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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEUnit 1. Anatomy and postural control

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Unit 1. Anatomy and postural control

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Alejandro Priego
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We can divide the human body into these main parts: Head, trunk, extremities. Upper and lower trunk. Head, upper trunk, lower trunk, extremities. Upper trunk, lower trunk, extremities.
The function of rib cage is: To protect several vital organs. To allow movements of the trunk. To provide the person with the ability to balance the body. To offer an anchor point for all of the limbs.
Postural control means: A correct alignment of each body part. An efficient knowledge of muscles and movements. A healthy balance at all times and everywhere. A good knowledge of the combinations of muscles to achieve the maximum efficiency of movement.
Where is located the fibula? Arm. Head. Hand. Leg.
Bone found in the arm: Ulna. Tibia. Sternum. Femur.
Type of joint of the thumbs: Saddle joint. Ellipsoidal joint. Ball-and-socket joint. Pivot joint.
A vertebra is: An irregular bone. A sesamoid bone. A long bone. A short bone.
Type of muscle under conscious control: Parallel muscle. Skeletal muscle. Cardiac muscle. Smooth muscle.
Which muscles are found in the belly and sometimes called? abs? Deltoids. Pectorals. Rectus abdominus. Biceps.
Distal: Further from the midline of the body. At the back of the embryo, before limb rotation. Further from the trunk of the body. Further from the surface of the body.
Further from the surface of the body: Medial. Deep or profound. Interior. Dorsal.
An axis is: An imaginary plane that divides the body. An imaginary element used to describe movements. An imaginary straight line that crosses the body. An imaginary two-dimensional surface that passes through the body.
Select the correct option for axes: Transversal, sagittal, frontal. Transversal, sagittal, horizontal. Transversal, sagittal, vertical. Transversal, anteroposterior, vertical.
The ____________ plane lies vertically. Sagittal. Frontal. Horizontal. Transversal.
When a movement uses different planes at the same time, it is a: Windmill motion. Circumduction. Rotation. Circular motion.
Movement in a sagittal plane. The angle between adjacent segments in the body increases: Adduction. Abduction. Extension. Flexion.
Rotation: Movement in a transversal plane. Movement around the central line of the body. Movement in the frontal plane. Movement in a sagittal plane.
Select the correct sentence: Does she swimming every day? Does she swims every day? Does she swim every day? Is she swim every day?.
Our coach _____ from Ireland. is not am not are not be not.
_____ you and Peter friends? It's Am Are Is.
Select the correct option for possessives adjectives: My, your, it, him, her, our, their. My, yours, its, his, hers, ours, theirs. My, you, it, him, her, our, their. My, your, its, his, her, our, their.
________ some problems with the rules. This is There is There are This are.
It's not my ball, it's ________. Karen're Karen Karen's Karens'.
Is there any official ____________ swimwear? men competition man's competition man competition men's competition.
Select the correct option to express 16:54. It's nine minutes past a quarter to five. It's six minutes to five. It's six minutes to four. It's fifty-four minutes past four.
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