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typography test

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Name the king of type that appeared due to the industrial revolution:.
What form of design became popular during the industrial revolution:.
During the industrial revolution, in order to print posters, they changed the metallic type for...
Name the biggest example of modern or didone type:.
What was the biggest influence for Bodoni?.
Who hated Bodoni's typeface?.
Typeface: very high contrast, narrow, no brackets and needs more leading?.
When using Bodoni, it's better to have less leading. True False.
Didot, Brunel, New Paris, Surveyor are examples of...
Wood type posters were horizontal True False.
Wood type posters were known for sticking to just one or two typefaces, to make them harmonious True False.
A very famous wood type poster would be the one...
You can compare posters from the industrial revolution to...
Name 4 kinds of typefaces developed during that era (18th to 19th century).
Fat face with thick slabs.
1st registered typeface.
1st typeface to get a bold weight.
First pirated typeface.
Who created the linotype?.
Who is considered the new Gutenberg?.
Who created the monotype?.
artistic and architectural philosophy in Russia.
Constructivism starting year.
A movement that rejected autonomous art and had a social purpose.
A movement that had a huge influence on Bauhaus and De Stijl.
A movement that was present in Architecture, graphic design, photography, fashion.
Primary colors of constructivism?.
Very constructive, geometry, etc. Abstract, dynamic, perspective.
Important constructivism designer.
literary and artistic movement.
Influenced by cubism, futurism, constructivism, expressionism.
Where was dadaism developed?.
Reaction to World war I. Poetry, photo, design, collage with type.
Sepia mostly. A lot of layering, and a mess.
most important italian avangard movement.
Inspired by french cubism and desire of progress.
celebrated technology, urban modernity.
4 things futurism celebrated:.
Movement involved in Architecture, painting, sculpture.
Almost considered the founder of futurism.
Influenced by constructivism, dadaism and futurism:.
Movement involved in architecture, product design, graphics.
Its signature was a profile of a face.
Name the typeface made by Bauhaus.
"form and function destroy ornamentation" is a quote by...
Name of a designer that wasn't part of the Bauhaus but believed in its style and principles:.
Paul Renner's typeface: .
Entirely geometric, strokes of even weight, tall lowercases.
First type to go to the moon.
DIN means...
Name the typeface made by DIN:.
typeface designed in 1936 for road and railway signage.
Typeface used in German license plates.
First typeface designed to be fully functional.
typeface by Edward Johnston in 1913.
Johnston Sans was commissioned by...
Johnston Sans was used in...
Consistent strokes and diamond tittle:.
Typeface equivalent to Helvetica, but in Britain.
Typeface based on Johnston.
display typeface (for big posters), but also for documents that need to be legible.
Contrary to Helvetica, Gill Sans is imbalanced True False.
____ __ _____ commissioned the _____ ______ directed by _____ ______ to do a typeface for a newspaper.
times New Roman was drawn by.
Times New Roman had a linotype version called...
Typeface designed to save ink in the printing.
Swiss designer who developed Swiss style.
Followed Emil Ruder as head of graphic design at Basel School of design.
Used grids a lot to make everything fit with assymetry.
Armin Hofmann followed _____ _____ as head of graphic design at Basel School of design.
Communicate ideas through writing and sans serif, another example of Swiss Style.
Stablished his own Zurich studio especialized in graphics, exhibition dessign and photography.
In 1950´s he was established as leading practitioner and theorist of swiss style.
Grid-based designer. Perfectionist Swiss style, rigid structure, but asymmetrical.
Joseph Muller's book:.
Designer that takes swiss style and makes contemporary posters.
Designer who asked other designers to come up with conceptual typefaces. .
Fuse magazine made by:.
How many issues did Fuse magazine have?.
Joseph Muller started as an apprentice to the designer...
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