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PREGUNTA 1: Write letter “P” on the ______. A. board B. door C. example D. lab E. map.
PREGUNTA 2: Go to _____ 35. A. pen B. picture C. page D. letter E. consonant.
PREGUNTA 3: Write your name with a _________. A. word B. consonant C. capital letter D. clock E. lab.
PREGUNTA 4: How are you? ______. A. Thanks B. Fine, thanks. C. See you. D. Later. E. Good bye.
PREGUNTA 5: ________? It’s a book. A. It isn’t a book? B. Is it a book? C. How are you? D. What’s your name? E. What’s that?.
PREGUNTA 6: ________! Don’t sit down! (opposites) A. Listen B. Write C. Go D. Stand up E. Speak.
PREGUNTA 7: He repairs cars. He’s a. A. doctor B. teacher C. mechanic D. chef E. cook.
PREGUNTA 8: What’s ______ name? Lucy. A. me B. her C. his D. its E. our.
PREGUNTA 9: What are those? ______ cooks. A. That is a B. They’re C. Those is a D. These is E. Its.
PREGUNTA 10: _______ is your father? He’s a barber. A. It B. Where C. Who D. What E. She.
PREGUNTA 11: A dime is _______ cents. A. 25 B. 10 C. 5 D. 20 E. 100.
PREGUNTA 12: ______ my children. A. We’re B. I’m C. He’s D. She’s E. They’re.
PREGUNTA 13: Is that my desk? Yes, _______. A. it’s B. is it C. it is. D. it isn’t E. isn’t it.
PREGUNTA 14: ______ = one dime, a penny, three quarters. A. $0. 80 B. $0.90 C. $0.85 D. $0.75 E. $0.70.
PREGUNTA 15: _____ her parents. A. They’re B. These C. Those D. He’s E. She’s.
PREGUNTA 16: _______ = It’s twenty minutes till four. A. 3:15 B. 3:35 C. 3:25 D. 4:35 E. 4:25.
PREGUNTA 17: ________ are the weekend. A. Sunday and Monday B. Monday and Tuesday C. Friday and Saturday D. Saturday and Sunday E. Tomorrow.
PREGUNTA 18: It’s ten _____. A. on B. under C. in D. at E. o’clock.
PREGUNTA 19: Go to the laboratory ______ 10 am. A. in B. at C. under D. for E. by.
PREGUNTA 2O: A dollar is ______ cents. A. 10 B. 1 C. 100 D. 1000 E. 50.
PREGUNTA 21: The plural of child is _______. A. children B. child’s C. kids D. sons E. parents.
PREGUNTA 22: “Happy” has 2 _______. A. girls B. people C. persons D. syllables E. friends.
PREGUNTA 23: Marcos is Susan’s ________. A. wife B. daughter C. mother D. sister E. husband.
PREGUNTA 24: ________ ? It’s 4 o’clock. A. What time it is? B. What time it’s? C. What time is it? D. What time? E. The time?.
PREGUNTA 25: _______ = eight hundred seventy- nine A. 758 B. 875 C. 879 D. 987 E. 673.
PREGUNTA 26: We have lunch at the ________. A. barracks B. building C. mess hall D. schedule E. bus stop.
PREGUNTA 27: Where can I find the schedule? __________. A. On the bulletin board B. In the commissary C. In the dispensary D. In the bus E. On the floor.
PREGUNTA 28: The soldier is sick. He’s in the _______. A. mess hall B. dining hall C. snack bar D. hospital E. Base exchange.
PREGUNTA 29: ________ bed is this? Maria’s. A. Who B. Where C. How D. Whose E. What.
PREGUNTA 30: Your lab sessions are in the ____________. A. base B. schedule C. outside D. inside E. library.
PREGUNTA 31: I don’t eat meat. I like _______. A. lamb B. pork C. chicken D. beef E. vegetables.
PREGUNTA 32: We drink _______ for breakfast. A. apple B. banana C. cherry D. juice E. eggs .
PREGUNTA 33: The lesson is not good. He’s _____. A. both B. lamb C. bored D. salad E. meal.
PREGUNTA 34: We eat three _______ a day. A. breakfast B. food C. lunches D. meals E. movies.
PREGUNTA 35: Are you hungry? Yes. What ______? A. you B. about you C. really D. sorry E. yes.
PREGUNTA 36: Who _________ in the classroom? A. is study B. study C. are study D. is studying E. studying.
PREGUNTA 37: _______ = five hundred seventy-six thousand. A. 576 B. 765 C. 675 D. 576,000 E. 657,000.
PREGUNTA 38: Timmy ________ to 20 now. A. counts B. is counting C. counting D. count E. to count.
