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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEVocabulary Neologisms. Block 11 ESPA

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Vocabulary Neologisms. Block 11 ESPA

Neologisms descriptions


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It is a type of virtual currency used in Internet transactions that does not belong to any state and does not work with intermediaries. It is unfalsifiable thanks to its encryption system. Currently it is equivalent to 1121.17 euros. bitcoin blogger bot.
Person who creates, manages or collaborates in a blog. blogger follower hashtag.
Open online collaboration around a project to raise funds to help finance it. crowdfunding cyberbullying netiquette.
It is used to call a computer application that mimics human behavior. It's short for "robot." bot blogger meme.
Systematic bullying of a person through digital media (social networks, chats...) cyberbullying infoxication netiquette.
The action of a group of people who meet at a certain place and time and have agreed through social networks. flash mob phablet viral.
Similar to friends on Facebook, it is everyone who follows another user on the social network Twitter. followers friends netiquette.
It is the location and tracking of a user through satellite technology (GPS). Applications such as Google Maps base their operation on this technology. geolocation hashtag viral.
It is the action of searching for some content or information using the Google search engine. to google to hashtag to flash mob.
It is a topic of conversation on Twitter. If you want to participate in one, use the # symbol to highlight it. hashtag netiquette viral.
It is the overload of information to which Internet users are exposed. Leave the feeling of never ending to cover all the knowledge we need to have. infoxication cyberbullying phablet.
It is any idea, concept or multimedia content that spreads rapidly through the Internet and reaches an enormous worldwide diffusion. meme viral bot.
It is the set of social rules of behavior on the Internet that users must follow. Basically, they boil down to being polite and not offending others. netiquette bitcoin followers.
It is a mobile device that, although it is the size of a tablet, is actually a telephone (phone + tablet). phablet google bitcoin.
It's an intelligent phone. The usual phone but with an Internet connection, applications, GPS, etc. smartphone phablet google.
t is a content that spreads rapidly on the Internet causing a sensation among users. It is contagious like a virus. Hence the viral. viral meme hashtag.
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