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He isn’t as..... his brother bigger than big as bigger as big than.
Thanks for a lovely evening. I really enjoyed.... very much. --- myself me its.
Is this .......coat? No, mine is the red one its our your yours.
Is....... your car at the end of the street? these this those that.
Rio de Janeiro is famous for.... carnival it's his Its her.
The Sears Tower is..... the Eiffel Tower as taller than taller than taller as tallest than.
We’ve never made..... money much many a few few.
Don’t forget to brush your... Teeth Teeths Tooths Tooth.
The African elephant is......... land mammal in the world the largest the larger as larger one largest.
He didn’t sell..... books A lot A little of Much Many.
My old jacket doesn’t fit ……... anymore: I Mine Me My.
…… are my children. Its That These This.
He isn’t as …… his brother. Big than Big as Bigger as Bigger than.
Thanks for a lovely evening. I really enjoyed ……... very much. Its Myself Me –.
Maria has lost …… purse. Its Hers His Her.
His brother sings …….. Beautifully Beautiful Biutiful Biutifuly.
Is ……… your car at the end of the street? This That Those These.
Rio de Janeiro is famous for ……. Carnival. Its Her His It’s.
I’ve just bought …… new trousers. Any A This Some.
Have you got a copy of …… Newspaper? Yesterdays’s Yesterday’s Yesterday Yesterdays’.
Is this …… coat? No, mine is the red one Our Yours Its Your.
You have …… message today. No Any Not Some.
I had …… toast for breakfast today. A An Any Some.
Pedro speaks English ……. Well Goodly Good Welly.
The Sears Tower is …… the Eiffel Tower. Taller as Tallest than As taller than Taller than.
Let’s have …….. with our dinner. A wine Wines An wine Some wine.
While my mother …, my father was reading. Was cooked Cooked Is cooking Was cooking.
I am going … smoking after holidays. Stopping Stopped Stop To stop.
Yesterday we … for the bus for twenty minutes. Was waiting Were waited Have waited Waited.
This year … French Are study Study Studied Are studying.
I was sleeping when the fire … Started Was started Were starting Was to start.
Jane and her friends … like fast food. Doesn’t Don’t Aren’t Isn’t.
I … what to do tonight. Not knowing Don’t know Not know ‘m not know.
I’d like … in a good restaurant. For eating Eating Eat to eat.
Did you … your friends art the party last night? Saw Sees Seen See.
My sister … to be a pilot but she is working as a flight attendant at the moment. Wanted Want Wants Is wanting.
The can’t … to the weeding. Came Come To come Coming.
Excuse me, … you tell me the time, please? Should May Could Do.
We … lunch at home Are having never Are never having Have never Never have.
Turn off the light before … to bed To going Going Of going To go.
What …? I’m watching TV Are you doing Do you do You are doing You doing.
Does she … near here? Live Living Is living Lives.
What do you …. To do? Wanted Want Wanting To want.
I … to open this book but I can’t. Tried Have tried Had tried Trying.
I am going … smoking after holidays. To stop Stopped Stopping Stop.
… you got married, you look so happy. Since Because of So Until.
I wish they … to the party last wee k. Go Have gone Had gone Could go.
He told us … tell anybody. To don’t Not to To not That we didn’t.
I enjoy … in bed in the morning. Read Readed Reads Reading.
You … smoke inside public places. Must Have to Mustn’t Must not to.
If you come for a visit, I … show you the best pubs in town. Am Will Would ‘ll be.
They told … to shut up To us We Our Us.
Romeo and Juliet was written … Shakespeare. On For By With.
They are learning English … their parents. To pleasing Pleasing For pleasing To please.
This is a machine … cows To milk To milking For milking For milk.
I would like … on a holiday before the summer. To go Go That I went Going.
He … that he wasn’t angry. Told me Said I Said me Told to me.
They’d enjoy … with their cousins. Playing They to play They would played To play.
I … call you if I need some help. Would Wills Will Could.
If I … you, I would call the doctor. Should be Am Were Would be.
