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To describe specific requirements to work on special occupations

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Someone who designs toys is a toy story Toy designer toy gamer.
Someone who tastes cakes is a: ice-cream taster cake chef cake taster.
People who keep zoo animals are: zookeepers snake milker animal walker.
Robotics......be an important field of work in the future. will is going to.
Daniel.... probably find more job opportunities as a computer analyst. is going to will.
You...study robotics next semester. she regsietered for some courses already. are going to will.
It´s raining really hard. I doubt I ....at the park for tonight´s concert. am going to be will be.
Is she going to build hotels? yes, she is yes, she will.
She is not going to build bridges, ...... isn´t she? is she?.
They´ll study engineering, .... will they? won´t they?.
Kumon created his famous math academies. People who study there is a .... think out of the box number cruncher call it quits.
Steve jobs had technological innovations every year. He was the kind of the person who.... calls it quits learned the ropes thinks out of the box.
Kamen was of the most important recent inventors he was.... the cream of the crop the cream of the top the cream of the crew.
will you get married the next year?.
Rearrange the following sentence: Sheila in enjoy the won’t computer center volunteering.
Rearrange the following sentence: be a George is to vet going.
Match them with the best meaning: A number cruncher To call it quits The cream of the crop Learn the ropes of something.
I´m not satisfied with my job, so I have decided to...... call it quits call of nature call my quit choice.
I think Alice ......travel before making any decision related to her future career, or maybe she .............work for her parents’ business. I don’t know! will / will will / is going to is going to / will.
Anne ......... become a hotel manager someday. will definitely is going to.
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