Unit 1: "Breaking News" K.I.V.Q. (2do.B.G.U)

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Unit 1: "Breaking News" K.I.V.Q. (2do.B.G.U)

GRAMAR: Simple Present and Past Tense & Present Perfect and Past Perfect Tense


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¿When you use Simple Present Tense? To express actions that already started and ended. To express routines and facts.
Choose the sentence that is correct (Simple Present Tense) Sara plays basketball everyday after school. Sara play basketball everyday after school.
Join the pronouns with the correct form of verb "BE" She I We You He It They.
ORDER THE SENTENCE we book the week. last published.
At what tense corresponds the following: It is used to talk about events that occurred at a non-specific time in the past and continue to the present. Simple Present Tense Present Perfect Tense Simple Past Tense Past Perfect Tense.
COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: When the journalist arrived, the photographer ....................... some pictures of the accident. had already taken have already took take already.
COMPLETE THE QUESTION: ........... you worked a lot? Have Do Did.
Which sentence is the correct to the Simple Past Tense? You have eaten pizza She uses her cell phone a lot of time We studied a lot yesterday.
Is the sentence correct? They have not found the shoes Yes No.
Join the question with its answer. Had he worked here before? Has she met with the director of the newspaper? Did you see me yesterday? Do they speak French? .
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