A Separate Peace

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A Separate Peace

Devon School

John knowles
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What does Leper say that enrages Gene? Call him A Lord of the Manor Call him A Savage Accuse him of knocking Finny out of the tree Accuse him of being fake .
What types of changes undergo Brinker after deserting his idea of enlistment in the war? Changes his hair Changes his clothes Cease to go to most of his school activities Stop to write for the school newspaper Get a Tatoo .
Where is Leper´s house? How does Gene get there?.
What people depend on Gene? Gene .
What is this?.
What are the boys curious about while they make the jokes about Leper? Measure up to the military minimum standards Leper actually being a hero Get to know themselves .
How does Leper see the war after training for it? Traumatizing Bloody Unfamiliar Tiring Boring Crazy Joyful.
What are the boys seeking for the war?.
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