Tema 2 inglÉs técnico farmacia

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Tema 2 inglÉs técnico farmacia

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A person who helps other people whith their career is a _________ employer Her mother Job seeker Carrer adviser .
If we write our e-mail address we use the symbol? & % * @.
The location of the adverbials in Present perfect is always at the end of the sentence Verdadero Falso .
Recently, they have _________ at a Nursing home Working Work Worked Will work .
What is the location of YET with the present perfect? Before to be verb At the beginning of the sentence In the middle At the end of the sentence .
What is the structure of an interrogative sentence in Present perfect? Subject + verb + objects? Verb + subject + complements? Objects + subjects +verb + complements? Interrogative pronoun + have\has + subjects + participle? .
Which is the third column of KEEP? Kep Keep Keeped Kept .
We must finish an e-mail with YOURS FAITHFULLY Verdadero Falso .
Our new patient __________ at the nursing home because she has high blood pressure Is arrived Arriving Does arrive Has arrived .
We use present perfect to talk about an action happened at an unspecified time before now Verdadero Falso .
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