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To exchange information about career choices and occupations.

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Applicants for this job must certainly have a sweet tooth. • diet specifications will be determined. Ice - cream taster Toy designer Landscape architect.
Looking for very well organized people • special attention to details • big events. Party planner Snake milker Ice-cream taster.
I design new toys for children and adults. At the moment I am working on a new game console.It´s going to be in the market by Christmas. Landscape architect Toy designer Game player.
You know me! I love animals specially dogs. In fact, I walk dogs when their owners cannot do it. Dog trainner Animal lovers Dog walker.
Mary, what do you do for a living? Well, I translate symbols for blind people to read them. snake maker Braille Translator Robotics enginneer.
Alicia.....probably ....... a future as a computer scientist will ...have is going to .... have am going to .....have.
Nancy .....a land architect isn´t going to be won´t be are not going to be.
Is he going to study robotics engineering? Yes, he is Yes, he will Yes, he are.
Martín is going to study architecture.... Isn´t he? Is he? won´t he.
Order the following sentences: the He the was cream crop of.
Order the following sentence: toys designer designs toy is a Someone who.
Order this sentence: eventually amazing creations. He the many inventing learned of ropes.
Order this sentence: he? wasn´t was number a cruncher, Kamen.
Select the definition that best replaces each idiom profile: a. he was the cream of the crop b. To call it quits c. To think out of the box d. A number cruncher e. Learned the ropes of.
what ... you .... for the party? are going to / wear will / wear.
I absolutely forgot about it! I.....it now. is going to do am going to do will do.
Why do you need to borrow my suitcase? I’m going to visit my mother in Scotland next month. B: I will visit my mother in Scotland next month.
I’m really cold. ´m going to heating on, then. ’ll turn the heating on, then. .
My brother....45 in October. will be is going to be.
I´m so excited! we...........to a bigger house next month. will move are going to move.
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