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1. What will Sidney need to install for Josh to be able to access Fourth Coffee’s server from his home and mobile phones? a. firewall b. VPN c.an intranet.
To verify that Kim’s NIC (network interface card) works, Michael pings,which is known as the: a. loopback address b. dynamic address c. static address.
A NIC is to a LAN as: a. lyrics are to a song b. a key is to a door c. a movie is to a TV.
When Brian connects a cable from his laptop’s NIC into an RJ45 jack he is connecting to the: a. VLAN b. wired LAN c. wireless LAN.
A VLAN is also called a: a. logical network b.internal network c.external network.
What will be Erin’s best solution for providing Internet connectivity to the pool area? a. expand the hotel’s wired network b. expand the hotel’s wireless network c. add a new WAN.
To link all three of Fourth Coffee’s LANs together, Sidney will create a: a. LAN b. PAN c. WAN.
Between the original coffee shop and the first expansion location, Sidney decides to order a private, dedicated line from the phone company known as: a. a leased line b. dial-up c. ISDN.
Sidney reassures Josh that the existing VPN is secure because the data transferred across the public network is: a. defragmented b. encrypted c. zipped.
Cristian determines that the point-to-point, dedicated, digital circuit that is available in Paris and meets the minimum bandwidth of 1 Mbps is the: a. E1 b. F1 c. T1.
Allie determines that the United States’ equivalent to Cristian’s chosen digital circuit is the: a. E1 b. T1 c. U1.
One home connection that Allie researches is a high-speed digital communication technology over standard copper telephone wire called: a. Cable TV b. DSL c. VPN.
The most current wireless networking standard is: a. 802.11n b. 802.3 c. Bluetooth.
To provide strong encryption protection without an enterprise authentication server, Scott uses: a. SSID b. WEP c. WPA-PSK.
After the wireless network is completed, Scott’s Dad sits on the deck and successfully connects the laptop to the Internet through their new, private, and secure: a. Gigahertz b. VLAN c. Wi-Fi hotspot.
The topology concerned with how data gets transferred within the network is the: a. logical topology b. mesh topology c. physical topology.
The topology considered more reliable because all of the nodes are connected to each other is the: a. bus topology b. mesh topology c. star topology.
What topology should Jack choose for Molly’s network? a. bus b. ring c. star a. bus b. ring c. star.
A firewall is to a network as: a. a door is to a classroom b. an eraser is to a pencil c. a movie is to a screen.
The primary goal of an intranet is to: a. allow different businesses to share information b. let users access different websites c. provide company information to internal employees.
What type of network is Kim trying to connect to? a. WAN b. LAN c. PAN.
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