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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEStarter Achievement test 4 (Units 7–8)

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Starter Achievement test 4 (Units 7–8)

starter test 4


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Listening 1 Recording 6 Listen and write true (T) or false (F). 1 Jed speaks to Sue on Monday morning. T 2 Jed had a great weekend. _____ 3 He worked late on Friday. _____ 4 He arrived home at 11.00p.m. _____ 5 Jed phoned his friend Amy. _____ 6 Jed’s birthday was on Friday. _____ 7 Sue forgot it was Jed’s birthday _____ 8 Sue went to a concert on Saturday. _____ 9 The weather was awful on Saturday. _____ 10 The concert wasn’t inside. _____ 11 Jed slept a lot on Sunday. _____.
2 Recording 6 Listen again and underline the correct answer, a, b or c. 1 Jed finished work at __b__ on Friday. a) 8.30p.m. b) 9.30p.m. c) 10.30p.m. 2 He felt very tired so he _____. a) went to bed b) forgot his friend’s birthday c) felt ill 3 _____’s birthday is on 4th May. a) Amy b) Sue c) Jed 4 _____ bought two tickets for a concert. a) Amy b) Sue c) Jed 5 The music at the concert was ____. a) not bad b) fantastic c) awful 6 ____ didn’t take a raincoat to the concert. a) Amy b) Sue c) Jed .
Grammar 3 Underline the correct alternative. 1 What did you wanted/_want?_ 2 Where were/was Jake last night? 3 Did you walk/walked here? 4 I didn’t talk/talked to Matthew. 5 Where you did/did you go at the weekend? 6 We wasn’t/didn’t play football on Friday.
4 Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verb in brackets. A: I 1 _met_ (meet) my best friend at school. Where did you meet your best friend? B: My friend Anna? We 2 (be) on a bus. A: 3 _____ (be) it in this country? B: No, it 4 _____ (not be). I 5 _____ (be) in Argentina. I 6 _____ (have) a job as a teacher. The bus was late, so I 7 _____ (start) to talk to the girl next to me. Unfortunately I 8_____ (not speak) much Spanish at that time. A: So what happened? B: First, she laughed! Then she 9 _____ (speak) to me in perfect English. We chatted for a long time, and she 10 _____ (give) me her phone number. I 11_____ (go) to her house for dinner and we became good friends after that. .
5 Complete the conversations. Use one word in each gap. 1 A: 1 _Did_ you go out on Friday? B: Yes, I did. A: 2 _____ did you go? B: I went to the cinema. A: What film did you see? B: I 3_____ ‘Warcry’. A: Did you like it? B: No, I 4_____ . It was boring. 2 A: What did you do yesterday? B: I 5_____ to the beach. A: Did you go alone? B: Yes, I did. It 6_____ lovely. .
Vocabulary 6 Underline the correct answer, a, b or c. 1 I _c_ ill on holiday. a) start b) had c) _became_ 2 We were _____ a taxi. a) on b) in c) at 3 Our hotel is in _____ of the beach. a) opposite b) front c) near 4 The weather was _____. It wasn’t sunny at all. a) awful b) fantastic c) delicious 5 We _____ home a lot when I was young. a) met b) moved c) became 6 A: Was the film good? B: Yes, it was _____. a) boring b) awful c) great 7 I met Jean _____ the city centre yesterday. a) in b) on c) at 8 My birthday is the _____ of April. a) twentyth b) twenty-first c) twenty-one 9 Let’s not _____ for the bus. a) start b) wait c) arrive 10 Did she say the _____ of February? a) twelve b) twelfth c) twelth 11 The post office is next _____ the bank. a) from b) of c) to .
7 Match beginnings 1–11 with endings a)–k) to make sentences. 1 They had a _e_ 2 I wasn’t at the _____ 3 They met in _____ 4 Robert speaks _____ 5 We didn’t drink _____ 6 Do you sit between _____ 7 We weren’t at _____ 8 It’s the fourth _____ 9 I saw your photos on _____ 10 Where did you go _____ 11 I sit behind _____ a) Jarek. b) London. c) Emil and Max? d) the internet. e) _good time at the party._ f) the party. g) the local water. h) airport. i) Spanish and Russian. j) of May. k) camping? .
