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temario ingles

temario ingles

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is the examination of something by listening with or without an instrument such as a stethoscope, for example internal organs inspection auscultation palpation percussion.
is the act of tapping on an area of the body such as the chest or abdomen to detemine the condition of the underlying bone or tissue inspection auscultation percussion palpation.
a organized examination of a patient's physiological state as compared to what is understood to be normal percussion palpation inspection auscultation.
is the examination of something by touch percussion palpation auscultation inspection.
is the displaying of emotion through facial expressions, movements, etc inspection consent affect subjetive data.
is the process of examining the body by listening to its internal parts auscultation body build consent palpation.
it refers to the overall appearance and shape of a person´s body shape objetive data body build consent.
is verbal or written permission for something to happen consent report afect inspecion.
this data is personal information such as age, sex and nationality examining demographic expressions appearence.
is a visual examination of a part of the body touch palpation no sé inspection.
is health information that an observer can see and test palpation subjetive data objetive data inspection.
is the process of examining parts of the body by touch touch palpation inspection shape.
is the process of examining the body by tapping various parts tapping percussion touch inspection.
is health information that only the patient is aware of. this includes things such as pain or itching subjetive data touch demographic objetive data.
the doctor performs the process of examining the body by touch. he is checkinh for tender areas percussion palpation consent.
dr. Gupta needs to examine the patient. but he must first obtain his verbal or written permission palpation consent body build.
the nurse assesses the patient´s display of emotion through facial expressions and movement auscultation affect objective data.
is a report that discusses what was found after cells and tissue were examined pathology report phathology report phatology blood.
is a waste product found in blood that the kidney usually removes creatinine urinalysis biopsy.
is a type of protein found in the body creatinine albumin blood.
is a test to determine the amount of area nitrogen in the blood bun test blood test blood report.
a blood test is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from a vein in the arm blood test biopsy pahology report.
is a test to determine how much kidney function a person has GFR (glomerular filtration rate) CKD (cronic kidney disease) kidney test.
is a medical procedure in which a piece of tissue is removed and examined to helpo determine an illness biopsy tissue test urinalysis.
is a test that examines a urine sample CKD urinalysis urine test.
is a medical condition in wich a person loses kidney function over time GFR CKD cronic kidney.
measures the glucose levels in your blood thyrotropin test blood glucose test blood gloucose test.
work by checking your pee for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. your body only majes this hormone if your´re pregnant biopsy pregnancy test bun test.
releated to the kidneys renal rate renalt.
is a test that measures the cells that make up your blood; red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets complete blood count CBC blood test blood urea nitrogen BUN.
condition where the body is unable to break down glucose from sugary or starchy food so it can be used for energy diabetes breast cancer kindey disease.
is the most common cancer in the UK colon cancer breast cancer skin cancer.
cancer that is difficult to diagnoe because it is internal, and can present many symptoms common to other digestive diseases cancer colon cancer collon cancer.
fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and brain cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) synovial fluid sweat.
tests that provide a picture of the inside of the body body fluids imaging body functions.
are body fluids, except: sweat saliva kidney.
are common imaging tests except: x-rays MRI electrocardiography.
is a procedure to look inside the body, using an instrument electrocardiography endoscopy electroencephalography.
electrical activity of the heart is measured with ECG pulmonary function tests biopsy.
procedure to examine inside the urethra and the bladder cytoscopy hysteroscopy laparoscopy.
endoscopic tests to examine the voice box esophagoscopy laryngoscopy gastroscopy.
is a thin, tubular instrument used to examine the inside of an organ or body cavity endescope ct scan gel.
is a form of medical imaging that uses many two-dimensional x-rays to create a three-dimensional image of an object ct scan x-ray MRI.
is a medical imaging technique that uses the reflection of sound waves to produce an image of the body ultrasound radiography x-ray.
is a semi-soild substance placed between the patient´s skin and an ultrasound probe biopsy gel gloves.
is an imagining technique used to visualise part of the body by injecting a small dose of a radioactive chemical into the body radioisotope scanning radiograpgy radiostope scanning.
medical imaging technique that uses magnetic forces on atoms to produce an imagine body MRI ECG.
is a measurement of the electrical activity of the heart over a periodof time ECG ULTRASOUND.
in radiography, barium is used as a contrast.. image medium.
tissue wich absorbs radiation and appears dark on an x-rays is radiolucent radiopaque.
an.... is a liquid introduced intro the bowel by way of the anus anema injection.
x-rays used to measure the progress of a disease are called serial repeated.
if a patient moves during an x-rays, the image may be blurred abnormal.
its easier to see abnormalities when the lungs are deflated inflated.
an ultrasound is also known as sonography endescope.
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