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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEStarter Achievement test 1 (Units 1–2)

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Starter Achievement test 1 (Units 1–2)

starter test


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Listening 1 Recording 1 Listen to three conversations and underline the correct answer, a, b or c 1 Carla is from b . a) Austria b) Australia c) Spain 2 Carla and Jorge are _____. a) students b) from Sydney c) in Spain 3 Jack is from _____. a) America b) Canada c) the UK 4 Jack is _____. a) at a conference b) on holiday c) at university 5 Lucia is from _____. a) Spain b) Brazil c) France 6 Nick is _____. a) an engineer b) a student c) a teacher.
2 Recording 2 Listen and write true (T) or false (F). 1 The photos are of Liz’s family. T 2 Jane is Liz’s sister. - 3 Liz is twenty-eight. - 4 The man in the photo is Liz’s husband. - 5 Sasha is an actor. - 6 Sasha is Italian. - 7 Sasha isn’t from Moscow. - 8 Lucas and Toby are Liz’s sons. - 9 Lucas is twenty-three. - 10 Toby is a student at university. - 11 Lucas is a waiter in a hotel. -.
Grammar 3 Underline the correct alternative. 1 Hello, I Sarah. a) ’re b) ’m 2 Where ______ Bill from? a) are b) is 3 Harry ______ English. He’s from the USA. a) aren’t b) isn’t 4 A: Are you an engineer? B: Yes, ______I . a) ’m from b) am 5 A: Are you from Argentina? B: No, I ______. a) ’m not b) aren’t 6 ______a good university? a) Is it b) It is 7 What ______your name? a) ’m b) ’s 8 We______in Rome on holiday. a) ’s b) ’re 9 We’re from Brazil. We ______ from Portugal. a) ’m not b) aren’t 10 A: Is it OK? B: Yes, it ______. a) is b) ’s 11 A: Are Jan and Alex waiters? B: Yes, ______. a) are b) they are.
4 Write the questions for the answers. Use the prompts. 1 A: Are you happy? (you / happy?) B: Yes, I am. 2 A: _________ (he / a waiter?) B: Yes, he is. 3 A: _________ (you / teachers?) B: No, we aren’t. 4 A: _________ (it / a big city?) B: No, it isn’t. 5 A: _________ (where / she from?) B: She’s from Australia. 6 A: _________ (where / they from?) B: They’re from Spain.
5 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Her Its my Our their _your_ 1 What’s _your_ surname, please? 2 We’re brothers. ______ mother is an engineer. 3 Helen and Marty are hotel managers and two sons are cooks. 4 Hello, ______ name’s Fran. Nice to meet you. 5 This is our hotel. ______rooms are very nice. 6 Amy is an actor. ______husband is a singer. .
Vocabulary 6 Add one word from the box to each group. actor Germany hungry London son thirty 1 Berlin Rome Moscow __London__ 2 father daughter sister _______ 3 singer teacher waiter _______ 4 eleven fifty nineteen _______ 5 bored tired hot _______ 6 Spain Poland China _______.
7 Cross out the wrong word in each group. 1 Beijing / Ankara / -Korea- / Berlin 2 doctor / son / taxi driver / businesswoman 3 mother / daughter / wife / student 4 sixteen / thirsty / thirty / twenty-two 5 Brazil / Australia / Brasilia / Ireland 6 hot / forty / hungry / tired .
8 Underline the correct alternative. 1 I’m a teacher/-waiter- in a restaurant. 2 A: Is Tom a doctor? B: No, he’s a businesswoman/businessman. 3 Diana and Emma aren’t sisters. They are mother and daughter/son. 4 A: Where are you from? B: I’m from USA/the USA. 5 100 is a hundred/hundred. 6 Will is Lin and Mia’s brother. Lin and Mia are sisters/sons .
9 Correct the spelling mistakes. 1 Itale _Italy_ 4 ninty ____ 2 twelfe ____ 5 Germen ____ 3 Bejing ____ 6 Austrailia ____.
Function 10 Complete the conversation with the words in the box. as at dot first phone surname A: Hello. I’m here for the dance class. B: OK. What’s your 1 _surname_ , please? A: It’s Alton. B: A-l-t-o-n? A: Yes. B: And your 2 ______ name? A: Karen. B: Is it K-a-r-i-n? A: No, it’s e-n, 3______ in ‘England’. B: OK. And what’s your 4______ number, please? A: 0348 92276. B: And your email address? A: It’s kalton 5______ yahoo 6______ com. .
11 Complete the words in the conversations. 1 A: I’m cold. B: OK. Let’s go 1 i n s i d e for five minutes. A: Good 2 i ______ ! 2 A: I’m 3h ______ ! Let’s 4 e______ something. B: Yeah, OK. 3 A: 5A______ you OK? B: No, I’m not! A: What’s the 6p______ ? B: I’m hot. A: Let’s 7s______ for ten minutes. B: Great! 4 A: I’m tired. B: Me 8t______ . A: Let’s have a 9b ______ . B: Yes. Let’s go to a café. A: OK, 10w ______? B: Erm … that Italian café? A: Yes, let’s 11h ______ a coffee. .
Reading 12 Read the article and underline the correct answer, a) or b). Hotel Royale Hotel Royale is only fifteen minutes from the business centre of the city. It’s a modern hotel – just ten years old. The rooms aren’t beautiful but they are big. The managers – husband and wife, Pierre and Lucille – are Canadian. They are both twenty-nine years old. Hotel Royale is a hotel and a restaurant, too. Our cook is French and her food is fantastic! The Park Hotel The beautiful Park Hotel is seventy-five years old and it’s right in the city centre. It’s a family business. Sixty-two-year-old manager Ferdinand says, ‘My daughter is the receptionist and her husband is the cook.’ The rooms at the Park Hotel aren’t big, but it’s the perfect place for a friendly stay. 1 It isn’t an old hotel. a) The Park Hotel b) _Hotel Royale_ 2 The cook is French. a) The Park Hotel b) Hotel Royale 3 It’s a beautiful place. a) The Park Hotel b) Hotel Royale 4 It’s ten years old. a) The Park Hotel b) Hotel Royale 5 It’s in the city centre. a) The Park Hotel b) Hotel Royale 6 The managers are twenty-nine years old. a) The Park Hotel b) Hotel Royale.
13 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 The Hotel Royale is fifty minutes from the centre for business in the city. T/F 2 The Hotel Royale doesn’t have very big rooms. T/F 3 The Hotel Royale’s cook and receptionist are husband and wife. T/F 4 The Park Hotel is sixty-two years old. T/F 5 Ferdinand is the manager of the Park Hotel. T/F 6 The Park Hotel is a friendly place. T/F.
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