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Test about technology and electronics devices.

Adrián Hernández.
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Match the features to the actions. Music player Messenger Digital Camera Internet access Cell phone.
Choose the correct option: I sent a text message an hour ago I send a text message an hour ago.
Complete the sentence: __________the computer. I finished doing my task. Turn up Turn off.
Choose the correct form to complete each sentence: I always_______my earphones when I listen to music Put them on Put on Put it on.
Choose the correct form to complete each sentence: Help me with my e-mail account. I want to in_____order to check my messages. Sign out Sign it in Sign in.
Choose the correct form to complete each sentence: I love to go online at night. l________late, you know Stay it on Stay up Sign out.
Choose the best option: I could_____up all night. Stay Staying.
Unscramble the words: she phone had wishes Mary Peter`s number.
Choose the correct sentence: The man can’t hook up the computer to the TV because? He can’t find the computer or the TV. He can’t read the instructions. He doesn’t understand the instructions.
Unscramble the words: me Let just in printer. plug the.
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