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Test Repaso

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Laura, Celso, Danna, Roxana
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What's her name? Camila Priscila Carolina.
Unscramble: is/favorite/My/pasta/food.
Unscramble: live/Where/he/?/does.
What's his name? Alberto Roberto Fernando.
Unscramble: an/am/architect/I.
What is her favorite color? Green Blue Purple.
Connect the sentences. I am 22 years old. I am a student. I live in Italy. I am from Mexico. My name is Roberto.
How old is she? 19 49 29.
Is she blonde? Yes, she is No, she isn't.
Unscramble: green/has/He/eyes.
Is he tall? No, he isn't Yes, he is.
Unscramble: is/sunglasses/He/wearing.
Unscramble: beard/has/He/mustache/a/and/a.
She has curly hair True False.
Unscramble: has/hair/She/dark.
Does he has brown eyes? Yes, he does No, he doesn't .
Harry Styles is from England. He is: German Finland English.
Ariana Grande is from USA. She is: French American Italian.
The nationality of Scotland is: Scottish Scotsh.
The nationality of Portugal is: Portuguese Portuguesse.
Bad Bunny is from Puerto Rico. He is: Puertorican Puerto Rican.
Connect countries with nationalities. Brazil France Greece Mexico Italy Russia.
Laura is from Mexico. She is: .
Rels B is from Spain. He is:.
Justin Bieber is Canadian. He is from: .
What country is this flag from? Japan China UK.
Mac Miller was American. He was from: .
Paulo Londra is Argentinean. He is from: .
What country is this flag from? Greece Egypt Australia.
What country is this flag from? India Egypt South Africa.
What _____ do you eat dinner? eat time glasses.
I eat ______ at 9 in the morning. breakfast run dinner.
What time do you go to school? I go to school at night We go to school at night You go to school at night.
Does she get up at six? Yes, I do at six No, she doesn't No, she don't.
Unscramble: you/?/one/at/Do/eat/dinner.
My name is Celso, _ play soccer at two o'clock. I she They.
What time is it? Three o'clock One o'clock Twelve o'clock.
What time is it? Nothing Ten o'clock Zero o'clock.
Is Harry Styles very handsome? No, he aren't Yes, he is Yes, I'm.
Susan's hobbies are play soccer and videogames. Her hobbies are play soccer and videogames My hobbies is play soccer and videogames His hobbies are play soccer and videogames.
My name is Harry, I'm twenty-eight years old. Harry is 82 years old. Harry are 28 years old Harry is 28 years old.
Unscramble: do/What/like/to/?/do/you.
Connect the sentences. What do you love to do? What do you like to do? What are your hobbies?.
What time is it? Nine o'clock Six to six Half past nine.
What do you love __ do? to a are.
What is this? Intersection Left Street.
What is this? Cross the street Cross the up Cross the right.
What is this? Go up the street Go down the right Go over the bridge.
What's this? Take the first (turning) on the right Take the up on the right Take the second (turning) on the right.
What is this? Take the first (turning) on the left Take the second (turning) on the left Take the third on the left.
Unscramble: Where/the/is/?/eleven/seven.
Unscramble: Take/first/right/the/on/the.
Unscramble: street/Cross/the.
Unscramble: over/bridge/Go/the.
Unscramble: the/left/on/Take/second/the.
Unscramble: up/the/Go/street.
Unscramble: the/to/Go/left/up.
Unscramble: on/straight/Go.
Dylan is from Italy. He is:.
John is Greek. He is from:.
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