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Listening 1 Recording 9 Listen and tick () the correct answer, a), b) or c). 1 How much is the brown clock? £22.20 £22.50 £25.50 a) b) c) 2 What’s Paul’s nationality? Chinese English American a) b) c) 3 What’s the student’s first name? Candy Kandi Kandy a) b) c) 4 When does Neil do sport? every day never on Saturdays a) b) c) 5 The hat is … Alice’s Sandra’s Pedro’s a) b) c) 6 Henry is … tired cold bored a) b) c).
2 Recording 10 Listen and write true (T) or false (F). 1 Martha and Dan are at a café. T 2 Their food and drink is €12.60. __ 3 The café closes at 4.30. __ 4 Dan is very cold. ____ 5 Dan and Martha go inside. ____ 6 The waiter brings them two colas. ____ 7 The cake is for Dan. ____ 8 Martha sometimes eats chocolate cake. ____ 9 Martha likes cheese and bread. ____ 10 Dan and Martha are on holiday. ____ 11 The pen is Martha’s. ____.
Grammar 3 Underline the correct answer, a) or b). 1 _a_ you from Spain? a) _Are_ b) Do 2 hungry. I don’t know why. a) I’m always b) Always I’m 3 Who’s ____ man over there? a) this b) that 4 What ____ those? a) ’s b) are 5 We ____ eat steak, but not very often. a) sometimes b) usually 6 Are ____ they books? a) Maria’s b) Marias 7 ____is my sister. a) These b) This 8 Does he _____ coffee? a) drink b) drinks.
4 Complete the sentences with the correct positive (+) or negative (-) present simple form of the verbs in brackets. 1 He always _phones_ me on Sunday. (+) (phone) 2 That _isn’t_ true. (-) (be) 3 Jacob ______ his homework in the evening. (-) (do) 4 George ______ Spanish. (+) (study) 5 She ______ meat. (-) (eat) 6 They ______ in the classroom. (+) (be) 7 I ______cheese. (-) (like) 8 She ______TV every evening. (+) (watch) 9 Ken ______a motorbike. (+) (have) 10 My ______shoes black. (-) (be) .
5 Write present simple questions from the prompts. 1 what / your / name? _What’s your name?_ 2 what time / she / get up? ____________________ 3 where / they / from? ____________________ 4 you / a doctor? ____________________ 5 you / live / with your parents? 6 this / Marina’s / chair? ____________________.
Vocabulary 6 Cross out the wrong word in each group. 1 Russia China _English_ Argentina 2 computer singer engineer taxi driver 3 black green brown read 4 bored eighty cold thirsty 5 shop university house coffee 6 pens sweater jacket shirt 7 live work drive hot 8 sister father waiter brother 9 café bread steak cheese 10 gym gift shop lunch restaurant 11 train motorbike keys plane .
7 Add the missing letters. 1 Samantha and Timothy have two sons and one d a u g h t e r. 2 What’s your favourite colour? My favourite colour is w ______ e. 3 A: How old is she? B: She’s n ______y - f ______e. 4 A: What’s ‘SingFest’? B: It’s a music f______ l. The bands are really good this year. 5 James usually studies in the morning and does his homework in the a ______n. 6 He always eats fish and v ______s for dinner. .
8 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. __________________________ actor -dinner- Germany guided tired Wednesdays `````````````````````````````````````` 1 I often have chicken and rice for dinner. 2 A: What’s his job? Is he a businessman? B: No, he’s an ______. 3 I work on and Thursdays. 4 A: Are you OK? B: No, I’m not. I’m very ______. 5 A: Are they from ______? B: Yes, they are. He’s from Berlin and she’s from Frankfurt. 6 The ______tour of the city centre begins at 2p.m. .
Function 9 Underline the best response. 1 What’s the problem? a) _I’m hot._ b) Wonderful. 2 I’m hungry. Let’s eat something. a) Good idea. b) That’s €10. 3 Can I have a mineral water, please? a) Still or sparkling? b) No, thank you. 4 A ticket to Bristol, please. a) The bus is from gate sixteen. b) Single or return? 5 Anything else? a) No, thank you. b) That’s six euros. 6 What time’s the train to Eindhoven? a) There’s one at half past six. b) OK. That’s six fifty.
