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Sparkle 4

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Sparkle 4



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Sparkle 4 - Ingles B1 Future perfect.
We had taken the plane by the time we_______ are arriving are going to arrive arrived in New York.
Michael had sent a letter to the New School before_____________ he asked for an appointment he has asked for an appointment he asks for an appointment.
We are late for the theater and the play__________ has alredy begun began had alredy begun.
By the time__________, we had alredy rented an apartament we have arrived in London we arrived in London will arrive in London.
By the time the teacher arrived, the students________ had alredy left the classroom are studying in the classroom will be in the classroom.
There's ____ water in the tank so we can all take a shower a few many a lot of.
How much foo do we have? Is there _____ for all of us? many a little plenty.
Williams has _____ pirercings even for my taste! a little too many much.
Match the correct definition mole scar.
Match to the correct half of the word Lady Grape Sun.
Your car is ____ good. You should be able to drive it every day quite lots of much.
The tea is still ____ hot not much fairly a few.
The ____________ the math problem is on the last page solution to solution for solution into.
I am _________ your company. Can you give me more information, please? interested on interested at interested in.
Do you think his friends are bad ________ him? influence in influence for influence on.
The police in Botswana caught some _______ trying to sell elephant tusks poachers coastal waters breed.
By the time we start protecting our environment, global warming _______ the earth will have destroyed have destroyed is destroying.
All the forests _______ by the time people stop cutting down trees illegally are disappearing will have disappeared were disappearing disappeared.
I _______ English since I was 12 years old have been studying was studying have been studied am studying .
______ are not enough; trash should be recycled Raw materials Linds Landfill sities Dump.
Check the sentence(s) that express(es) a general truth If you put ice in water, it melts If I don't see it, I am going to be very sad If you don't have a license, you can't drive.
Check the sentence(s) that expresses an unreal or imaginary situation If I saw it, I would be delighted If I were a dolphin, I would be in an aquarium If I see it, I am going to be very happy.
Check the indirect speech sentences She told me to swim and walk at least 30 minutes every day The doctor advised me to practice yoga and streching exercises The doctor asked me if I practiced yoga and streching exercises She should swim and walk at least 30 minutes every day.
Check the sentences that refer to habits I am used to eating fast food Are you used to buying clothes on sale? Do you use saving? I use to buy clothes on sale I was going to the club every morning Are you used to saving? I could go to the club every morning.
Which sentence expresses an imaginary situation in the past? If I hadn't spent all my money, I would have gone to Europe with you If I spend my money, I won't be able to go to Europe If you want, I can give you my money to go to Europe.
Which sentence expresses a specific situation in the future? When I have a day off, I stay at home If I have a day off, I will stay at home If I had a day off, I would stay at home.
Put the sentence in order Vietnam are made milions year in every jeans of.
Put the sentence in order China was discovered terracotta the in army.
Match the following phrasal verbs to their correct meaning made from made in made for made into made with made of / out of.
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