If you heat water, It … Is boiling Boiled Would boil Boils.
We stopped … attention when she was talking. To paying Of paying For paying Paying.
They asked where … We lived Lived we Did we lived Did we live.
I wish … the exam. I can pass To pass I could pass Passing.
She told me … cry. Not To not Not to Don’t.
She would … if she had enough money. Had travelled Be travelled Have travelled travelled.
We decided to go camping … the rain. However Although In spite Despite.
She is … incredible. So an So Such an Such.
You are … nice children. Such a So a Such So.
I went on holiday to the Caribbean … have a rest. To On So that For.
This is the cinema … I saw my first film. When Which Where That.
I went shopping with my … and she had a lot of fun. Uncle Nephew Niece Brother.
Helen is going to be on a diet … lose weight. To For About Enough.
He is … popular singer that he sells thousands of CDs. So Such So a Such a.
He arrived at the station … late to say goodbye to his girlfriend. Too Such Enough Much.
… It was very hot, he didn’t take his coat off. Although Despite of In spite of Despite.
My favourite … is English. Signature Subject Assignment Matter.
Paris is … my parents went for their honeymoon. Which Where That When.
This is the student … mother wanted to talk to you. Which Who his Shoes That his.
It was … big sandwich that we couldn’t eat it all. Such Such a So So a.
She is …! She is so happy. Sellfish Pregnant Embarrassing Embarrassed.
Sunday afternoons are … boring that we never know what to do. What Such So So much.
I keep all my document in a … Carpet Sheet File Folder.
I like books … have romance and adventure. Who Which they Which Who they.
A waiter is a person … works in a restaurant. Who Whose Which Who he.
He was … happy that he invited us for a drink Such Too So much So.
Training to muscular … is necessary to gain maximum strength or increased muscular hypertrophy. Endurance Failure Dislocation Joint.
The dumbbell is the most representative device for practicing… BMR Wrestling Weightlifting PNS.
A very small, usually tube-shaped casing with a dose of medicine inside, designed to be swallowed. Capsule Pill Ampoule Tablet.
A cardiac … requires immediate intervention with … Pain / CPR / TFT Pattern /CNS Arrest / CPR Arrest / MRI.
After achieving muscular failure, with … which is a technique for continuing an exercise with a lower weight. BMR Maximal jump Drop sets Forced reps.
The … is the main bone of the hip. Xiphoid. Ilium. Patella Ulna.
Olympic athletes are very … in exercises, sports or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. Skilled Disabled Coaching Strengthened.
It is necessary to bend your knees at the same time to achieve a(n) … in order to work your hips. Stretch Curling Bump Squat.
… consists of exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength) Heavy squat Plyometrics Sport medicine Muscular breakdown.
The … is / are essential for protecting the lungs and the hurt from impacts. Ribs Shoulder blade Sternum Vertebrae.
Because of rotating the dumbbell on the wrong angle, the girl dislocated her shoulder… Joint Sprain Bump Pattern.
She has a(n) … on her skin after striking her knee on the step of a swimming pool ladder while cimbling out. Skill Bruise Arrest Ache.
The … is located under the lungs, separating the chest cavity from the abdomen. Spleen Diaphragm Aorta Liver.
The … segregates insulin that converts the sugars taken in the foods into energy. Spleen Liver Kidney Pancreas.
A fatty or oily medicated formulation, similar to cream, applied to the skin to heal or protect. Powder Pessary Solution Ointment.
The stomach is situated between the … and the small intestine. Pancreas Spleen Esophagus Lungs.
Warming up by … your shoulder, legs, arms and legs before exercising is essential Developing Improving Stretching Relieving.
Overloading muscles to convert fatty acids and amino acids into energy is known as … in Health and Fitness. Catabolism Forced reps Disability Anabolism.
… consist of moving a body part toward the body’s midline or central axis of the anatomical position. Motion Abduction Endurance Adduction.
Select the machine that IS NOT designed to work the back. Face pulls Machine fly Close Grip P.D. Lateral pulldown.
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