PREGUNTA 39: _________ = three dollars, a quarter, and a dime. A. $2.75 B. $3.70 C. $3.25 D. $3.20 E. $3.35.
PREGUNTA 40: _________ is reading the newspaper? Samuel. A. Where B. What C. Who D. When E. Why .
PREGUNTA 41: He shaves ________. A. in the morning B. afternoon C. evening D. midnight E. noon.
PREGUNTA 42: _______ Helen take a shower every day? A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are E. Am.
PREGUNTA 43: I have a ________ in the morning. A. snack B. thirsty C. hungry D. late E. sleep.
PREGUNTA 44: They go to bed ________. At midnight. A. early B. before C. after D. late E. every.
PREGUNTA 45: She _______ after her shower. A. gets up B. shave C. gets dressed D. swims E. wants.
PREGUNTA 46: How many _________ does she speak? 5. A. planes B. trucks C. hamburgers D. languages E. trains.
PREGUNTA 47: How ______ does he go to the market? A. many B. much C. often D. never E. sometimes.
PREGUNTA 48: . I take a ______ to go to work. A. plane B. taxi C. car D. snack E. noon.
PREGUNTA 49: They _______ do their homework. A. some B. time C. on every day D. always E. snack.
PREGUNTA 50: Who _______ home at noon? Dad. A. come B. to come C. is comes D. is come E. comes.
PREGUNTA 51: We usually take a _______ on Friday. A. second B. sheet C. minutes D. quiz E. year.
PREGUNTA 52: She doesn’t have her _______. A. second B. booklet C. country D. hour E. year.
PREGUNTA 53: July comes ______ April. A. before B. ago C. last D. next E. after.
PREGUNTA 54: We have to _______ the months of the year. A. select B. memorize C. choose D. want E. have.
PREGUNTA 55: November is _______ to October. A. after B. next C. first D. last E. all.
PREGUNTA 56: He doesn’t work for the military. He’s a/an _______. A. military man B. officer C. military D. civilian E. soldier.
PREGUNTA 57: Colonel Smith doesn’t drive his car. He has a/an ______. A. Marine Corps B. Navy C. driver D. Army E. Air Force.
PREGUNTA 58: He’s a pilot. He ______ helicopters. A. fly B. flies C. to fly D. don’t fly E. doesn’t flies.
PREGUNTA 59: Where is my new book? _______. A. Here is. B. It’s. C. There’s. D. Here it is. E. There is it?.
PREGUNTA 60: That officer is very _______. A. tall B. in the Army. C. new D. enlisted E. now .
PREGUNTA 61: The soccer ______ starts at 6 pm. A. baseball B. game C. show D. team E. sport.
PREGUNTA 62: I watched that film. I want to watch it, ______. A. all B. long C. break D. again E. show.
PREGUNTA 63: She ______ her son yesterday. A. visit B. visits C. to visit D. visiting E. visited.
PREGUNTA 64: They talked about lessons _______. A. everyday B. now C. an hour ago D. an hour E. tomorrow.
PREGUNTA 65: My son ______ cook dinner last night. A. didn’t B. don’t C. doesn’t D. isn’t E. aren’t.
PREGUNTA 66: I’m tired. Let’s take a ________. A. false B. gold C. silver D. true E. break.
PREGUNTA 67: She ______ the books. A. became B. packed C. began D. saluted E. smoked.
PREGUNTA 68: Please, show me your _______. A. insignia B. ID card C. uniform D. credit card E. bank account.
PREGUNTA 69: Where ______ Sheila ______ last night? A. does / go B. did / goes C. did / went D. did / go E. do / goes.
PREGUNTA 70: Who did Joe ______ to yesterday? A. speaks B. speak C. spoke D. speaking E. to speak.
PREGUNTA 71: He likes to wear _______, not shoes. A. blouses B. hats C. boots D. gloves E. dresses.
PREGUNTA 72: I bought a nice _____ for my mother. A. slacks B. scarf C. socks D. stockings E. tie.
PREGUNTA 73: She loves to buy ______. A. clothes B. paragraphs C. periods D. marks E. statements.
PREGUNTA 74: She has a beautiful _______. A. apostrophe B. contraction C. pants D. sweater E. scarves.
PREGUNTA 75: We ______ follow the classroom regulations. A. can B. can’t C. must D. don’t E. did.
PREGUNTA 76: Mary doesn’t like to wear pants. She wears _______. A. gloves B. socks C. stockings D. ties E. skirts.
PREGUNTA 77: Put a _______ at the end of the sentence. A. indentation B. period C. comma D. mark E. paragraph.
PREGUNTA 78: The class was not interesting. He ________. A. fall asleep B. falls C. fell aslept D. fell asleep E. fell.
