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In SAP CRM Quotation management, your customer has a requirement that all Quotes , that have not been accepted by a customer within a specific time limit, be closed (i.e. status set not completed). How would you best achieve this? Define an incompletion procedure Define an Action Profile Define an alert profile Define quote validity.
Your customer wants to do billing from CRM rather than from ERP or external systems. Where is it controlled that billing will take place in CRM? Item category of the Sales transaction item Transaction type Leading transaction type of the Sales transaction Middleware Settings.
Which of the following statements regarding Billing Unit are correct? A billing unit is the CRM business partner that has the role Billing Unit Exactly one Sales Org can be assigned in the billing unit customizing table Billing Units have to be defined in the billing unit customizing table Billing units are defined in the Organization structure.
Which of the following statements concerning pricing in SAP CRM business transactions is true? Only pricing procedures defined in CRM can be used in a CRM transaction Once pricing has been determined for a transaction, it cannot be redetermined Pricing results can be copied from a Quotation or a contract into the Sales Order A transaction type can have only one condition type.
How can certain partners be made mandatory in a CRM transaction? Using the mandatory flag within the partner function itself Using the mandatory partner flag on the partner determination procedure Using the minimum occurrence for the respective partner function in the partner determination procedure Incompletion procedure of the transaction type.
Which of the following steps are part of CRM Billing Input Processing Order integration Billing Output processing.
What customizing settings are required for condition technique in pricing? Assignment of condition types to pricing procedure Assignment of access sequence to condition types Assignment of condition table to access sequence Assignment of pricing procedure to transaction type.
Within business transactions, partners can be determined automatically. Which object can be used to realize a search strategy that specifies the sources and the order in which the system these sources, when it determines partners in business transactions Access sequence Partner source Condition type Partner category.
You have been asked to solve a CRM middleware problem. Business partners created in SAP CRM are not being transferred to SAP ERP. What would you do to solve the problem? Check number range assignments in SAP ERP and SAP CRM. Check mBDOC processing in SAP ERP Check erroneous BDOC messages in SAP CRM Check RFC connection.
You have to configure the download of business objects from SAP ERP to SAP CRM. Which steps are part of the initial downloads of business objects from ERP to CRM? Monitor downloads via the download monitor (transaction R3AM1) Define block size for adaptor objects (transaction R3AC1) Assign subscriptions in the Administration Console Activate the Replication & Realignment Queue (transaction SMOHQUEUE) .
What would need to consider regarding data replication with SAP middleware? Data is replicated to sites as defined in subscriptions Data is replicated as per definition of Business Documents (BDOCs) Data is replicated to external systems as per definition in the respective adapters Data is replicated to individual users for mobile replication data.
You want to be notified when BDOC messages are not executed properly. How do you enable this? BDOC modeller Error handler settings Using LUW (Logical Unit of Work) CRM Middleware with Computing Center Management System (CCMS) integration.
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