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Which status Information is NOT available to the Report Package Owner during the Author Phase? A blue bar is displayed under the phase tile to indicate which phase is currently being displayed. A progress bar is displayed to show the percentage complete. The due date and time remaining for the phase is displayed. The workflow path for each Doclet shows the Doclet Owner, Doclet Approver, and Report Package Signers that have / will take part in the Doclet process. If there is an issue with one or more of the doclets, such as a doclet past due or a doclet without an author assigned, a warning icon is displayed.
Which four steps must be performed before data can be loaded into a Custom Application? Name the Application Apply Security Validate the Application Load Dimension Members Create Dimension(s) and Add Model(s) to dimensions Deploy the Models and Dimensions.
Which is false about a iterative Review Process? Reviewers create comment threads that persist for all Reviewers to see even across Review Cycles. The Review Phase is complete when the Report Package Owner marks the Review Phase Complete. Review assignments vary by draft; for instance first draft for manager level, second draft for executive level, and third draft for CEOs and CFOs. The Review Process can contain multiple Review Cycles.
You have a requirement for a management report to display both the report's name and the fiscal year being run by the report. What are the correct text function and syntaxes to accomplish this? ReportDescription() MemberAlias("Grid 1", "FY 16") ReportTitle() MemberAlias("Grid 1", "Years") ReportName() MemberAlias("Grid 1", "FY 16") ReportTitle() MemberAlias("Grid 1", "FY 16") ReportName() MemberAlias("Grid 1", "Years") ReportDescription() MemberAlias("Grid 1", "Years").
What are the three phases of Report Development, in correct sequence? Author, Sign-Off, Review Author, Review, Sign-Off Author, Review, Approve Author, Approve, Sign-off.
When using the export command with the File Transfer Utility, which three are true? The export command is used to move Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud artifacts between environments. It is used in conjunction with the Import command. Third party artifacts, such as Office documents, can be exported a standalone exports. If a library folder is exported, only its children are exported, not third-party artifacts. Child artifacts of Applications (Dimensions, Data Grants, Models) cannot be exported as standalone exports.
Where do you define the data to include in an Excel reference doclet? in a doclet, using a formula in report center, using static variables in Excel, using named ranges in Excel using a member formula in a Package, define process.
Which four are views in the Concept tab within the mapping tool to view the selected taxonomy to support mapping? Dimension View Definition View Presentation view Mapping View Calculation View.
How would a sample of the message "During August 2017"syntax display when you have added a static variable called, "CurrentMonth", into a doclet? During &<<Current Month >> During <<Current Month>> During 8Current Month During &"Current Month" During "Current Month".
What type of doclet does not show in a merged report? Supplemental Review Reference Submit Excluded.
You just set up an application, and now you must assign security. The client informs you that they do not need to restrict access on a granular level. Which data level approach should you take? You can grant access to users on dimension by dimension basis. You can use a data grant and specify the portions of data within the model that can be accessed by users, groups or users and groups. Security is only set on a granular level, so there is no need to assign access. You can grant access to users on the entire application.
A key benefit of disclosure management is the ability to utilize the Mapping tool within Smart View. Which statement about the Mapping tool is FALSE? The Taxonomy is displayed in the Concept tab of the mapping tool. The mapping tool allows updates to individual doclets and the Master document. The mapping tool allows to view in several taxonomy views including Presentation view and Calculation view. You cannot view the mapping tool until you check out a doclet.
What are two ways to insert new members into a Management Reporting grid? Type them directly into the dimension layout screen. Use Member Selector. Type them directly into the row and/or column header boxes. Type them directly into the member selection box.
Which statement about the set up of Disclosure Management security is NOT true? It grants access to master documents and doclets using Explorer in the Disclosure Management Smart View extension. Permissions available for Disclosure Management include View and Administrator. It grants access to master documents and doclets by using Access Control Lists (ACLs). It defines permissions for Disclosure Management artifacts from the EPRCS web client.
The mapping tool for Disclosure Management allows for efficient mapping of data to a taxonomy for reporting. Which statement regarding the mapping process is False? Footnotes are required to be blocked and tagged to four levels for proper reporting. The mapping of notes to a taxonomy concept also requires the mapping of context and units. The mapping of financial statements to a taxonomy concept also requires the mapping of context and units. It is recommended to validate the doclet prior to Check in.