PREGUNTA 79: Mark _______ write his name. He’s 3 years old. A. is B. was C. does D. can’t E. not.
PREGUNTA 80: She ________ her clothes in the closet yesterday. A. hangs up B. hang up C. hung up D. hang ups E. hung ups.
PREGUNTA 81: What’s _______? I’m sick. A. left B. large C. wrong D. right E. sore.
PREGUNTA 82: My ______ hurts. I can’t walk. A. elbow B. eyelash C. knee D. hair E. heel.
PREGUNTA 83: The teacher ________ the board. A. pointed to B. sore C. ordered D. move E. touch.
PREGUNTA 84: Which dress did you choose? ________. A. Long B. Large C. The order D. The green one E. Nail.
PREGUNTA 85: He arrived home _______. A. one B. three C. first D. four E. five.
PREGUNTA 86: She combs her hair with a ______. A. razor B. pocket C. toilet D. brush E. mirror.
PREGUNTA 87: Robert got a nice _______ at the barbershop. A. comb B. toilet paper C. birthday D. haircut E. sink.
PREGUNTA 88: He dried his body with a ________. A. mirror B. towel C. toothpaste D. topic E. soap.
PREGUNTA 89: There _______ a big mirror in my closet. A. is B. are C. will D. so E. why.
PREGUNTA 90: There are _______ things on my table. A. lots B. a lot C. much D. a few E. a.
PREGUNTA 91: He eats ______ beef. A. many B. a little C. many D. a few E. any.
PREGUNTA 92: Pull the ______ and get your chocolate. A. knob B. cuff C. gate D. lock E. sleeve.
PREGUNTA 93: The _______ time of your flight is 4 pm. A. airport B. sharpener C. ticket D. arrival E. twin.
PREGUNTA 94: Will he be your teacher? No, he _____. A. aren’t B. be C. is D. will E. won’t.
PREGUNTA 95: She will depart in _______. A. next month B. afternoon C. a minute D. next week E. two year.
PREGUNTA 96: Put your soup in this ______. A. bowl B. bean C. dial D. corn E. receiver.
PREGUNTA 97: Please, give me a ______ of cake. A. pint B. quart C. slice D. spoon E. tube.
PREGUNTA 98: She bought a _______ of milk. A. slice B. dish C. dial D. ton E. gallon.
PREGUNTA 99: I ate _____ sandwich. ______ sandwich was delicious. A. a / The B. the / A C. a / a D. the / The E. an / A.
PREGUNTA 100: She had _____ ice-cream. A. a B. an C. the D. some E. many.
PREGUNTA 101: _______? Just fine. A. Is it OK B. Are you fine? C. How’s it going? D. How are you going? E. See you.
PREGUNTA 102: ______ is the weather? Dry. A. Why B. Where t C. Wha D. Who E. How.
PREGUNTA 103: The sky is clear. The sun is _______. A. wet B. cloudy C. stormy D. shining E. umbrella.
PREGUNTA 104: She usually takes a _______ early. A. grade B. change C. wind D. sky E. shower.
PREGUNTA 105: It’s not sunny. It’s not cloudy.It’s _________. A. windy B. rainy C. snowy D. partly cloudy E. stormy.
PREGUNTA 106: A beautiful girl is our _________. A. waiter B. waitress C. vehicle D. boat E. blade.
PREGUNTA 107: She was _______ because she arrived late. A. upset B. sure C. tip D. without E. checked.
PREGUNTAR 108: They _______ to Mexico tomorrow. A. travel B. to travel C. travels D. traveling E. will travels.
PREGUNTA 109: Would you like something else? No, _______ else for me, thanks. A. something B. some C. nothing D. somebody E. anybody.
PREGUNTA 110: Katty, the police officer is looking at _______! A. you B. I C. he D. she E. we.
PREGUNTA 111: May I have your name and _____? A. dish B. postcard C. address D. stamp E. teller.
PREGUNTA 112: The young boy _______ my lunch. A. check B. delivers C. helps D. mails E. signs.
PREGUNTA 113: I work here 6 hours. I work there, _______. A. so B. also C. by D. to E. as.
PREGUNTA 114: The mailman didn’t ________ my package. A. give B. deliver C. pick out D. need E. envelope.
PREGUNTA 115: There are 28 students. The room is _________. A. near B. finish C. teller D. crowded E. carrier.
PREGUNTA 116: When we arrive to Mexico, we went _________. A. loading B. smiling C. resting D. sightseeing E. staying.
PREGUNTA 117: They stayed at that hotel _______. A. final B. overnight C. short D. lake E. sight.
PREGUNTA 118: She received the chocolate and ________. A. smiled B. at first C. at last D. trip E. rest.
