TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESE: Some, Any, A lot of, How much, How many, a, an
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Some, Any, A lot of, How much, How many, a, an

Some, Any, A lot of, How much, How many, a, an

Maria Jose

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I would like___ apple, please. an some a any.
Can I have___cup of tea? any a some an.
She ate ___ slice of cake for dessert. some any an a.
He wants to buy ___ bottle of milk from the store. some an a any.
They had ___ delicious pizza for lunch. a any an some.
We need ___ egg to make the recipe. a some an any.
There is ___ orange on the table. a an any some.
Would you like ___ dessert after dinner? any some an a.
Can I get you ___ juice to drink? some a an any.
Is there ___ butter in the refrigerator? any an a some.
Do you have ___ tomatoes for the salad? some any a an.
Would you like ___ help with the cooking? an some any a.
I don't have___ money in my wallet. any some an a.
Could you please buy me ___ apples from the market? any an a some.
There aren't ___ cups left in the cupboard. an some any a.
She needs to buy ___ flour to bake a cake. some an a any.
Can you give me___ information about the event? an some anya a.
We don't have ___ oranges at home. an any some a.
Countable Cheese Bread Banana Juice.
Countable Tomato Water Coffee Pasta .
Countable Apple Salt Butter Milk.
Countable Chocolate Orange Cake Rice.
Countable Sandwich Milk Oil Sugar .
Countable Jam Beef Cookie Chicken.
Countable Sweetcorn Salad Honey Pear .
Countable Yoghurt Olives Meat Soup.
Countable Flour Noodles Tea Cereal.
Countable Vinegar Pepper Corn Mushrooms.
Countable Ham Lemons Mustard Lettuce.
I'd like ___ honey, please. some any a an.
Can I have ___ eggs, please? an any some a.
Is there ___ milk? an any a some.
We don't have___ meat. any an some a.
There aren't ___ mushrooms. a an some any.
Are there ___ vegetables? a some any an.
Does he have ___ drink? an a some any.
She doesn't have ___ money. some any a an.
Would you like ___ noodles? a some an any.
There isn't ___ restaurant near here. a any some an.
There aren't ___ books many much.
I don't drink ___milk many much .
I don't have ___ coffee much many.
There is ___ water none no.
I have ___ oranges at home. a few a little.
I eat ___ pizza every week. lots of quite a lot of .
Put ___ sugar in the mix. a few a little .
water do you need to make the soup? How much How many.
apples are there in the basket? How much How many.
sugar did you put in the tea? How many How much.
chairs are in the dining room? How many How much.
rice do you usually cook for dinner? How much How many.
books are in the library? How many How much.
milk is left in the bottle? How much How many.
students are in your class? How many How much.
coffee do you drink in a day? How many How much.
pens do you have in your bag? How many How much.
How ___ glasses of water do you drink a day? many a lot of much.
I didn't drink ___ water yesterday. a lot of much many.
How ___ milk is there in the fridge? many a lot of much .
There's quite ___ milk a lot of much many.
How ___ apples did you eat? many much a lot of .
I didn't eat ___ apples much many a lot of .
How ___ time did you spend in the cafe yesterday? many a lot of much.
How ___ times did you go back to the same cafe? many much a lot of .
I like to drink ___ tea every day. much a lot of many.
How ___ people are there in this class? a lot of much many.
There's not ___ juice in my glass much many a lot of .
I ate ___ noodles last night. a lot of many much.
Match the correct words bowls food-processor fork frying pan kettle knife microwave oven saucepan spoon.
Match the correct words Bake Boil Chop Fry Mix Roast.
Countable or Uncountable a bottle Countable Uncountable.
a Pear Uncountable Countable.
Beef Countable Uncountable.
Bread Uncountable Countable.
Chicken Uncountable Countable.
Honey Countable Uncountable.
Jam Uncountable Countable.
Lemons Countable Uncountable.
Mushrooms Uncountable Countable.
Noodles Countable Uncountable.
Olives Uncountable Countable.
Pasta Uncountable Countable.
Rice Countable Uncountable.
Salad Uncountable Countable.
Sweetcorn Countable Uncountable.
Yoghurt Uncountable Countable.
Butter Uncountable Countable.
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