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1.- Some people need glasses to see well. True False.
2.-Sandals are popular in the winter. True False.
3.-You need trainers for sports lessons. T F.
4.-Gloves protect your feet. T F.
5.-Umbrella are types of jewellery T F.
6.-A watch shows the time. T F.
7.-A suit has often got a jacket and socks T F.
8.-Orange juice is healthy. T F.
9.-A spider is dangerous than a fly. T F.
10.- An elephant is a big animal. T F.
11.- Grandparents usually are young T F.
12.- A commercial plane is fast than a combat plane T F.
13. Dogs have 10 legs. T F.
14. a river is bigger than a stream. T F.
15. three plus eight equal eleven T F.
16. founded is the past tense of found. T F.
17. Yellow is a color. T F.
18. scarlet is a brilliant red colour T F.
19. 'B' is the first letter of the alphabet. T F.
20. you can use improve as a noun and as a verb T F.
21. dozen is equivalent to 20. T F.
22. the past tense of find is found. T F.
23. equivalent to is (more or less) the same as equal to. T F.
24. the sun is very hot. T F.
25. Is China the largest country in the world? T F.
26. Is Venus the closest planet to the Sun? T F.
27. Spiders have 6 legs. Is it true or false? T F.
28. You hear with your nose. T F.
29. Up is the opposite of down. T F.
30. We isn´t students, but we work at the university T F.
31. five plus nine equal fourtheen T F.
32. Watching horror movies doesn‟t cause any reaction in your body. T F.
33. The study of stars is called astronomy T F.
34. Sharks are mammals. T F.
35. Mars is the closest planet to the Sun T F.
36. There are seven continents in the world. T F.
37. Saturn is the largest planet in the solar system. T F.
38. Honeybees are the fastest flying insect. T F.
39. Canada is the second-largest country in the world T F.
40. Australia is both a country and a continent. T F.
41. Mount Everest is present in the Himalayas T F.
42. Vatican City is the smallest city in the world. T F.
43. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system T F.
44. Elephants are the biggest mammals in the world T F.
45. Meat is consumed by herbivore animals. T F.
46. The human body is a perfect machine. T F.
47. Humans have 4 senses T F.
48. There are 20 countries in the world. T F.
49. The Equator is the latitude that runs through the center of our planet Earth. T F.
50. 31st January is when the Sun is closest to the Earth T F.
51. Africa is also called the Dark Continent T F.
52. Water vapor is a colorless gas. T F.
53. Do you need oxygen for breathing? T F.
54. The full form of CVD is cardiovascular disease? T F.
55. French is the official language of Brazil T F.
56. Penguin is not a bird. T F.
57. There are seven players in basketball. T F.
58. The national flag of America has stars and stripes on it T F.
59. Nails are made of keratin. T F.
60. A dozen is made of 12 units T F.
61. Spiders have 6 legs T F.
62. Ecuador has 4 regions. T F.
63. Do we find terminal hair on our heads? T F.
64. Quilotoa lake is located in Cuenca T F.
65. Computers are mammals. T F.
66. Math, English, Music are video games T F.
67. Second floor is considered as a flower T F.
68. Lunch room is a space where people eat food T F.
69. Brain means cerebro. T F.
70. Crocodile is a wild animal T F.
71. Vatican City is the largest city in the world T F.
72. a panda bear is bigger than a mouse T F.
73. Pneumonia is a kind of infection that affects the lungs. T F.
74. Meat and vegetables are consumed by omnivores. T F.
75. Children like puzzle games T F.
76. Penguins are considered to be flightless birds. T F.
77. grasshopper is an insect T F.
78. Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, beans are fruit. T F.
79. The smallest particle of an element is the molecule T F.
80. Ice cream is a delicious dessert T F.
81. Smoke is dangerous for the environment. T F.
82. Small is the opposite of big T F.
83. The sense of touch is activated by the eyes T F.
84. The capital of Spain is Madrid T F.
85. Snacks are not healthy food T F.
86. There are a lot of stores in a city. T F.
87. “Stop” is a traffic signal T F.
88. “Twist” is a verb. T F.
89. Twins are two different people T F.
90. “Strong” is the opposite of “fat”. T F.
91. Triangles, squares are geometric forms. T F.
92. New York is also known as „The Big Apple‟ T F.
93. You use your eyes to see. T F.
94. You use your ears to smell T F.
95. The sun is too hot to be touched T F.
96. One hundred thousand consists of five zeroes. T F.
97. “behind” is considered a preposition T F.
98. A is the first letter in the range of alphabet order? T F.
99. Sheep don‟t have wings to fly. T F.
100. A dog has 20 legs. T F.
101. Mercury is the hottest planet in the solar system. T F.
102. Violet is a colour. T F.
103. Cherries are red. T F.
104. Does the rainbow have 7 colours? T F.
105. left and right are verbs. T F.
106. Sandcastle is made of grass T F.
107. Tank is a place where fish can live. T F.
108. Children like to enjoy in a playground. T F.
109. “Jump” is an adjective. T F.
110. Fingers, ears, hands are parts of the human body T F.
111. Up is not the opposite for down? T F.
112. three plus four equal seven. T F.
113. Washington DC is the capital of France. T F.
114. Spaghetto is the term used for a single strand of spaghetti. T F.
115. Lungs are not important to breathe. T F.
116. Power is not the ability to do work T F.
117. Cotopaxi Mountain is a cold place to live T F.
118. The hardest natural mineral is not diamond. T F.
119. Light common multiple is the full form of LCM. T F.
120. A butterfly is not a bird T F.
121. Penguins are not birds. T F.
122. 1 kg is equal to 1000 grams T F.
123. Butterflies are birds? T F.
124. Italy is the capital of France? T F.
125. Einstein was the first person to walk on the moon? T F.
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