents.
Match the words with their correct definitions according to the text. Revolution Psychologist Amount Anecdote War.
A synonym for intelligent. Clever Clumsy Ingenius Foolish.
What kind of doctor did Bill Gates need?.
Unscramble this: to try compete to him" with useless "It's.
An opposite of the word clean. Dirty bright inmaculate unclean.
Click on the image that corresponds to Bill Gates.
The opposite of useless. New Ineffective Useful Vain Frantic.
Change this sentence into the active voice: "Many pages have been written about Bill Gates." Many pages are being written about Bill Gates. Somebody will write many pages about Bill Gates. Bill Gates Writes many pages. Bill Gates has written may pages. They have written many pages about Bill Gates.
Select the correct form in reported speech: "What are you doing, Bill? His mother asked him. His mother asked him: "What are you doing, Bill?" His mother asked what he was doing.
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