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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEStarter Achievement test 3 (Units 5–6)

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Starter Achievement test 3 (Units 5–6)

starter test


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Listening 1 Recording 5 Listen and answer the questions. Eva 1 Who is Neil? _Someone at Eva’s work ._ 2 What does Neil do? __________________ a lot and sings. 3 What snacks does Neil eat? Chocolate and __________________ . 4 Where does he eat lunch? __________________ Owen 5 Who is Vera? __________________ 6 What does Vera read? __________________ 7 Does Vera have a job? __________________ 8 What does Vera eat? __________________ and pasta.
2 Recording 5 Listen again and write true (T) or false (F). 1 Eva looks sad. T 2 Eva doesn’t like Neil. ____ 3 Eva never eats hot food for lunch. ____ 4 Neil sometimes eats at the snack bar near work. ____ 5 Neil never listens to anyone. ____ 6 Owen really likes Vera. ____ 7 Vera isn’t rich. ____ 8 Vera doesn’t like pasta. ___ 9 Jane wants to meet Vera ____.
Grammar 3 Underline the correct answer, a) or b). 1 She _b_ drives to work. She doesn’t have a car. a) always b) never 2 He drinks _____ coffee. a) a lot b) a lot of 3 She ____ phone me. a) doesn’t often b) not often does 4 Does your sister go to parties _____? a) a lot b) a lot of 5 Are ____ hungry in the morning? a) you usually b) usually you 6 ____ train stations have cafés and restaurants. a) Any b) Some 7 There isn’t ____ airport in my city. a) any b) an 8 I ____ bed at eleven o’clock at night. a) go to b) go 9 There any cars on the roads today. a) isn’t b) aren’t 10 Are there ____ buses to the airport? a) any b) some 11 Is there ____ university in this city? a) an b) a .
4 Write questions for the answers from the prompts. 1 A: what time / he / have lunch? _What time does he have lunch?_ B: He has lunch at one o’clock. 2 A: your sister / listen / to the radio? _________________________ B: No, she doesn’t. 3 A: there / trains / tonight? B: Yes, there are. 4 A: it / mean / ‘happy’? _________________________ B: Yes, it does. 5 A: there / dictionary / in this room? _________________________ B: No, there isn’t. 6 A: when / the school / open? _________________________ B: It opens at half past eight.
Vocabulary 5 Add one word or phrase from the box to each group. gift shop go to bed motorbike single steak 1 hotel gym pharmacy _gift shop_ 2 platform gate return ________ 3 pasta rice eggs ________ 4 train bus plane ________ 5 get up have lunch go to work ________.
6 Underline the correct answer, a, b or c. 1 I always _b_ my ticket on the train. a) wait b) _show_ c) close 2 We _____ home at 6.30 every day. a) get at b) get to c) get 3 Ian likes to _____ exercise in the gym. a) make b) do c) have 4 Jen _____ swimming on Mondays. a) leaves b) gets c) goes 5 Lee _____ to school by bike. a) is b) comes c) takes 6 You _____ on the bus here for the city centre. a) get b) go c) have 7 A lot of people _____ a monthly pass. a) go b) wait c) buy.
7 Complete the definitions. 1 You buy newspapers at a n e w s a g e n t’s. 2 You change money at a m________ e________. 3 You go to a h________ ’ to get a haircut. 4 You have coffee and use computers at an i________ c________ . 5 You sleep and have breakfast at a h________ . 6 People often eat c________ with biscuits at the end of a meal. 7 You buy a monthly train pass at the t________ m________ . 8 You get money from a c m . 9 You have lunch or dinner at a r________ . 10 Peppers and lettuces are examples of v________ . 11 In other countries it’s called the metro or subway but in the UK it is the u________ .
Function 8 Match sentences 1–6 with a)–f). 1 We have a gift shop in the hotel. _b_ 2 Is there a gym in the hotel? _____ 3 Thank you. _____ 4 Is the swimming pool free for children? _____ 5 How much does the city tour cost? _____ 6 Have a nice day. _____ a) You’re welcome. b) _Great, thanks._ c) Twelve euros. d) Yes, there is. It opens every day from 7.30a.m. to 10p.m. e) Yes, it is. f) You too.
9 Complete the conversations with the words in the box. There is one extra word you do not need to use. back Here leaves map next platform ready right shame Single Sorry ticket 1 A: I’m sorry. Your room isn’t 1 _ready_ yet. B: Oh, that’s a 2 _____. 2 A: Excuse me, do you have a 3 _____ of the city? B: Yes. 4 _____ you are. A: Great. Thanks. 3 A: What time’s the 5 _____ bus? B: There’s one at quarter past twelve. A: Oh, good. B: It 6 _____ from gate 19. A: 7 _____ , where? Gate 19? B: Yes, that’s 8 _____ . 4 A: A 9 _____ to Naples, please. B: 10_____ or return? A: Return, please. B: Leaving today? A: Yes. B: When do you want to come 11_____ ? A: Tomorrow afternoon. B: OK. That’s thirty-four euros, please.
Reading 10 Read the text and answer the questions. Write N (Nell), G (Glen) or F (Flavia). How healthy are you – really? Nell (26), biology teacher ‘I always teach the children that it’s important to eat healthy food,’ says Nell, ‘but I don’t always eat healthy food because I like junk food. I never have sugar in my coffee though, and I don’t drink cola. Also, I do exercise every day. I go for a run after I get home from school.’ Glen (44), doctor Glen says, ‘I always take the bus to work. I’d like to walk, but I never have time in the morning. I know that exercise is important. There’s a very good gym near my house, but when I get home I’m usually too tired to do anything. I just sit and watch TV or listen to music.’ Flavia (31), dancer ‘I always eat healthy food – a lot of fish, fruit and vegetables,’ says Flavia. ‘I need about 3,800 calories a day because I get a lot of exercise in my job. But I don’t do any other exercise before or after work. I live near the dance studio, but I usually go to work by taxi. I sometimes ride my bike to work, but the air in the city is very polluted. It isn’t healthy.’ Who… 1 is too tired to exercise after work? G 2 loves junk food? ___ 3 eats healthy food? ___ 4 wants to walk to work? ___ 5 does exercise after work? ___ 6 lives near to a gym? ___ 7 does a lot of exercise at work? ___ 8 doesn’t drink drinks with sugar? ___ 9 often gets a taxi to work? .
11 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 Nell wants children to eat junk food. T/F 2 Nell usually has sugar in her coffee. T/F 3 Nell exercises every day. T/F 4 Glen never gets the bus. T/F 5 Glen usually goes to the gym. T/F 6 Flavia uses a lot of calories at work. T/F 7 Flavia does a lot of exercise after work. T/F 8 Flavia goes to work by bike every day. T/F.
Writing 12 Read the email and underline the correct alternatives. Subject: My typical evening 1_Hi_/Regards, Thanks for your email. What’s my typical evening? I always get home at half past five. 2 First/Finally, I have a cup of a tea and some cake. 3 After/Then I read the news online and check my emails. 4 After that/After then, I usually cook dinner for my family. We sometimes go out to a restaurant. We eat a lot of meat and fish. After dinner, I watch TV or listen to some music. 5 First/Finally, I have a bath and a hot drink. So, what about you? What’s your typical evening? Best 6 care/wishes, Jacob .
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