Six Sigma test I

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Six Sigma test I

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Wich of the following tools should be used when a team is generating and prioritizing a list of options that inlcude highly controversial issues? Brainstorming Affinity diagram Nominal group technique 5 why´s.
The primary factor in the successful implementation of six sigma is to have.. the neccessary resources the support and leadership of top management explicit customer requirements a comprehensive training program.
Which of the following tools would be most appropriate for collecting data to study the symptoms of a problem? Check sheet Flow diagram Force-field analysis Activity network diagram.
Positional, cyclical, and temporal variations are most commonly analyzed in SPC charts multi-vari charts cause and effect diagrams run charts.
The most important aspect of functional requirements is that they describe a single, measurable performance describe how a product or service should operate be traceable to the voice of the customer provide upper and lower performance limits.
Which of the following control charts is most appropriate for monitoring the number of defects on different sample sizes? U NP P C.
Which of the following is most important in evaluating and understanding design intent? Identifying the functional requirement Brainstorming failure modes Conducting computer simulations Developing FMEA.
If a process follows an exponential distribution with a mean of 25, what is the standard deviation for the process? 0.4 5 12.5 25.
Which of the following activities is value-added? setup process storage inspection.
A black belt plans to test the performance of workers before and after training. Which of the following hypothesis tests should be used to determine whether the training actually improved the workers’ performance? 2-sample z test 2-sample t test paired test F test.
The purpose of using control charts is to determine if the process is performing within specifications evaluate process performance over time determine how to recreate the process detect the causes of nonconformities.
Data being used in the initial set-up of a process are assumed to have a normal distribution. If the nominal (target) is set at the center of the distribution, and the specification limits are set at ±3s from the center, then the Cpk is equal to -0.25 1 1.33 1.67.
Which of the following is defined as continuous, incremental improvement? Kanban Kaizen JIT Kaikaku.
To assess the significance of factors in either a fractionalor a full-factorial experiment structure, a black belt can use analysis of variance (ANOVA fault tree analysis (FTA) failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA evolutionary operation (EVOP.
Which of the following performance measures is most appropriate for evaluating the tangible effects of a six sigma project? Cycle time Team member absentee rate Employee morale Unsolicited compliments from customers.
Which of the following is the best way to enhance the long-term availability of a machine? Machine repair Total productive maintenance Computerized SPC systems Increased operator training.
Typically, which of the following activities is done earliest in the formation of a project team? Select the team Identify the objective Identify the sponsor Allocate the resources.
A black belt is developing a failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) for the hamburger preparation station in a fast-food restaurant. The following ratings were developed for the low-heat temperature failure mode. Severity = 9 Occurrence = 2 Detection = 1 What is the risk priority number (RPN) for this FMEA? 4 6 12 18.
Which of the following statements is true about the theory of constraints? It views a system in terms of discrete processes Most constraints are physical Most constraints are the result of policies. It focuses on continuous improvement.
Which of the following describes the 95% confidence interval of a 20% absentee rate in a department with 30 people? 6% to 34% 8% to 32% 13% to 27% 17% to 23%.
a system that delivers products or services at the correct time and in the correct quantities is referred to as takt time kaizen JIT single piece flow.
Poka-yoke is best defined as improving machine efficiency reducing field failures to virtually zero capturing the voice of the customer preventing controllable defects.
A measurement system analysis is designed to assess the statistical properties of gage variation process performance process stability engineering tolerances.
Which of the following best describes a controlled variable whose influence on a response is being studied? Replicate Version Level Factor.
For a process, X = 35.0 and σ = 5.00. If the subgroup size is n = 5, what is the value for the upper control limit for the process? 37.24 37.89 41.71 52.5.
Which of the following tools can be used to identify waste or non-value-added activities? Force field analysis Pareto analysis Scatter diagram Process map.
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