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Top Notch 1A

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Top Notch 1A

Test from Unit 1 to 5

Ms. Silia López
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_______ your teacher? What´s Who´s How old.
What´s your teacher´s name?.
Put the words in the correct order are old How your cousins?.
The movie is _______Friday ____7 p.m. on / in in / at on / at.
Where´s his office? It´s ____ the center of the town. on in at.
Where do you work?.
Match the question with the correct answer Where´s she from? How old are you? Who´s Bernard Udall? What´s your name?.
He´s Mr. García. And what´s _____ name? his its her.
Put the words in the correct order: are brother´s What occupations? your.
They _____ from Brazil. isn´t are no aren´t .
Is Alex an artist? Yes, I am. Yes, she is an artist. No, he isn´t. .
Put the words in the correct order: new Our is married. friend.
Josh ______ English very well. play speaks speak.
They ______ base ball every Sunday. play goes plays.
Would you like a cup of coffee? Yes, I do. Yes, I´d like. No, I don´t like. .
_____ Miss Ruiz a lawyer? Do Is Does.
____ Elsa and Alma like tacos? Does Are Do.
Put the words in order: classmates do many How have? you.
Match the questions with the correct answers: How often do you go to the movies? How many friends do you have? What does your uncle do?.
There ____ five apples on the fridge. is are.
____ there any milk on the table? Are Is Does.
Put the words in the correct order: onions any aren´t There table. on the.
We need _____ bananas. any some no.
We don´t want _____ cheese. some no any.
Is there ____ sugar on the cabinet? Yes, there ____. any / isn´t some / is any / is.
How ______ oil should I put in the salad? many much.
How ______ cans of soda do we need? We just need ______. much / some many / any much / any many / some.
Put the words in the correct order: any eggs for Collins want breakfast. don´t The.
Would you like ____ appetizer? a an.
Are you happy?.
What are you ______? do does doing.
Put the words in the correct order: fixing the car. I´m.
She´s _____ the guitar. plays playing plaing.
Moises isn´t _______. runs runing running.
Christian is _______ a new laptop tomorrow. buys buying buyings.
____ Raul _______ "The Killers"? Are / listening Is / listens Is / listening .
Put the words in the correct order: is Jesus movie. Japanese watching a.
Are you an interpreter?.
Put the words in the correct order: flush. toilet won´t The.
Put the words in the correct order: sound. fridge a is The making funny.
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