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Starter End of course test

starter test


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Listening 1 Recording 11 Listen and number the items (a–g) in the order people talk about them. One topic is not in the listening. a) A holiday ____ b) A birthday gift ____ c) How they met their husband __1_ d) Making friends ____ e) A new job ____ f) Transport problems ____ g) A concert.
2 Recording 11 Listen again and underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 Why was the woman in China? a) for work b) _on holiday_ c) to visit family 2 Adam’s wife wants him to travel by _____. a) bus b) taxi c) underground 3 What did Selma do on her holiday? a) camping b) meeting friends c) walking 4 Fiona’s going to_____ on Monday. a) go for a walk b) work in a French restaurant c) buy a monthly pass 5 What did Alice do with Ricardo’s gift? a) changed it b) sold it c) gave it back to Ricardo 6 What can’t the man do? a) play the drums b) play the guitar c) sing.
3 Recording 12 Listen and write True (T) or False (F). 1 Today it’s 1st August. _T_ 2 Lisa’s birthday is on 21st August. ____ 3 Lisa didn’t dance at her party last year. ____ 4 She’s going to cook a meal for a lot of friends for her birthday this year. ____ 5 Angela gave Lisa clothes last year. ____ 6 Lisa would like a day at a beauty spa ____.
Grammar 4 Correct the mistake in each sentence. 1 What _were_ did you do yesterday? 2 He has a lot brothers and sisters. 3 Jill can running 10km. 4 You’re going have a good time. 5 No, there aren’t some good shops near here. 6 I love wrap gifts. 7 Do you like my new bike? My dad gave it to him for my birthday. 8 The meal didn’t be expensive. 9 Do you like my shoes? I bought it yesterday. 10 There is five people in my family. .
5 Complete the story with the words in the box. _____________________________ a any arrived didn’t don’t on wasn’t Planes, trains and me ````````````````````````````````````````````````` I love going to different countries but I 1 _don’t_ like travelling by plane. In fact, I hate it! Last year, I went 2 ____ holiday with my friend, Luca. Luca wanted to fly, but I 3____ want to go by plane so I travelled by train. Big mistake! The journey took nine hours. I didn’t have 4____ food with me and there wasn’t 5 ____ café at the station. When I 6____ at the hotel, I was very tired and hungry. It 7 ____ a good start to the holiday!.
6 Complete the questions for the answers. Use two or three words. 1 A: Where _were you_ last week? B: I was on holiday. 2 A: Where ______________? B: I went to Dublin. 3 A: ______________ hot? B: No, it wasn’t. It was cold! 4 A: ______________ an airport in Dublin? B: Yes, there is an airport in Dublin. 5 A: ______________ people friendly? B: Oh yes, they were really friendly. 6 A: What ______________ ? B: I ate the local food.
Vocabulary 7 Add the missing letters. 1 Alex is going to Italy? But he doesn’t s p e a k Italian! 2 You can write ‘t _____ d’ like this – ‘3rd'. 3 Simon’s birthday’s in on 22nd J_____ y. 4 A: Is the window on the left of the door? B: No, it’s on the r _____ t. 5 A: These pictures of your family are great. B: Thanks. I like t _____ g ph_____s. 6 Let’s get a coffee and send some emails at that i _____t c_____ é. .
8 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. _____________________________ chatting remember _return_ terrible underground weight `````````````````````````````````````````` 1 Can I have a _return_ ticket to London, please? 2 I’m sorry, but I don’t _______ your name. 3 My goal for this year is to lose _______ . 4 He goes to work by _______ . 5 I don’t like _______ online. 6 This is a _______ hotel! It’s noisy and dirty.
9 Underline the correct alternative, a) or b). 1 Let’s talk about it _a_ the taxi. a) _in_ b) at 2 She writes travel blogs _____ the internet. a) at b) on 3 I love _______ old buildings on holiday! a) seeing b) going 4 How many _______ were there on the train? a) platforms b) passengers 5 ‘B’ is _______ ‘A’ and ‘C’ in the alphabet. a) behind b) between 6 See you _______ ! a) two weeks b) later 7 I love _______ new people on holiday. a) meeting b) speaking 8 He plays the piano but he can’t _______ music. a) read b) speak 9 Those phones _______ a lot of money. a) buy b) cost 10 Where did you _______ it? a) give b) get 11 I was _____ university in 1994. a) at b) in .
