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SAFe for Teams - 3

SAFe for Teams - 3


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According to SAFe Principle #10, what should the Enterprise do when markets and customers demand change? Create an Agile Release Train to focus on value Reorganize the network around the new value flow Apply development cadence and synchronization to operate effectively and manage uncertainty Create a reliable decision-making framework to empower employees and ensure a fast flow of value.
Which statement is true about ART events? ART events run inside the team events, and the team events create a closed-loop system Team events run inside the ART events, and the ART events create a closed-loop system The Inspect and Adapt is the only ART event required to create a closed-loop system The daily stand-up is an ART event that requires the scrum of scrums and Program Owner sync involvement in the closed-loop system.
Which role serves as the servant leader for the Agile Release Train? Business Owner Release Train Engineer Agile Coach Scrum Master.
During the PI Planning event, when are planning adjustments agreed upon? During breakout sessions During the draft plan review During the management review and problem-solving During Scrum of scrums.
What is part of the role of the Scrum Master? To escalate ART impediments To prioritize and identify what is ready for Iteration Planning To facilitate all team events To coach the interactions with the Scrum Framework.
Which statement is a value from the Agile Manifesto? Customer collaboration over following a plan Customer collaboration over a constant indefinite pace Individuals and interactions over contract negotiation Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
Which core competency of the Lean Enterprise helps drive Built-in Quality practices? DevOps and Release on Demand Team and Technical Agility Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering Lean Portfolio Management.
The primary need for SAFe is to scale the idea of what? Organizational and Functional Alignment Business Agility Technical Solution Delivery Lean Portfolio Management.
What is one way Lean-Agile leaders lead by example? By modeling SAFe’s Lean-Agile Mindset, values, principles, and practices By using the SAFe Implementation Roadmap to script the way for change By mastering the Seven Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise By applying empathic design and focusing on Customer Centricity.
SAFe’s first Lean-Agile Principle includes “Deliver early and often” and what else? Apply systems thinking Decentralize decision-making Deliver value incrementally Apply cadence.
What are two ways to describe a cross-functional Agile Team? (Choose two.) They can define, build, and test an increment of value They are optimized for communication and delivery of value They are made up of members, each of whom can define, develop, test, and deploy the system They deliver value every six weeks They release customer products to production continuously.
The program board shows which two items? (Choose two.) Risks Capacity and load Significant dependencies Features Epics.
Optimizing flow means identifying what? Delays Key performance indicators Predictability issues of the train Activities that lack innovation.
What are the three dimensions of Lean-Agile Leadership? (Choose three.) Emotional intelligence SAFe Core Values Lead by example Support organizational change Lead the change Mindset and principles.
What is one output of enterprise strategy formulation? Portfolio Governance Portfolio Canvas Portfolio Budgets Portfolio Vision.
How can trust be gained between the business and development? Automate the delivery pipeline Deliver predictability Release new value to production every day Maintain Iterations as a safe zone for the team.
What does the Continuous Delivery Pipeline enable? Continuous refactoring Delivery of large batches Ongoing learning Increased technical debt.
What is an example of applying cadence and synchronization in SAFe? Creating cross-functional teams Using a Portfolio Kanban system Allocating budgets to Agile Release Trains Conducting a PI Planning meeting.
What is one component of a Guardrail in Lean Portfolio Management? Participatory budgeting forums that lead to Value Stream budget changes Determining if business needs meet the Portfolio Threshold Capacity allocation of the Value Stream compared to process mapping Allocation of centralized vs decentralized decisions in the Enterprise.
Which statement is true about batch size? When stories are broken into tasks it means there are small batch sizes Large batch sizes ensure time for built-in quality Large batch sizes limit the ability to preserve options When there is flow it means there are small batch sizes.
Which pillar in the House of Lean focuses on the Customer being the consumer of the work? Value Innovation Respect for People and Culture Flow.
What is one key purpose of DevOps? DevOps focuses on a set of practices applied to large systems DevOps joins development and operations to enable continuous delivery DevOps enables continuous release by building a scalable Continuous Delivery Pipeline DevOps focuses on automating the delivery pipeline to reduce transaction cost.
An Enterprise has just adopted the SAFe Implementation Roadmap and is in the process of training executives, managers, and leaders. What is their next step? Train the leaders in Portfolio and Product Management to solve problems before fixing symptoms Perform process mapping on the current state Train Lean-Agile change agents to push out the roadmap and build consensus Identify Value Streams and Agile Release Trains to start alignment of the organization.
What is one example of differentiating business objectives? Enterprise Goals Portfolio Vision Strategic Themes Solution Intent.
What is the connection between feedback and optimum batch size? Lack of feedback contributes to higher holding cost Feedback and batch size are generally not connected Small batch sizes enable faster feedback with lower transaction costs Large batches reduce transaction costs and provide a higher return on investment.
What is one key reason for keeping the test data for automated tests under version control? For reporting and auditing purposes Version control is required for quality standards All enterprise assets must be under version control If test data gets out of sync, automated tests may not properly execute.
What is the primary goal of decentralized decision-making? Reduce Cost of Delay Resolve dependencies Enable faster flow of value Increase alignment.
What does SAFe® Principle #3, "Assume variability; preserve options," enable? Better economic results Specification traceability Up front design of systems Stronger Definition of Done.
What is a result of shorter queue lengths? Lower quality Increased risk Less variability Longer cycle times.