Which statement is FALSE about the Review Phase? Optionally Reviewers can send Doclets containing review comments back to the Doclet Authors to edit the Doclet based on the review comments. When a Review Cycle is commenced, notifications are sent to Reviewers to begin their work. Reviewers can review report content, modify content, and add comments to the document. When Reviewers have finished adding comments, they mark their reviews complete.
Which three steps are required for the validation process performed during Instance Document generation? Confirm the report language used. Validate the taxonomy. Generate the instance document. Create the Instance document.
When adding available content from a management report reference doclet, which two object types are available? Chart Text Image Grid.
Which two types of Reference Doclets can you use to embed content? Adobe PDF Word PowerPoint Excel Management Repotting.
Which two statements about the Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) library are True? The menus and actions available for each system-generated personal folders are role based. A user with the service administrator role has the complete ability to see other users Favorites or Recent folders. To perform a successful folder export, the user must have administrator access to all artifacts in the folder. Actions that are available in the library are not location specific. Any user of an artifact can run audit reports for their artifact within the library.
Which four are key benefits of using Management Reporting? Utilize grid row or column formulas to reference data in other grids. Provide ease of maintenance through report package variables for changing the point of view for reports embedded in a report package. Embed grids and charts in report package doclets, with centralized point-of-view controls and automatic doclet updates. Combine cross-cloud content into a single report. Edit data inputs directly through a single report. Supplement static reporting with strong dashboard analytics.
Where can administrators create and edit Management Reporting data source connections? Library Disclosure Management Reports Report Packages.
Which use case is suited for the EPM Integrated Business Processes feature? Adding a link to an Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) report from an Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud (EPBCS) nuvlg.it ion flow. Adding a link to an on-premise Hyperion Planning report from a report package. Adding a link to a Disclosure Management report from Hyperion financial Management. Adding a link to an Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) report package from an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) dashboard.
In the sign off phase, which two can the report signers can do to the Final Report? Sign off the Final Report Unlock the Final Report and make Changes Reject the Final Report Approve the Final Report.
Your package details are finalized for the month. What step would you take to ensure no updates are made to the doclets? Approve Content Lock Content Signoff Content Remove Security Remove doclet.
Which three are ways to resolve Duplicate tagging of taxonomies in Disclosure Management? Validate that a concept present in multiple tables has Totals that represent a concept tagged. Validate duplicate issues by publishing, the entire workbook, not just a worksheet. Validate dimensions are tagged in a network table to avoid the same data points for a concept in multiple columns. Validate the basic XBRL in Arelle after publishing the XBRL Instantance.
What three types of mapping reviews can you export anytime during the filing process to analyze and identify potential issues? Positive values review Duplicate mappings review Summary mapping review Negative values review Detailed mapping review.
Which two are use cases for Management Reporting? Creating drill through analyses using rich visualizations Creating statutory reports with XBRL Support Creating reports with narrative reporting Creating a book of static reports. Creating static reports against an on-premise Hyperion Planning data source Creating static reports against a Planning & Budgeting Cloud (PBCS) data source.
For which two components can an audit file be created? Reports My Library Report Packages Recent folders Data Sources.
Which two methods can be utilized for populating and maintaining dimensions, in a Custom Application? Use a flat file interface to load an existing metadata definitions into your application. Use the Smart View Add-On For Administrator in order to add and manage members for each dimension using Smart View. Use the Hierarchy editor to manually add and manage members for each dimension using a graphical editor. Use the Dimension Library within Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) in order add and manage members for each dimension that are then deployed to the Custom Application. Integrating directly with Other Oracle EPM Cloud Services to pull metadata directly from other applications.
When creating a Management Reporting data source connection to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), which syntax is correct for the server name field? [The OAC IP address]:[accessing port] The OAC URL ending in /essbase The OAC URL ending in /essbase:[accessing port] The OAC IP address.
Which step is NOT performed during the process of generating an XBRL Instance Document? Validate Master document. Rearrange Doclets up or down with arrow key. Validate individual doclets. Review and modify any mappings. Generate and export the instance document for filing.
What is the correct sequence of steps for adding Management Reporting embedded content to a report package? Open the doclet, check out the doclet, embed the management reporting content, upload and Check in the revised doclet. Open the doclet, check out the doclet, within Smart view use the Report Settings Smart view shared connection to import the management report, upload and check in the revised doclet. Open the management report in the web interface, export it to excel, checkout the doclet, copy and paste the Excel export to the doclet, upload and check in the revised doclet. Open both the management reporting reference doclet and the regular doclet, check out the regular doclet, copy and paste the management report, upload and check in the revised doclet.