PREGUNTA 119: Why do you like Colombia? ________ its ocean is beautiful. A. Because B. Why C. So D. For E. As.
PREGUNTA 120: I don’t know the Sahara ________. A. geography B. hill C. river D. mountain E. desert.
PREGUNTA 121: A circle and a triangle are _________. A. like B. similar C. alike D. different from E. the same.
PREGUNTA 122: You made a _______ or an error. A. mistake B. bottom C. edge D. side E. top.
PREGUNTA 123: This avenue is _________, not wide. A. curved B. round C. strong D. narrow E. weak.
PREGUNTA 124: . What’s his ________? He’s a teacher. A. job B. description C. mistake D. line E. center.
PREGUNTA 125: The opposite of strong is _________. A. weak B. wide C. narrow D. large E. big.
PREGUNTA 126: What’s the __________ of this shirt? $20. A. center B. diameter C. half D. weight E. price.
PREGUNTA127: Divide the cake _________ 10 pieces. A. for B. both C. each D. into E. plus.
PREGUNTA 128: Ten _______ 6 equals 4. A. more B. plus C. minus D. divided by E. times.
PREGUNTA 129: Jim is _______ than Melissa. A. old B. oldest C. older D. the most tall E. the tallest.
PREGUNTA 130: Do you need ______ sugar? A. so B. a few C. few D. a E. some.
PREGUNTA 131: How _______ is your car? Five years. A. tall B. old C. much D. many E. new.
PREGUNTA 132: This is the _______ food I ate. A. good B. well C. better D. best E. more.
PREGUNTA 133: I constructed a ________ around the backyard. A. grass B. fence C. river D. flower E. moon.
PREGUNTA 134: Some ________ fell from that old tree. A. yards B. roof C. grass D. leaf E. leaves.
PREGUNTA 135: It’s very cloudy. I can’t see the _______. A. earth B. planets C. present D. stars E. world.
PREGUNTA 136: I bought a new _______: a fan. A. appliance B. furniture C. cabinet D. carpet E. plug.
PREGUNTA 137: She put all the plates in the ________. A. outlet B. rug C. sofa D. dishwasher E. stove.
PREGUNTA 138: The ________ are dirty. We need to wash them. A. toaster B. drapes C. drawer D. lamp E. bookcase.
PREGUNTA 139: We use a/an __________ to warm our food. A. microwave oven B. ceiling C. refrigerator D. armchair E. sink.
PREGUNTA 140: He uses a knife _________ meat. A. for cut B. to cutting C. for to cutting D. by cutting E. for cutting .
PREGUNTA 141: She lives on the 4th _________ of this street. A. direction B. highway C. corner D. avenue E. block.
PREGUNTA 142: Water _______ at 0°C. A. freezes B. froze C. freeze D. grow E. grew.
PREGUNTA 143: . Go ________ and you will find a park. A. froze B. follow C. straight ahead D. land E. worse.
PREGUNTA 144: A 100 score is _____ than an 80. A. better B. best C. good D. worse E. well.
PREGUNTA 145: They ________ work for IBM next month. A. will to B. are going to C. is going to D. going to E. have.
PREGUNTA 146: Running early is __________. A. gym B. healthy C. miss D. free time E. out of shape.
PREGUNTA 147: Mark likes to do ________. A. fun B. remember C. work out D. push-ups E. terrific.
PREGUNTA 148: Those children are _________. A. they B. their C. theirs D. our E. my.
PREGUNTA 149: He does his _______ at 5 pm. A. workout B. work out C. works out D. tries E. shape.
PREGUNTA 150: Jose wants ________ the problem. A. understand B. understands C. to understand D. understood E. to understood.
PREGUNTA 151: Sorry lady, the _______ is busy. A. bell B. coin C. page D. slot E. line.
PREGUNTA 152: Insert your coin in the ________. A. line B. bell C. slot D. change E. call.
PREGUNTA 153: Sorry sir, the director is _________, now. A. cheap B. expensive C. international D. busy E. more.
PREGUNTA 154: Mark is the ________ man I know. A. healthy B. healthier C. healthiest D. more healthy E. most healthy.
PREGUNTA 155: Subtract 65 ________ 100. A. to B. for C. as D. from E. by.
PREGUNTA 156: Can I take a ________? A. basement B. message C. rent D. residence E. kind.
PREGUNTA 157: Can you ________ on, please? A. hold B. look C. rent D. wait E. call.
PREGUNTA 158: She rented a room in a __________. A. bedroom B. deposit C. dining room D. basement E. rent.
PREGUNTA 159: It’s half _______ 10. A. by B. till C. for D. or E. past.
PREGUNTA 160: I work _______ 7 to 5. A. to B. from C. for D. by E. till .
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