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Starting from a quotation document you would like to create a follow-up document “Sales Order”. Which of the following does not belong to copying control? Copying control for transaction history Copying routines using a BAdI Copying control for item categories Copying control for transaction type.
The Sales Manager at your company needs a tool that can provide statistics on the number of activities completed of certain categories by his department this month. Which tool should you recommended? Pipeline Analysis Activity Journal Action Profile Activity Monitor.
Within activity transactions, which of the following is normally used to record and update product-related information gathered from customer visits or telephone calls (1) Actions Questionnaires Activity journal Product promotion list.
Which of the following statements referring to the basic customizing of business transactions is correct? A transaction type is always linked to one leading transaction category A transaction type contains all relevant item categories An item category can only be linked to one transaction type An item category can contain other item categories.
Which of the following are possible influencing factors used in item category determination customizing? (3) Item category group Transaction type Item category usage Org. data profile Customer/Material info record.
Which of the following are examples of business transactions in SAP CRM? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question Appointments/meetings Campaigns Rebate agreements Service confirmations Call lists.
Your customer wants to use a new business activity for capturing trade fair contacts that can be used as follow-up documents for leads. Which of the following settings are mandatory to fulfill this requirements? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Maintain business activity related data like category, priority and goal on customizing header level of the transaction type Define a transaction type for the trade fair contacts with leading transaction category “Business activity” Maintain item category determination for the trade fair contact Set up copy control for source transaction type “Lead” and target transaction type “Trade fair contact”.
Which assignments in Customizing need to be implemented when setting up organizational data determination in business transactions? There are 2 correct answers to this question A determination rule has to be assigned to a transaction type An organizational data profile has to be assigned to a transaction type For determination rule type “Organizational model” responsibilities have to be assigned directly in the rule A determination rule has to be assigned to an organizational data profile.
Text data can be maintained in business transactions at the header or item levels. What identifies which text types will be available to a particular business transaction or item category? Text determination procedure Notes Assignment Profile Text profile Action Profile.
Which of the following describes the structure of a business transaction? Leading business transaction category Transaction channels Transaction determination procedure Customizing header.
Which of the following functions related to SAP CRM processes are only available in SAP ERP? Campaign management Bounce management Financial accounting Logistics Execution Billing.
Which of the following components of the SAP Solution Manager support the implementation phase of an SAP CRM project? (3) Skill-based allocation reports to assign qualified employees to the project Roadmaps providing links to accelerators and tools that perform project tasks SAP Early Watch Alert reports Implementation and test tools, for example the IMG or the Test Workbench Graphically displayed SAP CRM business scenarios.
A business scenario requires you to create a new customer-specific transaction type, for example, a specific quotation. Which of the following are possible subsequent tasks, after creating a new transaction type? (2) Maintain a transaction determination profile Maintain copying control Maintain item category determination Maintain header category determination.
You want to create a new CRM interactive report. Which of the following steps form part of the definition process? (3) Share Report Select InfoSet Query Define Table Select Report Area Define Dashboard.
Which of the following are the standard ways of adapting the SAP CRM system to specific needs? (2) Using the Modification Adjustment Directory Using Implementation Guide (IMG) activities Using Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) Using the J2EE Application Console.
What are the advantages of the SAP Enhancement Package concept? (2) You can selectively activate business functions to use specific functions or processes When you use SAP Enhancement Packages, you no longer need to implement SAP Support Packages The installation of an SAP Enhancement Package has no impact on existing business processes or user interfaces, as long as no business function has been activated You no longer need to run test cases since they are automatically triggered in the background when you implement an SAP Enhancement Package.
Which of the following are key capabilities of the SAP CRM solution? (3) Field Applications Survey Applications Business Planning Partner Channel Management Interaction Center.
Several SAP CRM interaction channels allow the creation of Sales Orders, e.g. when the interaction center agents receive an order via phone. What application can be integrated with SAP CRM to insure that requested item can be delivered on time? SAP EWM SAP SRM SAP PLM SAP SCM.
What is integrated in the SAP ERP system that acts as a component of the SAP CRM “R/3 Adapter” to support data communication between the two systems? Middleware M supports rdc Inter company buy Netweaver Interaction Moduler Plug-in.
What is the Integrated Communication Interface (ICI) used for in SAP CRM? To enable communication between SAP CRM and mobile clients To enable communication between SAP CRM and SAP SCM To enable communication between SAP CRM and Computer Telephony To enable communication between SAP CRM and SAP ERP.
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