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Where can you find the original template after a migration process if you do not enable the Do not move original workbooks in a different folder option? In migration copy folder with same name Same location whith same name Same location with different same name In migration copy folder with different name .
Default logic performs the following functions: Choose 2 correct answer(s). Default logic references system constants which allow you to use different dimension names Records a value of 1 in a validation account if a difference is detected. Set fixed filters such as the fiscal year. Allows you to use different member id's for close and error flows. Identifies the model for which you want to perform currency translation. Specifies the balance sheet account to record annual net income. .
Which of the following statements are true regarding Consolidation models? Choose 4 correct answer(s). The rate model is a non-reporting / rate type model. The legal model is a consolidation / reporting type model. They require a time dependent Entity dimension to track subsidiary assignments to t-1 consolidations groups through time. The matching model is a reporting / financial type model referenced to a rate model. The ownership model is a non-reporting / ownership type model. The planning model is a reporting / financial type model.
Which of the following features help you to display several reports on the same spreadsheet? Choose 2 correct answers. Axis sharing Worsheet generation Not possible to have multiple reports in a single spreadsheet Multi-source reporting.
Currency translation business rule tables have which of the following features? Choose 5 correct answer(s). Source flow member determination Source flow Formulas using the Rate application account dimension. Destination account. Force closing which closes the period. Define the rates and logic to be applied to each Account Rate Type.
The Entity dimension has what consolidation related properties? Choose 3 correct answer(s). Hierarchy Related Intco member Currency Formula Solve Order.
The Ownership Account contains choose 3 answers Methods Parent Positions Rates Percentages Entity .
What value is used in the destination flow column of the currency conversion business rule when there is no subtable type dimension in the Model? Same as in the formula column Same as in the destination account column Same as in the source flow column Same as in the source account rate type column.
Which of the following actions are performed when you migrate an EVDRE template? Protected workbooks or sheets are not migrated Visual Basic for Applications is migrated. A Log is generated Row and column expansions are not migrated. Empty rows and columns are not migrated. .
Which of the following actions can you perfom in the Hierarchy Level Formatting section? Choose 3 corrects answers Format the levels of hierarchies Add member or property . Choose an inner or outer dimension for nested dimensions Add or delete !eves .
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