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travel tips for you

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travel tips for you

Daypo, travel tips for you

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what goes inside a suitcase? dog baby clothes.
to travel by plane I need a_____________ passaport house floor.
what is a means of transport to travel? cat airplane ring.
what shouldn't I take with me when traveling? a gun clothes pencil.
when I'm traveling I must have extra_________ cell phone sunglasses money.
in the suitcase what do bring what not do bring.
the plane travels through the__________ air land wather .
make sure you look for a _______ of the city song map boy.
people tend to travel more on ___________ holidays class season rainy season.
It's important that when you travel You turn off your __________ on the airplane baby care cell phone.
can you travel with pets? no sometimes yes.
should you always travel with your cousin? no yes with mother.
if I'm going to travel for a month, I must take clothes for _________ one day one year 30 days.
when you travel you can stay in the ___________ hotel street desk.
if you want to take pictures on your trip, take a _________ camera lyon computer.
answer: two hours what year is this painling from? what time does the tour start? how long does the tour last?.
a place with rides, shows, and other entertainmet amusement park fair zoo.
answer: no, we have them in English only do you have the menu in spanish? do you speak japanese? do you have a passaport?.
when was this building constructed? cat 1928 cheese.
where does the tour depart from? from the corner or washington St. and 6th Ave with a dressing, please my dog's name is duke.
answer : yes, you can , It's in the back can you take a photo of us? can I use your restroom? do you speak Spanish?.
how much are tickets for children? two trucks sure $14 dollars.
to get on the plane you need to show money your boarding pass your ID.
connect the dots where is the bus? un taxi a train un pasaporte a hotel.
can I bring my dog on the bus? fifteen dollars I'm sorry, but pets are not allowed with sauce, please.
something that is interesting for tourists school trash attraction.
can you take a photo for us? on the left sure It's raining.
who painted this? in Mexico Leonardo Davinci 1980.
place with sand, water, waves, shells beach hotel restroom.
place with rooms, lobby, swimming pool, bathroom park restaurant hotel.
where are you going to_________? travel airport vacation.
what do you have to pack? food blankets clothes.
did you reserved our________ room? train hotel house.
did you bring your ______? TV passport car.
did you charged your ________? suitcase cellphone room.
It's rainning did you bring the __________? dog umbrella cap.
relate the words reservation battery suitcase swimsuit money boarding pass.
can we take the __________? train battery swimsuit.
relate the words travel bussiness trip baggage reservation airplane.
emergency kit alcohol bandajes cotton bandaids water flashlight toilet paper batteries.
do you have _________? wifi a gun an elevator.
clothes for cold destinations: shorts pants tops swimsuits open shoes jacket boots gloves.
are we going to take the __________? bus water desk.
did you pack the __________? car ducuments airplane.
did you bring your __________? visa chair bottle.
which of these is a continent? subway Europe yakult.
where do you sleep when you travel in the market you do not sleep in the hotel.
what's in the emergency kit? clothing food medicine.
what should you check before packing your suitcase? the washing machine the weather the car.
how do you like to travel? in airplane swimming in dog.
at the airport they stole my _________?.
the airplane is in the ________.
the _________ took off late airplane apple pencil.
the _______ travel the sea ship books water.
when you travel you sleep in a _________?.
relate the words car airplane ship.
relate the words clothes swimwear food.
relate the words sunblock tour personal information.
relate the words visa cruise animals.
relate the words motorhome camping vacation.
how far in advance. can you check in? 1 day 12 hours 2 hours.
how many suitcases can you carryon the plane? 5 suitcase 1 suitcase 2 suitcase.
in suitcases that you register. to carry at the top of the plane, the limit of milliliters is _____________.
it unites with your type of trip plane boat car/ bus.
what is a place where you can't stay? hotel restaurant airbnb.
for long hiking tours, it is important to take ________________ a good pair of tennis elegant heels a prom dress.
join with a line as appropriate rain summer winter fall.
where can you get to know famous paintings? park cinema museum airport.
the culdest season to travel is _________ winter water run.
the hottest season to travel is _________ beach rain summer.
you need to have a _________ to leave the country.
when you go through the airport. security band, it sounds when there is a ___________ or iron in your suitcase or that you are wearing.
the ________ have a weight limit in the luggage.
you get to ________ in a hotel.
people who give instructions and give us attention inside the plane and on the flight are called. air hostess chef police teacher.
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