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Travel Tips 1

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help/ me/ you/ can/ ?.
you/ ?/ say/ again/ please/ that/ could.
. follow me take the first left go straight ahead.
?/ this/ is/ address/ what.
____ time is my flight? where who what.
____ is the baggage reclaim? what where who.
. to take off flight number seat number.
could __ please say that again? you are they.
. it´s to the right it´s to the left.
___ are the opening hours? which where was.
is it the first time you travel? yes no.
do you go for pleasure or work? pleasure work.
do you have a place to stay? yes no.
do you have relatives who live there? yes no.
are you excited for the trip? yes no.
are you afraid of heights? yes no.
have you ever boarded a plane? yes no.
do you know the language spoken? yes no.
how often do you travel? yes no.
have you visited this place before? yes no.
do you have expectations? yes no.
quality of a tourist in a country? native foreign endemic.
__ much cost a one ticket to airplane? what how when.
i __ resserve 2 hotel rooms? sure, ________ nights would it be can´t what many can´t, how many can, what many can, how many.
___ are we going __ vacation? what, to waht, to where, of where, to.
a week/ rent a/ like to/ car for/ I would.
this summer we will go to ___ spein Spain pain spain.
i see/ could/ passport?/ your.
i ___ change my flight for tomorrow want to to want wanna what.
could __ repeat it again? please you she he.
hi sir, could __ show me your city? we you they.
i __ 2 tickets to fly to ___ next __ want, germania, yesterday wanna, Germany, yesterday want, germania, week want, Germany, week.
what really NEED to travel in a airplane? money and passport passport and baggage passport and food ticket and passport.
__ will be my tour guide? what who why whot.
my luggage __ lost on the plane __ landing is, what was, when was, waht is, why.
whes who? contrate a traslator person or use the virtual traductor? translator person virtual traductor.
what tip appears in the presentation? have internet have a map have a itinerary buy souvenirs.
you/ what/ visit/ places/ like to/ would/ ?.
. visit places arround places walk visit.
is it ilegal to transport coriander in a luggage suitcase? yes no.
always/ more/ try/ spend/ to/ not/ manage/ and/ your/ expenses.
for/ have/ translate/ us/ a/ can/ person/ who.
stay/ have/ to/ a/ place/.
documents/ at/ have/ hand/ important.
cash/ flight/ and/ have/ reservations/ have.
transportation ___ become a problem since __ do not have muche ________ con, who, vehicles can, we, vehcles con, were, vehciles can, we, vehicles.
have a travel service __ make everithing ______ and _____ setbacks tu, eaiser, avoid to, aieser, aviod te, easier, avold to, easier, avoid.
that the airline has your data? correctly and all errors, make information correctly, and you servers, create earthquake correctly and all the corresponding information correctly, will you make the information correctly.
are you acompanied? yes no.
how long have you not traveled? 1 week 1 month 1 year A year or more.
what is the reason for waiting to go that place? for economical reasons for familiars reasons for personals reasons for diseases.
do you think the itinerary as important? yes no.
what is a good advice for a beginner travelers? tackle anyone who gets in front of you say hi to a lot of strangers create an itinerary spend a lot of money, you never know when you can go back to that place.
Did you pack your suitcase in advance? yes no.
do you have to move arround the city? yes no.
do you enjoy traveling? yes no.
who is eustacio in the performance? Leonardo Alan Cristian Jesus.
who is abraham in the performance? Aalan Leonardo Jesus Cristian.
who is Peter in the performance? Jesus Cristian Alan Leonardo.
who is james in the performance? Cristian Jesus Leonardo Alan.
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