What type of doclet can store any type of document file (for example, PDF, Excel, Word)? Supplemental Author Sign-off Reference Report Centent.
Which two items are true about creating Custom Applications in Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service? Dimensions and their members are assigned to a model to group and manage them tor data entry and reporting. Up to three Custom Applications can be created per environment. Up to five models can be utilized within an application. In order to load data to a Custom Application, the models and Dimensions must first be deployed and application validated. Only Service Administrators and/or Application Administrators can create a Custom Application.
Which two Management Reporting data sources can be used for a chart? another report an existing grid in the same report an existing grid in another report Smart view data grid another valid Management Reporting data source connection.
When uploading a XML file using the File Transfer Utility, what is the proper command syntax? eprcsctl operation=upload_file server=myserveraddress tenantid=myidentitydomain user=johndoe password=pwd uploadfile=c: \myfile.gif eprcsctl operation=upload_file tenantid=myidentitydomain user=johndoe password=pwd file=c:\uploadfile.xml eprcsctl operation=uploadfile tenantid=myidentitydomain user=johndoe password=pwd file=c:\uploadfile.xml operation=import tenantid=myidentitydomain user=johndoe password=pwd file=c: \importfile.xml.
When you update values in the reference doclet, how do you update the embedded content in a doclet? Inspect Embedded Content. Approve the Doclet. Start the Review Phase. Submit the Doclet. Open or Refresh the Doclet.
When creating the management report reference doclet, it's important to take advantage of which feature to reduce report package maintenance? Static Variables Reference Variables Auto Update Variables on the Report POV storing the affected reference doclet within My Library.
At which time can the report package owner choose to initiate a review instance? never -- only the Admin may initiate a review instance when the Author Phase is completed at any time when the Author Phase is Approved.
You have created a package and want to include data that can be only downloaded and viewed? What type of doclet would you use? Approved Doclet Reference Supplemental Finalized.
What type of doclet is excluded from the review and signoff phases? Author Supplemental Reference Style Sample package.
Which is FALSE about managing the Sign Off Phase? You cancel the Sign Off and reopen the Report Package for more editing. If you determine that no changes are necessary as a result of a Signer's Rejection, you can resend the Sign Off request without unlocking (he report package). When the Sign Off Request action takes place on a Report Package the report package status is Changed to "Sign Off In Progress." After a Sign Off Instance is created, no edits can be made to the Report Package content.
Which statement is TRUE about the Author Phase? Notifications are sent to both Doclet Author(s) and Doclet Approver(s) when Author Phase for the Report Package is started. Doclet Approvers are not able to make revisions until the Doclet Author has submitted the Doclet. Report Package Owners are the only users that can Start Author Phase for a Report Package. Report package owner(s) can act as a Doclet Author or Doclet Approver by adding or approving Doclet content if necessary even if another user has the Doclet checked out.
Which is FALSE about a Collaborative Review Process? Reviewers create comment threads that persist for all Reviewers to see. Reviewers have the ability to view and add to other reviewers' comments. The Review Process contains multiple Review Cycles. Reviewers have the ability to provide answers to questions asked in comments by other Reviewers.
You need to add the number 10 to column A in a management report. Which two are acceptable formula syntaxes for doing this? SUM([A],10) SUM(A, 10) =SUM([A],10) =SUM(A, 10) [A]+10 A+10.
What operations can you NOT perform within the Validation mode of Disclosure Management? check and validate the XBRL mappings against the metadata in the taxonomy provide error messages from the mapping tool show details of mappings in the document use XBRL taxonomy schema rules and calculations to validate data accuracy and compliance.
Which statement is FALSE about validation rules for common regulatory reporting in Disclosure Management? Disclosure Management does not support rule validations for UK HRMC. Validation rules are available for extension modules available for tuple generation. Disclosure Management provides rule validations based on XBRL 2.1. Disclosure Management provides rule validations for US Edgar and IFRS Global Filing.
Which two methods can be used to delete an existing management report grid? Press the X button in the top right-hand corner. Right click the grid and choose Delete. within Report Actions, select Delete. Drag and drop the grid off of the report.
What type of variable can you use for standardizing a Date in a doclet? Supplemental Static Reference Varying.
To organize the doclets into folders, how is this achieved? Sections Review Phase Reference Doclet Style Sample Report Content.
