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What is the correct syntax for a Built-in Macro? {?MACRO} {#MACRO} {$MACRO} {MACRO}.
Which SNMP versions are supported by Zabbix? V1 only V2c only V1, V2c and V3 V3 only V2c AND V3.
We can install the Zabbix server on Only on embedded hardware Windows *NIX systems.
The Zabbix agent 2 is written in XML GoLang Python C PHP.
In the user profile, a user can change their own Theme settings True False.
Zabbix agents can operate in active and passive mode simultaneously True False.
The Zabbix Passive agent is listening on port .
Tags are used to mark various entities in Zabbix. Which entities Frontends Templates Triggers Users Dashboards Maps Hosts Items.
The server daemon receives his configuration from The database The frontend.
Zabbix Server is listening on port .... to receive Active checks 10053 10052 10050 10051.
Can we monitor Docker containers via Zabbix True False.
The 'Visible Name' field in the host configuration form is a mandatory field to populate True False.
In the user profile, a user can change his Frontend Messaging settings True False.
What authentication methods are supported when using SSH checks? SSH keys Password SSL Certificates.
Host groups are used for the logical grouping of hosts True False.
What is the correct syntax for a Low Level Discovery Macro {MACRO} {$MACRO} {?MACRO} {#MACRO}.
It is supported to run a different major version on a Zabbix proxy than on the Zabbix server Yes No.
Select the correct interface types Scripts IPMI Dependent SNMP ZBX API ICMP JMX.
In the main menu there are multiple sections. Which ones are present? Commands Tests Configuration Reports Spelling Monitoring Installation Services.
By default a Zabbix user can see the following menu sections Monitoring - Services - Inventory - Administration Monitoring - Services - Grammar checks - Configuration Monitoring - Services - Inventory - Reports Monitoring - Services - Testing.
Java applications can be monitored by Zabbix True False.
One host can be assigned to just one host group True False.
What is the correct syntax for a User Macro {$MACRO} {#MACRO} {MACRO} {?MACRO}.
Zabbix stores timestamps for all values in unixtime True False.
We can in/decrease the log level of the Zabbix server while it is running No Yes.
When a trigger switches from OK to PROBLEM or vice versa, an Event is generated. True False.
Select all features that are supported within Zabbix IPMI APM SNMP Monitoring Web monitoring Grammar checking.
A host can consist out of the following properties Graphs Triggers Maps Web scenarios Screens Items Services Discovery rules.
The original Zabbix agent is written in GoLang PHP C Python XML.
Trigger calculation is done by Zabbix Proxy Zabbix Server Zabbix Frontend.
The Zabbix proxy is used for multiple frontends solely for report generation APM monitoring Monitoring remote locations.
When configuring an item with type 'Zabbix trapper' an interface is mandatory No Yes.
The following database engines are supported on the Zabbix Server PostgreSQL Oracle MySQL and MariaDB Sybase MSSQL.
The database is used for Storing configurations Linux settings There is no database within an Zabbix environment History/trend storage Sending notifications.
Every interface type can use an IP address or a DNS name True False.
In which programming language is the frontend written? PHP Python C GoLang.
We can have hosts that are not assigned to at least one host group True False.
One host can only have one item True False.
The 'Host Name' field in the host configuration form is a mandatory field to populate True False.
How many User types are available?.
A template is a set of entities that can be applied to multiple hosts True False.
When the Zabbix server is installed from packages, the logfiles by default are written to /var/lib/zabbix/zabbix_server.log /var/log/zabbix/zabbix_server.log /tmp/zabbix/zabbix_server/log /var/log/messages.
The 'Host Name' field in the host configuration form is case sensitive True False.
SSH checks are supported out of the box. True False.
Zabbix is fully opensource, released under the GPLv2 license True False.
Zabbix server is written in XML Python C GoLang PHP.
One trigger can take multiple items into account during evaluation True False.
The frontend writes it's configuration to Server Daemon Database.
Permissions are always assigned per host group within a user group True False.
Macros can be stored as Config secret Vault secret DB secret Text Secret Text.
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