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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEStarter Achievement test 2 (Units 3–4)

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Starter Achievement test 2 (Units 3–4)

starter test


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Listening 1 Recording 3 Listen and number the topics (a–g) in the order Hayley and Reese talk about them. One topic is not needed. a) Nationality __1_ b) Where they live ____ c) Family ____ d) Friends ____ e) Study subject ____ f) Sport ____ g) Place of study.
2 Recording 4 Listen and underline the correct answer, a, b or c. 1 Where is Carl? a) at home b) _at school_ c) in an office 2 It’s … dictionary. a) Betty’s b) Nisha’s c) Haroun’s 3 Darren lives in … a) a big house. b) a flat. c) his friend Sam’s house. 4 What time is it now? a) 1.30 b) 1.45 c) 2.15 5 How much is an egg sandwich? a) 3.40 b) 4.30 c) 4.40 6 How much is the old Japanese box? a) £40 b) £50 c) £90.
3 Recording 4 Listen again and write true (T) or false (F). 1 Carl’s lesson is in room twenty-eight. T 2 Haroun’s book is heavy. _____ 3 Darren and Sam both play the guitar. _____ 4 The match is at 2.45. _____ 5 Three coffees cost £7.75. _____ 6 The new box from Japan costs £40 _____.
Grammar 4 Complete the gaps with the words in the box. do doesn’t don’t like that these This those What Where work 1 A: Terry, is _tha_t your son over there? B: Yes, it is. 2 A: Hi. ________ is Jade. She’s from China. B: Hi Jade. Nice to meet you. 3 A: What are ________ called in English? B: They’re keys. 4 A: What’s in boxes over there? B: Books. 5 A: Do you have a computer? B: Yes, I ________ . 6 A: ________do you study? B: At Boston University. 7 A: Where’s John’s car? B: He ________have a car. 8 A: Do you ________chocolate? B: No, I don’t. 9 A: ________ do you study? B: I study English. 10 A: I ________ live in a house. I live in a flat. B: Me too. 11 A: I ________ in an office. B: I don’t. I work in a school.
5 Underline the correct word in the questions. 1 Do you _have_/has a car? 2 Where/What do you live? 3 What/Do you like basketball? 4 Is those/this Lee’s bag? 5 What do/does you study? 6 Is/Are those Sue’s pens?.
6 Correct the underlined words. 1 Where are you work? _do_ 2 That’s Nick shirt. ____ 3 It don’t cost a lot of money. ____ 4 This are my new sunglasses. ____ 5 Chinn doesn’t speaks English. ____ 6 Eli study two hours a day. ____.
Vocabulary 7 Add one word from the box to each group. books festival green sandwich sweater _Tuesday_ 1 Sunday Monday Friday _Tuesday_ 2 red brown blue _____ 3 film concert party _____ 4 notebook pen tablet _____ 5 cake coffee tea _____ 6 jacket shoes hat _____ .
8 Underline the correct answer, a, b, or c. 1 I do sport b Sundays. a) at b) on c) in 2 He plays football _____ day. a) on b) at c) every 3 We never go out _____ the evening. a) in b) on c) at 4 I go to a café _____ the weekend. a) every b) in c) at 5 I study English _____ day. a) at b) every c) in 6 We don’t study _____ Wednesday afternoons. a) every b) at c) on 7 They don’t work _____ night. a) at b) on c) in 8 I have a French class _____ a minute. a) on b) at c) in .
9 Cross out the wrong word or phrase in each group. 1 work in an office / -to room six- / in a hotel 2 be a student / French / a mineral water 3 have a husband / a phone / sport 4 drive your homework / a taxi / to work 5 go to Italy / Exercise 2a / to room six 6 do your homework / a car / Exercise 2a 7 like cake / in an office / football 8 live a match / with my husband / in Rome 9 study ten hours a week / Russian / to Spain.
Function 10 Write the prices and times in words. Prices 1 €4.25 four euros twenty-five____________ 2 €6.50 ______________________________ 3 €8.75 ______________________________ 4 €12.99 ______________________________ Times 5 2.40 twenty to three__________________ 6 5.05 ______________________________ 7 9.45 ______________________________ 8 11.00 ______________________________.
11 Complete the conversations with the words and phrases in the boxes. 1 Anything help much one Still Waiter: Good evening. Can I 1 _help_ you? Ali: Hello. Can I have a mineral water, please? Waiter: 2 ______ or sparkling? Ali: Sparkling, please. Waiter: 3 ______ else? Ali: No, thanks. Waiter: Anything else? Ken: Yes, can I have 4 ______ of those chocolate cakes, please? Waiter: Of course. Ken: How 5 ______ is that? Waiter: Six fifty, please.
2 Half is it Let’s At thirty time Dan: What 6 _time_ ’s the concert? Bel: 7 ______ eight o’clock. Dan: What time 8 ______ now? Bel: 9 ______ past seven. Dan: Sorry? What time? Bel: Seven 10 ______ . Dan: 11______ get a taxi. Bel: Good idea.
Reading 12 Read the article and correct the sentences below. Twins – the same … but different, too. Twenty-year-old Jenny and Leonie Bosman have the same birthday, the same parents and the same blue eyes. They’re twin sisters. ‘Jenny works in an office and I think her work is important to her, but I don’t have a job,’ says Leonie. ‘I’m a student. I study about fifteen hours a week. The rest of the time I go out with my friends and listen to music. Jenny likes music, too, but she doesn’t go to parties or concerts. She plays the guitar at home.’ ‘These are Jenny’s clothes – they’re all black and white. Mine are blue and red. These are Jenny’s running shoes. She goes running every evening with her boyfriend, Perry. He’s a football player. I don’t like sport at all.’ Jenny says, ‘Leonie’s a student but she doesn’t study much. In the evening she sits at her computer, but she doesn’t do any work.’ 1 Jenny and Leonie are twin brothers. Jenny and Leonie are twin sisters. 2 They are twenty-one years old. _______________________________________ 3 Leonie plays the guitar. _______________________________________ 4 Perry has blue and red clothes. _______________________________________ 5 Jenny goes running every morning. _______________________________________ 6 Leonie plays football. _______________________________________ 7 Perry is Leonie’s boyfriend. _______________________________________ 8 Leonie studies hard.
13 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 Jenny has blue eyes but Leonie has green eyes. T/F 2 Leonie thinks Jenny likes her job. T/F 3 Leonie studies fifty hours a week. T/F 4 Jenny goes to parties with her friends. T/F 5 Leonie’s sister likes running. T/F.
Writing 14 Underline the correct alternatives. I live in a flat in Amsterdam 1and/but I work in an office in the city centre. I live with my parents 2and/ because flats are expensive and I don’t have a lot of money. I work six days a week in an office in the city centre 3because/and I’m often tired. The work isn’t bad, 4and/but I want to find a new job. I like films 5and/but I like music. I like the cinema at Westerpark in Amsterdam 6because/but it has a good café! .
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