Unidad 3 1ero BGU

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Unidad 3 1ero BGU

Modal verbs


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Unscramble the words and complete the following sentences. A local a collector join club. coin should.
You an email ...........create a Facebook account. do send have to send .
I have no idea about computers, but John ..... help you. could might be able to would.
I had some problems repairing the roof by myself, but in the end I ..... do it without help. could was able to.
Do you think we ..... take photos in here? are allowed to may.
It ..... be easy for Mary. Her parents died when she was only 4 years old. can’t mustn’t shouldn’t wouldn’t.
John’s usually home by now. Where do you think he is? - He ..... late. He has a big project to finish. might be working might work must work could work.
I ..... remember to buy milk on the way home. have to must.
I ..... buy a new computer. This one keeps breaking down. have to must.
The boss said that you ..... let me use this computer. have to must.
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