Function 10 Match sentences 1–6 with responses a)–f). 1 Which colour would you like? _c_ 2 Do you have a map of the city? 3 How was the fish? 4 Hey, this music’s really great. 5 How was the film? 6 Nice to talk to you. a) Yes, here you are. b) Good to talk to you, too. c) _Let me see … the black one, please._ d) Yes, I agree. It’s fantastic. I love it! e) It was boring and the actors were terrible! f) Delicious! .
11 Complete the conversations with the words and phrases in the boxes. 1 Can I have Sorry When Where you like you want to Assistant: Can I help you? Customer: 1_Can I have_ a ticket to Zurich, please? Assistant: Would 2 _______ a single or a return? Customer: Return, please. Assistant: And when do 3 _______ come back? Customer: Tomorrow. Assistant: That’s sixty-seven fifty, please. Customer: OK. 4 _______ does the next train leave? And where does it leave from? Assistant: At ten forty from gate fifteen. Customer: 5 _______ ? Gate fourteen? Assistant: No, fifteen. Customer: Thank you. .
2 Excuse me for example opposite that’s right Where you know Customer: Oh … 6 _______ ! Assistant: Yes? Customer: 7 _______ is gate fifteen? Assistant: It’s 8 _______ the snack bar. Customer: ‘Snack bar’? What’s a ‘snack bar’? Assistant: It’s … 9 _______ , a place like a café where you can get snacks, 10 drinks, cakes, chips … Customer: Ah, yes. I understand. Let me check. The snack bar is in front of gate fifteen. Assistant: Yes, 11 _______.
Reading 12 Read the texts and answer the questions. Write A (Audrey), N (Nuria), B (Bjorn), S (Stef) or M (Martin). New Year – New You? It’s the 31st of December. Tomorrow is the start of a new year. For many people this is a good time to choose some personal goals. We asked five people about their New Year’s resolutions. Here’s what they told us. ‘I can’t think of any New Year’s resolutions. I’m very happy being me. I don’t want to change anything. No, I am OK. I love my job, I like where I live and I love my family. It’s all good.’ Audrey, 65 ‘I work in a bank, but I hate thinking about money all the time. I’m going to look for a completely different sort of job this year. I’d like to help others in some way.’ Nuria, 26 ‘I always have lots of plans at the start of a new year. This year I’m going to go to the gym three times a week. I’d really like to get fit. I’m going to go swimming every Sunday because I love doing that. I’m going to stop eating chocolate and I’m not going to drive to work. I’m going to go by bike.’ Bjorn, 29 ‘I’m not going to make any New Year’s resolutions this year. Last year I made about five New Year’s resolutions but I couldn’t keep any of them! It was too difficult! It was the same the year before that … and the year before that!’ Stef, 32 ‘I’m going to learn to swim. I didn’t have lessons when I was a child and I don’t like being in the water. But now I have my own children, I think it’s important for me to learn.’ Martin, 28 Who… 1 doesn’t want to make any changes? _A_ 2 is going to join a gym? ___ 3 ’d like to change jobs? ___ 4 can’t swim? ___ 5 enjoys swimming at the weekend? ___ 6 really loves his/her job? ___ 7 made five resolutions last year? ___ 8 wants to learn to do something new? ___ 9 says he/she won’t make any resolutions? ___ 10 thinks about money every day? ___ 11 is happy living where they do? _.
13 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 A lot of people want to make changes to their lives at New Year. T /F 2 Audrey would like to move house. T/F 3 Nuria wants to help other people. T/F 4 One of Bjorn’s goals is to cycle more. T/F 5 Stef can’t keep New Year’s resolutions. T/F 6 Martin has one child. T/F.
Writing 14 Underline the correct alternatives. 1Hi/_Dear_ Mr Kovacs, I’m going to be back in the office on 2Monday/monday, not tomorrow, 3 so/because there aren’t any planes tonight. I met Elise Bernhardt yesterday and I gave 4her/Elise Bernhardt the pictures. There weren’t any problems with them, 5because/so we had some time to talk about other things. 6Take care/Regards, Carla .
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