Function 8 Underline the best response. 1 Dairy, for example, cheese, milk and butter. a) _Oh, I understand._ b) Excuse me, what’s dairy? 2 Where’s the fruit? a) It’s behind the vegetables. b) You know – bananas, apples, oranges … 3 Let me check. The cakes are to the left of the bread. a) _Yes, that’s right._ b) Delicious, just right. 4 Meat? What’s that? a) Meat? It’s over there. b) Meat, for example, chicken, beef, and lamb. 5 Do you see the cereal? a) Cereal? I don’t know ‘cereal’. b) Yes, that’s right. 6 Excuse me. Where are the snacks? a) Do you see the cakes over there? The snacks are on the right… b) Oh, snacks!.
9 Complete the conversation with the words in the box. ___________________________ about How met night right she was (x3) Where Why ``````````````````````````````````````` A: 1 _Where_ were you last 2_____ ? B: I 3_____ at a concert. I went to see Muse. A: 4 _____was it? I’d like to see them. B: It was fantastic! A: 5_____ ’s that? B: The music was great and I 6_____ some lovely people. What 7_____ you? Where were you? A: I 8_____ at Jasmine’s party. B: Was it good? A: It was all 9_____ . The music wasn’t bad and I met some of her friends. B: That’s good. A: Sandra 10 _____interesting. B: Sandra? Who’s 11 _____? A: You know, Jasmine’s best friend. B: Oh, yes. .
Reading 10 Read the text and answer the questions. National Days around the World Zak: New Zealand New Zealand’s national day is on 6th February. This day isn’t a political celebration but there are lots of concerts and music festivals to celebrate peace. People often go to the beach with their families too! Markus: Switzerland 1st August is Switzerland’s national day. People have barbecues with friends and family. There are always a lot of fireworks in the evening. Yi Ling: Singapore Every year on 9th August the Prime Minister of Singapore speaks to the nation on TV. In the afternoon there is a parade in the city streets and in the evening there are big displays of fireworks. João: Brazil Our national day is on 7th September. It’s a big day and we have lots of military parades and concerts. People walk and dance in the streets with flags and balloons. In the evening there are lots of fireworks. Conchita: Spain 12th October is Spain’s national day. It is a public holiday so people don’t work but there aren’t usually any big celebrations. People spend the day with their families and eat a big meal together. Ali: Oman On our national day, 18th November, people always wear the national dress. This is a public holiday and we dance and go to events like camel racing. In which country… 1 do people eat a big meal with family? ___Spain_ 2 is there a military parade? _________ 3 do they have music festivals? _________ 4 do people wear national dress? _________ 5 do people have barbecues? _________ 6 does the Prime Minister go on TV?.
11 Underline the mistake in each sentence. 1 Singapore’s national day is on _19th_ August. 2 National day isn’t a big celebration in Brazil. 3 New Zealand’s national day is political. 4 In Singapore, they have a parade in the morning. 5 Spain celebrates its national day in April. 6 Switzerland never has fireworks on 1st August. 7 In Oman, the national day isn’t a public holiday. 8 6th March is New Zealand’s national day. 9 People dance in the streets in Switzerland 10 On 18th June people go camel racing in Oman. 11 People have flags and balloons in Singapore.
Writing 12 Tick the correct sentences. Correct the mistakes in the other sentences. 1 This is great!  _________________ 2 No we weren’t. No, we _weren’t._________________ 3 We didn’t have any water so we were thirsty. _______________ 4 How are you. _______________ 5 They’re in china. _______________ 6 Here’s a photo of my sister’s house. _______________ 7 I was hungry so we didn’t have any food. _______________.
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