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We are going to have a roadtrip in our cruise caravan .
The _____ detect my keys. metal detector customs .
I can't take my flight because, I forgot my _____. passport backpack.
She make a reservation in a ____. hotel school.
The ___ of the plane is very kind. hostess dog.
What's this? airplane airport .
What's this? credit card tickets.
When you arrive at the airport you have to do ___. check-in check-out.
When you arrive at the airport you have to do ___.
In a ____ when you leave you need to do the check-out.
Wonder of the seas is the worlds largets _____ ships. ship cruise car.
What's this? ticket credit card.
What's this? car cruise ship.
What's this? hotel airport.
What's this?.
What's this?.
What surprised you the most in France? The Statue of Liberty The Eiffel Tower Arch of Triumph.
I would go back to _______.
What was the most enjoyable or relaxing part of your ____ to the US? .
How long were you there? Pizza Xochimilco 2 weeks.
Why didn’t you like you trip to _______.
_____ ___ you go on your last vacation? .
Who did you go with? With my boyfriend To the beach Tacos.
How much money did you _____there? 100 dlls Spend 3050 dlls.
Where do you prefer to go on vacations? To the beach To the snow To the jungle .
What kind of vacations do you prefer? Relax vacations Extreme vacactions.
Would you like to visit Spain? Tomorrow Yes, i would like to.
How long would you like to be in Spain? Yes, i would like to I would like to be there for 1 month.
Berlin is a _______ city, you must definitely go there. dreadful wonderful awful .
It was a quiet place with ______ views of the mountains. ugly lovely.
The town was quite ________, there was not much to do.
New York is a busy, ________ city, there are always things to do and places to go. inactive deserted bustling.
London is a ________ city with a cultural diversity.
We stayed at a ______ beach cottage.
The package holiday included ________ adventure activities for families with children.
New Year is the most ______ holiday in China.
They visit the most _______ places in China, such as the Great Wall.
Dublin is the most _______ city in Ireland. famous big.
What’s the most ________ city in Peru? bad good famous.
Lima is the most _______ city in Peru. famous popular beautiful .
She visited parts of the island that had a ________ landscape. unique ordinary .
In the south of Spain there are many seaside towns that are popular with European tourists. European. Oriental Chinese .
The old part of the town is ________ picturesque. bad popular especially .
What is the best and worst thing about traveling to a new ____? Country State Town.
What is the longest _____ you have ever made? Travel Journey Trip .
Has the _____ ever lost your luggage? Airport Airline Airplane .
What countries would you not like to ____? Visit Asist Leave.
Do you like to travel with your _____? Partners Friends Parents .
How much ____ did you spend there? Money Bills Coin.
Do you prefer traveling by __ or plane? Bus Train Car .
Have you ever had an ____ while traveling? Accident Mishap Mischance .
How often do you ____? Travel Trip Journey .
Are you a city _____ or nature explorer? Journeyman Voyager Traveler .
Have you ever been on a ____? Airplane Cruise Hotel .
What is your favorite ____? Twon City Country.
What is your favorite travel ______? Video game Song Movie .
Beach or ________? Mountains Parks forests .
Have you ever been on a ______? Disneyland Museums Safari.
What time is your flight? tomorrow it is at 11:30 am i’m going to australia .
What airline are you flying? in traveling with volaris on the last seat is 3:45 pm .
Where is your gate? my name is fernanda right at the door 22 i’m traveling with my family .
Why are you traveling? Nice to meet you i’m leaving for 2 weeks for vacations .
where are you staying? the ocean hotel she is my mom in taxi .
Did you know what time is it? 10:40 am 3:00 am 12:00 am .
synonymous of boarding pass paper ticket note .
What is the color of your suitcase? on wednesday is green on the first plane .
what time is it? 12:00 pm 6:30 pm 8:00 pm.
How ____ is from the restaurant much far are .
what country is this? Mexico EUA Argentina .
How many hours will you travel? 10 dlls 4:00 pm 3 hours.
Ordene la frase correctamente: How do you say welcome? How do say welcome you.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Do vacations make us happy? us make happy vacations do.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Do you speak more slowy? more? do speak slowly you.
If you're driving you will probably need to ____ a car. Make sure to ask about insurance! rent lend buy.
One way to find a great ___ is to check with a ___. destination...online travel agent place...store last minute deal...travel agent.
If you are traveling in London, you would take the ___, but in New York this form of underground transportation is called the _____. Tube...taxi Bus...Underground Tube...subway.
Generally, the local ____ can provide information on fun day excursions in the area. information tourist board school .
Have you ever chosen a travel ____ at the last minute? getaway car home .
These types of ____ can be some of the most exciting due to the unexpected nature of the experience. trips experience destinations.
Once you've booked your vacation, pack your ____ and get ready for an adventure. pocketbook lunch suitcase.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Why do vacations feel so good? so why fee good Vacations ? do.
Ordene la frase correctamente: do you speak spanish? speak spanish do? you.
Ordene la frase correctamente: You could help me? You could me ? help.
My son is ____ at 5:00pm Arriving Climbing.
I take my ____ at 7:30pm at the gate A house garden fly.
Would you like to ___? France Spain Italy .
What day is your flight?.
What time is your flight?.
What is your flight?.
What is the name of the passenger? .
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