Which statement is most accurate about the Program Vision? It expresses the strategic intent of the Program It drives the allocation of budget for the Agile Release Train It summarizes the team PI Objectives for the current Program Increment It provides an outline of the Features for the next three Program Increments.
What Definition of Done is required for the Iteration Review? Release Team Increment System Increment Solution Increment.
What is the primary purpose of Strategic Themes? Determine the order in which Epics should be executed Drive incremental implementation across the enterprise Connect the portfolio to the enterprise business strategy Define the sequence of steps used to deliver value to the customer.
An Epic spanning two PIs was approved for implementation. What is the optimum implementation path from a Lean-Agile perspective? Implement the Epic across the same number of PIs as it took to develop Report the percentage completed to the key stakeholders at every PI boundary Demonstrate the progress to the key stakeholders after two PIs and have them accept the epic Demonstrate the progress to key stakeholders after the first PI and make a decision on how to proceed with the Epic in the second PI.
What backlog items are part of the Solution Backlog? Benefits Features Capabilities User Stories.
What is the most critical move that organizations must address to achieve flow? Hiring, coaching, and mentoring innovation and entrepreneurship in the organization’s workforce. Applying continuous exploration, the process of constantly exploring the market and user needs. Shifting from a start-stop-start project management process to an agile product management approach. None of them.
Which of the below does allow new, higher priority work to enter and leave the system with less wait time? Keep team and program backlogs short and largely uncommitted. Establish WIP limits for each process step. Be especially careful of large, long-term commitments. None of them.
How the continuous research activities are directly supported through? [choose three] Continuous exploration in the continuous delivery Pipeline. The feedback loops that exist between the solution and the solution context. Product telemetry data. Better budget.
Which of the below substantially minimizes the cost of delay and provides the ability to deliver value continuously? Kanban board. None of them. Continuous delivery pipeline. Scrum framework.
Why do organizations struggle to achieve business agility as per Mik Kerston? They are copying managerial frameworks and infrastructure models from their competitors. They are using managerial frameworks and infrastructure models from past revolutions. They are not realizing that they need to transform. They are not adopting new technologies.
Who are key stakeholders on the ART who must evaluate fitness for use and actively participate in certain ART events? Agile leaders. Business owners Scrum Masters Project managers.
Which of the two factors do the economically optimal batch size depends on to reduce WIP? [choose two] Holding cost Waiting cost Transaction cost Development cost.
Organizational agility, lean-agile leadership, and agile product delivery are part of ……………… The part of the sprint framework. The part of design thinking. The part of core competencies of business agility. The part of the customer management framework.
To achieve meaningful and lasting change, author John P. Kotter notes that a “sufficiently powerful guiding coalition” of stakeholders is needed. What does such a coalition require? [choose three] Sufficient organizational credibility to be taken seriously. Practitioners, managers, and change agents who can implement specific process changes. Leaders who can set the vision, show the way, and remove impediments. The investors who can support right decisions.
Which is not one of the four core values that define SAFe’s essential ideals and beliefs? Alignment Teamwork Built-in quality Transparency.
Which backlog contains user stories a team may be working on? The Team Backlog The System Backlog The Product Backlog The Program Backlog.
What do Burn-up charts show in the Iteration progress? Planned versus actual Delayed versus deferred Estimated versus planned Estimated versus technical debt.
Which one are better? Signed off milestones Point driven milestones Objective milestones based on working software Phase gate milestones.
Decision that are In-Frequent, long lasting have significant impact should be.. Depends upon context Take only after doing sufficient documentations Centralized De centralized.
Development occurs in an uncertain world - In order to cater to this uncertain world... Ensure the both requirements and designs are kept flexible till last minute Get a sign off on requirements by all involved stakeholders Only onboard skilled knowledge workers Break down the features in user stories for the team backlog.
Which of the below events help to show case objective milestone for the PI? PI System Demo Problem Solving Workshop Iteration Demo PI Planning.
Result of Phase driven milestone is... They reduce risk Shorter queue They make changes easier They encourage false positive feasibility indicators.
Which one is an example of differentiating business objectives? Portfolio Vision Strategic Themes Enterprise Portfolio Solution intent.
At the end of PI Planning, there is always a confidence vote. What is the purpose of the vote? To have items committed to complete the work to meet the agreed-to objectives To get a poll on how many people are for or agains the plan To measure the level of risks To evaluate if the plan is agreed upon.
In SAFe, it is recommended that System Demo should occur in what time interval? Every two weeks Before every deployment Every week Only in the Scrum os Scrums meeting.
When is comes to team topologies at scale, any Solution can be thought of from two perspectives: The technical perspective, and what else? The product perspective The value perspective The market perspective The skill perspective.
What is one benefit of capacity allocation? It allocates developers and testers to an initiative It prevents different types of backlog items from being compared against each another It ensures all,Value Streams in the Portfolio are appropriately funded It enambles effective time-tracking.
What is included in the Inspect and Adapt agenda? Quantitative and qualitative measurement Management review and confidence vote System Demo ART Backlog refinement.
What can increase the effectiveness of Backlog Refinement? Refine Stories during Iteration Planning Schedule the event on a regular cadence Have separate meetings with subject matter experts Include a few team members.
What is one characteristic of writing effective PI Obectives? Including critical Stories Listing out committed Features Identifying sgnificant risks Describing the value.
Which Agile Team event supports relentless improvement? Inspect and Adapt Team Sync System Demo Iteration Retrospective.
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