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jai.... ( hace 8 meses )
ese test "intensivo" esta mal hecho por favor cambiar los errores gracias por eso es que sale baja nota
Choose the correct option: Mark and Ben are cousins. _____ always go to the cinema to watch _____ favorite horror films. Mark y Ben son primos. _____ siempre ve al cine para ver _____ películas de terror favoritas. they/their their/they they/them.
Choose the correct option: A: Where is _____? Donde esta? B: I don't know. _____ 's never on time. No lo sé. el nunca esta a tiempo Seleccione una: he/he he/him him/he.
Answer the following question: What's your daily routine? Write your answer as a short paragraph. my daily routine is: I get up very early to breakfast and I go to the teacher's job back lunch and in the afternoon attend an accounting course and at night we go out for a snack on the street and we get home we watch television with my children and my husband My daily routine is: I get up very early, I prepare breakfast and send my children to school, I do my housework, then I eat lunch and we eat all together in the afternoon, I give leveling courses to children with learning problems at night. and I prepare to perform university tasks. none.
Choose the option that best completes the gaps. The doctors see him every month. He has to be there on time. Los doctores lo ven cada mes. Él tiene que estar allí a tiempo. Seleccione una: he/him he/he him/he.
Read the text carefully. Then, choose the correct response for each question. Mary and Peter live in Montana, USA. They are twins. Mary has light blue eyes but Peter has green eyes. They have blond, curly hair - like their parents. Mary is short and Peter is really tall. They are twins, but they are a bit different. Their eye color is the same. No, it isn´t ( su color de ojos es el mismo Mary and Peter live in the United States. Yes,they do (Mary y Peter viven en los Estados Unidos.) Mary and Peter's parents have black hair. No,they don´t (Los padres de María y Pedro tienen el pelo negro) Peter is average height. No, he isn´t (Peter es altura media) Peter and Mary are completely different No.they aren´t (Pedro y María son completamente diferentes).
Choose the correct option:Do you speak English? Yes, we don't. Yes, they do. Yes, we do.
Choose the correct option: John _____ drinks alcohol. He _____ takes everybody home. John nunca bebe alcohol. never/always always/always always/never.
Look at the picture. Read the sentences and decide if they are TRUE or FALSE. Usel is barking by the fireplace. false ( está ladrando junto a la chimenea.) Grandma Sue isn't drinking tea. false (La abuela Sue no está tomando té.) Dad is cooking dinner false (Papá está cocinando la cena.) Baby Ben is playing on the sofa. true (Baby Ben está jugando en el sofá.) Cindy is doing her homework. true (Cindy está haciendo su tarea).
Choose the correct sentence: Seleccione una: Sam and Nate have fifteen years old. Sam and Nate are fifteen years old. Sam and Nate is fifteen years old.
Juan is very good at swimming He-can----- swim in different styles. juan es muy bueno nadando. Puede nadar en diferentes estilos. cannot can do can .
Choose the correct option: Where does he live? Donde el vive? Seleccione una: He lives on London He live in London. He lives in London.
Choose the correct answer to the question: Are you French? ¿Es usted francés? Seleccione una: Yes, I am. Yes, he is. Yes, I is.
Choose the correct option: Seleccione una: What is your from? Where are you from? What from are you?.
Choose the correct option A: What do you _____ to do during your vacations? B: I _____ to clean the garage and do some housework. What do you want to do during your vacations? B: I have to clean the garage and do some housework. Seleccione una: have/want want/have have/have.
Choose the correct option A: Are _____ your keys? B: Yes, they _____. Thank you! Seleccione una: this/are these/are those/is.
Choose the correct option _____ children are very tall. _____ love doing sports. Seleccione una: Susan/They Susan's/They The Susan's/Their.
Choose the sentence that is correct Seleccione una: George has a very big car. George has very big car. George a very big car has.
Choose the correct option My classes start _____ 8:30 am. _____ the afternoon, I usually go to the gym. Seleccione una: in/at on/at at/in.
Are you French? Seleccione una: Yes, I is. Yes, I am. Yes, he is.
Choose the option that best completes the gap. Lionel _____ going out on weekends. He _____ staying at home to watch movies. Seleccione una: doesn't like - enjoys didn't like - enjoy don't like - enjoying.
Answer the following question: Write a short description of yourself (5 - 8 sentences). Use the correct vocabulary and punctuation. They are cooking pasta now. .I will go to Manhathan next week. She went to the zoo yesterday. He is singing a song. You should go to dentist.
Choose the correct option A: Is Ben your father? B: No, he is _____? Seleccione una: Tina's father. the father Tina. the father of Tina.
Choose the word that complete the negative sentence . isn´t are are not.
Choose the verb that goes with every pronoun in present simple of other verbs He/she/it work They/we/you work works.
Match the pronouns with the correct verb. She is They are We are You are I am He is.
Choose the correct auxiliar for the negative form in present simple. I/you don´t She/he/it don´t you/we/they doesn´t todas.
Complete the following sentence: She ______ eating some food at home. are am is.
Choose the correct auxiliar for questions of simple present with other verbs I do You do He does They do We do She does.
Choose the negative form of the verb to BE for the following pronouns He/she/it is not I am not You/we/they are not todas.
Read the sentences and match with the correct word. We usually use any in E.g.: There aren´t any jackets. negative senteces We usually use some in E.g.: There's some tea positive senteces We usually use any in We usually use any in Questions todas .
Read the element and choose if those are countable or uncountable A pack of chicken countable A bottle of wine countable Some ham uncountable A lot of vegetables uncountable Two bananas countable.
COUNT NOUNS Can be used in plural form, usually with an "s" Can be used with definite articles (the) Example: Paul bought a key at the store Verdadero Falso Ninguno.
NONCOUNT NOUNS Usually can be expresses in plural form Can be used with indefinite articles (a/an) Example: I listen to music. Verdadero Falso Ninguna.
Match the pictures with the correct expressions manzanas two apples jamon some ham huevos a few eggs todas.
Complete the sentence She ______ to travel to London want wont wants.
Which is the verb that shows -ability con play can.
Which of these verbs shows -ability- Complete the sentence. Juan _______ read a lot of book want can be.
What is person I doing? She is _______ running run runing.
Which is the word that implies -necesity- go to want to have to.
Which is the verb that express -an intention-. want went wont.
What is letter H doing? It is barking It is bark. He is barking.
Which is the verb that express -an intention-. went want wont.
Which of these verbs shows -ability- Complete the sentence. Juan _______ read a lot of book can be want .
What is person I doing? She is _______ run runing running.
Which is the verb that shows -ability- can play con.
Match the pronoun with the correct verb WE ARE PLAYING SOCCER I am sleeping She is cooking.
Match the pictures with the sentences he is playing basquetball he is playing guitar he is ironing.
Look at the picture and choose the correct answer. What is he doing? He is cleaning He is sleeping He is sweeping .
Is this sentence correct? Verdadero Falso Ninguna.
Choose the correct option A: ¿What do you eat for lunch? B: _____ sandwich an _____ Orange juice an A/some An/much.
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