10 Complete the conversations with the words and phrases in the box. __________________________________ as in Excuse help you How much like Sorry Thanks time is it time does When wonderful ```````````````````````````````````````````````` 1 Waiter: Can I 1 _help you ?_ Man: Yes, I’d 2 _____________ a coffee, please. 2 Woman: What’s your first name? Man: Gerry. Woman: Is that J-e-r-r-y? Man: No, it’s G, 3 _____________ ‘get’. G-er-r-y. 3 Man: 4_____________ me. Woman: Yes? Man: What 5_____________ the play start? Woman: Quarter past nine. Man: 6_____________ ? When? Woman: Quarter past nine. Man: Quarter past nine. OK, 7_____________. 4 Woman: 8_____________ does the swimming pool open? Man: At half past eight. Woman: What 9_____________ now? Man: It’s eight o’clock. Woman: OK, thanks. 10_____________ does it cost? Man: It’s free. Woman: Free? Oh, that’s 11_____________.
Reading 11 Read the article and match headings 1–5 to paragraphs A–E. Famous families A Brothers Joel and Ethan Cohen are film-makers from the USA. Joel’s wife, Frances McDormand, is an actor. She is also from the USA. Joel and Frances have an adopted son, Pedro. He comes from Paraguay. B Patrick Tse is a Chinese actor from Hong Kong. Patrick’s son, Nicholas, is an actor, a singer and a songwriter. Nicholas is married to actor and singer Cecilia Cheung. They have two sons, Lucas and Quintus. Nicholas has dual nationality – he is Canadian and Chinese. He and his family live in Hong Kong. C Stellan Skarsgård is a Swedish actor. Three of his children, Gustaf, Bill and Alexander, are actors too. The brothers often appear together in Swedish films. D Musician Ravi Shankar comes from India. He has two daughters, Norah Jones and Anoushka. They are both singers, and Ravi often gives concerts with Anoushka. E The Coppolas are a famous American family in the film industry. Francis Ford Coppola is a film director and his wife Eleanor is an artist. Their daughter, Sofia, and son, Roman, are film directors. Sofia is also a singer and actor. 1 A family of actors and singers _B_ 2 Musical father and daughters ____ 3 American brothers in film ____ 4 Father and sons – all actors ____ 5 A film-making family ____.
12 Read the article again. Underline True (T) or False (F). 1 Joel Cohen and his wife are American. T/F 2 Joel Cohen’s child is from Paraguay. T/F 3 Nicholas Tse’s father is a singer. T/F 4 You never see any of the Skarsgård brothers in the same film. T/F 5 Anoushka often sings at concerts with her father. T/F 6 Sofia Coppola’s mother is an artist. T/F.
13 Read the signs and underline the correct answer, a) or b). Free English lessons Tuesdays evenings 7p.m.–9p.m. Music festival City park this Saturday 11a.m.–11.30p.m Today’s specials Chicken & vegetable pasta 5.95 Steak & chips 8.99 Fish & chips 7.50 Egg sandwich 3.75 Fruit cake 2.75 Guitar teacher I’m Martín and I’m from Mexico. I teach Spanish guitar to all ages. Tel: 899260 Email: 1 When are the English lessons? a) Tuesday afternoons b) _Tuesday evenings_ 2 When is the festival? a) This Sunday b) This Saturday 3 What time does the music festival start? a) 11 o’clock b) half past eleven 4 How much do the fish and chips cost? a) seven fifty b) eight ninety-nine 5 What costs two seventy-five? a) Fruit cake b) Steak and chips 6 What does Martín teach? a) Spanish guitar b) Mexican guitar 7 What’s Martín’s phone number? a) 899620 b) 899260 .
Writing 14 Add the missing linkers to the blog entry. -because- but Finally First that then It’s Friday evening and I’m tired! I’m tired 1 _because- I work from Monday to Friday. I like my job 2 _______ it’s very difficult. So, what do I do at the start of the weekend? 3_______, I go to the shops and I buy my favourite food and drink – meat, vegetables, cola, cake. After 4 _______, I make and eat a big dinner. I play music and watch TV, 5_______ I phone my friends and talk about what to do on Saturday and Sunday. 6_______ , I go to bed. .
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