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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEStarter Achievement test 5 (Units 9–10)

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Starter Achievement test 5 (Units 9–10)

starter test 5


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Listening 1 Recording 7 Listen and write true (T) or false (F). 1 The woman gave some sunglasses to her boyfriend. _F_ 2 She says they’re the wrong size. _____ 3 She’d like some different sunglasses. _____ 4 The man bought the clock last weekend. _____ 5 The man says he doesn’t really like the clock. _____ 6 He can get a new clock next month. _____ 7 The phone doesn’t work. _____ 8 The phone was a birthday gift. _____ 9 The woman loves talking on the phone. _____ 10 The manager agrees to give the woman a different phone. _____ .
2 Recording 8 Listen and underline the correct answer, a, b or c. 1 Nora and Ben meet _c_ . a) in the city centre b) in a café c) at New Year 2 Nora plans to _____. a) stop smoking b) relax more c) lose weight 3) Nora is going to go to the gym _____. a) every Wednesday b) every Monday and Wednesday c) every Monday and Friday 4) Ben wants to _____. a) get a new job b) work in an office c) earn more money 5) Ben wants to study Spanish _____. a) because he studied it at school b) so he can speak it when he travels c) because it’s a lovely language 6) Ben asks Nora _____. a) to go to Spanish classes with him b) to go for a drink c) to call him tomorrow 7) Ben doesn’t remember _____. a) his phone number b) Nora’s phone number c) when the Spanish classes are.
Grammar 3 Underline the correct alternative. 1 Are you _a_ Milan? a) going to b) going 2 He _____ play tennis very well. a) can b) can to 3 They’re _____ help us. a) going not to b) not going to 4 My sisters can play tennis but I _____. a) can’t b) can 5 I can’t _____ . a) sing b) singing 6 I’m going to _____ this evening. a) dancing b) dance 7 What _____ to do this weekend? a) we are going b) are we going 8 Can you _____ well? a) dance b) to dance .
4 Complete the text with love (), like (), hate (××) or don’t like (×) and the -ing form of the verbs in brackets. Pay attention to spelling. 1 I _hate cooking_ . (××) (cook) 2 He ___________ outside. () (be) 3 She ___________. () (swim) 4 I ___________ before half past seven. (×) (get up) 5 Do you ___________ three brothers? () (have) 6 They ___________on long walks. (×) (go) 7 Does he ___________gifts? (××) (wrap) 8 We ___________ books on holiday. () (read) .
5 Complete the email with the words in the box. __________________________ her him it me them us you `````````````````````````````````````` Dear Ray, Thank 1 _you_ again for the three CDs you gave 2______ last week for my birthday. I love 3______ ! My favourite one is Music of the Sea. I listen to 4______ in the car every day. Maggie and I are very well. There’s a picture of 5______ with this email. We’re with Clement. He’s really nice. We met 6______ on holiday. How’s your mum? Please give 7______ my love. Best wishes, Dominic .
Vocabulary 6 Underline the correct alternative. 1 How much did you _pay_/cost for that book? 2 I’m sorry, I don’t make/remember your phone number. 3 Do you ever pay/buy things on the internet? 4 This hat cost/pay twelve euros. 5 I can’t take/make very good photos. 6 Bye! See you at/in two weeks! 7 The doctor says I need to lose/save weight. 8 Bye! Keep in touch/soon! 9 Bye! See later/you later! 10 Do you ever sell/pay things to friends? 11 Cindy chats/says online every day.
7 Complete the words for the shopping departments where you can buy these things. 1 footballs and tennis racquets S p o r t s 2 bags and suitcases T ______l & L ______e 3 chairs and lamps F ______e & L______ g 4 televisions and DVD players H______ e E______ t 5 necklaces and earrings J______ y & W______ s 6 tablets and laptops C______ s & P______ s.
8 Cross out the wrong word in each group. 1 read a map / -computer games- / music 2 cook dinner / Chinese food / Spanish 3 play a game / a smartphone / the piano 4 make clothes / information / a pizza 5 use Powerpoint / a power tool / clothes 6 ride a taxi / a horse / a motorbike .
Function 9 Complete the conversations with the words in the box. ________________________ Can have help know like Sure think What Would ``````````````````````````````````` 1 A: What would Cedric like for his birthday? B: Oh … I don’t _know_ … maybe a book. 2 A: I’d ______ an Americano coffee please. B: you like milk with it? 3 A: Can I ______ you? B: Yes, an egg sandwich please. 4 A: Can I ______ a pen please? B: ______colour would you like? 5 A: ______I see that computer game, please? B: . ______Here you are. 6 A: Do you have any tennis DVDs? B: Um…Let me ______… .
Complete the conversation with sentences a)–f). A: 1_c_ B: Yes, I often come here. A: 2 ______ B: It’s fantastic! A: 3 ______ B: Er … yes, please. A: 4 ______ B: Um … well … maybe a mineral water. A: Would you like any food? B: 5 ______ A: Yes, of course. … A: Here you are – a mineral water and your chips. B: Thank you. A: 6 B: I’m from Moscow. How about you? A: I’m from New York. B: Oh, New York. That’s great! A: 7 My bus leaves in five minutes! B: Oh! Well … nice to meet you. A: 8 Bye! a) Would you like a drink? b) So, where are you from? c) _This is a great place._ d) Yes, please, I’d like some chips. e) What do you think of the music? f) What would you like? g) Nice to meet you, too. h) Sorry, is that the time? .
Reading 11 Read the online messages and answer questions 1–7. Jess: Hi, Marc. How are you? Do you remember that job advert I talked about? Here’s the link. I think it would be a great job for you. Coffee bar worker Are you friendly? Do you like talking to people? Café Bellisimo is a busy Italian coffee bar in the city centre. We need a bar worker to serve coffee and other hot drinks from 7a.m.–1p.m. Monday to Friday. Sometimes we need your help with cleaning, too. Contact us at: or phone 08046 22617. Marc: Hi, Jess. Why do you think this job is good for me??! My French and English are good, but I can’t speak Italian and I can’t cook. Jess: I know, but you don’t need to speak Italian! And you don’t need to cook. You love meeting people and I know you can make hot drinks. Marc: OK, but I really don’t like cleaning and I hate getting up before seven o’clock in the morning! Jess: You like coffee. Marc: True. But I like drinking it with friends – I don’t like making it! Jess: And you need a job. Marc: But not this one! Thanks for the link, Jess, but I’m going to get organised and look for an office job somewhere. Jess: OK, good luck!  1 What’s the link in Jess’s message? A job _advert_ 2 What does Café Bellisimo need? _________________________ 3 Which days is the job for? _________________________ 4 Which languages can Marc speak? _________________________ 5 What does Marc hate? _________________________ 6 What does Marc like doing with friends? _________________________ 7 Is Marc going to apply for the job in the advert? _________________________.
12 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 The hours of the job are 1p.m.–7p.m. T/F 2 Marc says he can’t cook. T/F 3 Jess thinks it’s a very good job for Marc. T/F 4 Jess thinks Marc can speak Italian. T/F 5 Jess says it’s easy to make hot drinks. T/F 6 Marc doesn’t think cleaning is fun. T/F 7 Marc doesn’t want to get a job. T/F 8 Marc thanks Jess for her help. T/F 9 Jess tells Marc to get organised. T/F 10 Marc wants to work in an office. T/F.
13 Find and correct the mistakes with punctuation, pronouns and verbs. for sale: two tickets for an Ella Eyre concert on november 21st. I buyed the tickets for the Ella Eyre concert last year for my boyfriend because my boyfriend loves Ella, but now we cant go. For sale:.
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