Repaso Vocabulario Ingles 2

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Repaso Vocabulario Ingles 2

Repaso Vocabulario ingles 2


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Unir Data entry operator helpdesk tecnician network administrator programmer software tester support technician web designer.
Unir hard drive heat sink motherboard processor (CPU) RAM chip sound card USB port fan DVD drive.
Unir switch socket slot side panel power supply front panel case.
Unir tab key space bar shift key return or enter key numeric pad modifier key function keys scape key.
Unir delete key control key command key caps lock key backspace key arrow keys alt key.
Choose the correct answer: I.... problems over the telephone test troubleshoot.
Choose the correct answer: My laptop is broken. Can you ..... it? repair install it?.
Choose the correct answer: You can ..... the instructions from the Internet. upload download.
Choose the correct answer: We use about 50 parts when we...... a new computer. maintain assemble.
Choose the correct answer: Your PC will go faster if you give it .... a startup an upgrade.
. We need a graphic designer to .... for our new company We....to users in businesses, offices and at home My job is to help....over the phone If the monitor doesn't work,....at the back of the system unit it takes time to....into the computer They...on the production line.
. This person writes software for computers This person leps clients with IT problems over the telephone This person manages the day-to-day running of a computer network This person fixes software and hardware problems This person test new products before they are in the shops This person develops and designs webpages This person puts information into a computer.
Before you remove the panels, make sure you disconnect the cable. connect all the cable.
In order to open the door of the room, detach the card insert the card in the slot here.
There's nothing to watch on TV, so I'm going to turn it on so I'm going to turn it off.
Before you take the side panel off, you have to unscrew it you have to screw it on.
Before you put the new sound card in, you have to attach the old sound card you have to remove the old sound card.
Never touch anything inside the computer, if it's unplugged! if it's plugged in!.
. Don't forget to plug the computer into the... You can connect the monitor to the computer using this.. When you've finished using the computer, make sure you... Before you remove the motherboard, you have to....it ....the laptop cable before you turn it on. This is the main....to turn the computer on and off.
. Arrow keys caps lock key delete key scape key return or enter key shift key tab key.
. . , ! ? : ; " " .
. ' ( ) @ * / - & _ .
the letter H is........the keyboard letters in the middle of under.
the caps lock key is....the shift key. below above.
the B key is ..... the V key and the N key. between over.
The number keys are ...... the arrow keys. beside on.
The shift key is..... the Z key. behind next to.
The space bar is smaller than the other keys. V F.
The control and alt keys perform actions when pressed with different letters V F.
The backspace key deletes one position forward from the cursor V F.
The numeric pad consists of maths symbols as well as numbers V F.
The 12 function keys take you directly to different commands. V F.
The command key is also called the control key. V F.
A modifier key is only used in conjunction with another key. V F.
. It's got a ...., so you don't need to use a mouse I can't reach the switch; please pass me the.... If you've got a ....., you can charge your phone on my computer We need a .... to read all the shop's product prices Hand in your homework to you teacher on a...
. That model is obsolete Can you please order a new flash drive for me? The fax machine is broken We're overstocked with mouses We need to reorder with that supplier We've run out of USB chargers The printer has run low on ink.
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