Which two statements ate True about options for customizing appearance settings In Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service? Application Administrators can set the login screen Image tor all users. Application Administrators can set the background Image for all users. Users can set their own background Image from the Appearance tab In Preferences. Application Administrators can set the logo Image for all users. Users can set their own logo Image from the Appearance tab In Preferences.
How can you store procedures or instructions within a Package? Supplemental Review Notes Section User Instructions Review.
When can the properties of the Report Package be edited? solely while the Report Package is being created. solely before the Review Phase has been started for the Report Package. only before the Report Package process has been started or after the Report Package process has been stopped or completed. at any time in the Report Package development process. solely before the Author Phase has been started for the Report Package.
You want to add a logo to your Doclets, where would you make this update? Author Phase Report Package Style Sample Design Phase Format Grid.
Which two statements are True about uploading TrueType fonts into Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service? If there is an error with one of the fonts in a zip file, all other valid files within the zip file will still be loaded. If the font file already exists in the font folder structure, the newly uploaded font file will overwrite the existing font file. TrueType fonts can be uploaded using either individual font files or zipped files containing multiple TrueType fonts to the fonts folder In the library. Without uploaded fonts. Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service uses a font mapping utility that attempts to properly render the report In Word arid / or PowerPoint Doc lets. The Application Administrator uploads TrueType fonts into Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.
What are the three development Phases of a package? Author, Validate, Submit Author, Design, signoff Check-out, Check-in, Submit Package, Doclet, Section Author, Review, Sign-off.
Which of the following is a snapshot of the Report Package that when you create this, the system renders all of the checked-in versions of the Doclets into a draft version of the report? Reference Doclet Review Instance Review Phase Review Cycle.
During the author phase, what are the two ways to reset the workflow on a doclet? Restart the doclet. Delete the doclet from the Report Package. Once a doclet is submitted, you cannot change the status. Reject the doclet.
Which two statements are TRUE about the Review Process in Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service? It can have multiple Review Cycles per Report Package. It can have multiple Review Phases per Report Package. It can have multiple simultaneous Review Instances per Report Package. It can have multiple Reviewers per Report Packages.
Before you create the Sign Off Instance, which does NOT need to be True? All doclets must be checked in and marked Complete. All comments must be Closed. If enabled, the Author Phase must be Complete. If enabled, the Review Phase must be Complete.
During the review phase what doclet is excluded? Supplemental Check-out Author Package Reference.
When adding in a management report to a reference doclet, what type of artifact must be created for embedding the report? Disclosure Management doclet. Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) custom application report. Report reference doclet. Excel reference doclet.
Which two statements are TRUE about Alias Tables utilized within a Custom Application? Additional Alias Tables cannot be deleted after they have been created. Additional alias tables for dimension members can be viewed in the Detailed View of the web user interface. Additional alias tables for dimension members can be viewed when querying data in Smart View. The initial Alias Table is named "Default" but can be renamed as needed. Additional alias tables for dimension members can be viewed in the Table View of the web user interface.
Which statement is FALSE about the Author Phase? The closing of the Author Phase is automated based on the status of the Doclets. Once all of the Doclets have been marked complete, the Author Phase Is marked complete. Doclet Authors are granted access to the report package when their Doclet is started. In order to start the Author Phase for a Report Package, all Doclets must be assigned at least one Doclet Author. Additional Doclets can be added to the Report Package while the Author Phase is In Progress.
For which three Items can Management Reporting text functions be used? Column POV Text box Row Chart.
Which are valid steps when creating a Package? Create Report, Add Users, Apply Security, Distribute. Report Center, Create Doclet, Apply Phases, Approval. Finalize. Create Package, Assign Phases, Add Doclet, Organize Sections, Add Author Design, Author, Review, Approve Create Doclet, Add Package, Apply Users/Groups, Add Author.
When adding data defined in an excel reference doclet, how do you embed into a Word doclet? In Word, from the Smart View menu, click Import Data. Front Report center, select Update Doclet Definition. in Word, from the Performance Reporting Menu, click Embed. In Word, from the Smart View Menu, Add Function. From the Report center, click Add data.
When setting up Cloud security, which statement is true? Non administrative users must rely on the Identity domain administrator to manage their password for their user account. An identity domain administrator can perform all the same administrative functions that the service administrator performs. An individual cannot be both the service administrator and the identity domain administrator at the same time. Account administrators can change (upsize or update) the paid subscription to an Oracle Cloud service.
Which two file formats are supported by Management Reporting? .des HTML Excel PDF .epr.
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