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Weather and climate

UNIT 05 - 1º ESO - Bilingüal

Mari Carmen Cano

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The atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding the Earth that is joined to it by the force of ... the Moon gravity the Sun other planets.
The atmosphere is made up of air, which contains water vapour and a mixture of ... (including nitrogen, oxygen, ozone and carbon dioxide). liquids stones gases particles.
The atmosphere is very important because it performs four functions that make life possible on our planet. True False.
The atmosphere is very important because it protects the Earth from the impact of ... the Moon Other plantets comets meteorites.
The atmosphere goes from the surface of the Earth up to approximately 100 000 km high. True False.
This space is divided into five layers with different temperatures and characteristics. From the Earth’s surface outwards these layers are: the troposphere, the stratosphere, the ..., the ionosphere and the exosphere. mesosphere biosphere litosphere hidrosphere.
The troposphere is in the highest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. It extends from the surface of the Earth to an altitude of 12 km. Meteorological and climatic phenomena happen in the troposphere. True False.
Atmospheric weather is the state of the atmosphere over one place at a certain time. This is because in the troposphere there are large air masses. They are pushed by the ... and move continuously over the surface of the Earth. gravity winds seas rain.
Which science studies the weather and its changes? Climatology Meteorology Hydrology Geology.
Which science studies the climate and its varieties? Climatology Meteorology Hydrology Geology.
Climate is the average state of the atmosphere over one place. It is determined by observing the succession of types of weather for at least ... ten years one year thirty years fifty years.
Climatology measures and records the average temperature and the rain levels of a place throughout the year. True False.
Today meteorology uses artificial satellites, like Meteosats. They send information and pictures about the state of the atmosphere. True False.
Which layer contains the ozone layer and absorbs the Sun’s ultraviolet rays? Mesosphere Stratosphere Troposphere Exosphere.
Which layer is the coldest (the temperature goes down to -90 ˚C)? Mesosphere Stratosphere Ionosphere Exosphere.
Which layer is so hot (1.500 ˚C) that causes meteorites coming from space to disintegrate, preventing their impact on the surface? Ionosphere Stratosphere Troposphere Exosphere.
Which layer is the most distant from the surface of the Earth.? Mesosphere Stratosphere Troposphere Exosphere.
Elements of climate are components of the atmosphere that can be measured. They can all vary due to factors like latitude, altitude and distance from the sun, the unchanging characteristics that have a permanent influence on the climate. True False.
Temperature is the amount of ... in the air. It is measured with a thermometer. heat water gas wind.
Which lines link places with the same temperature? isotherms isohyets isobars isoline.
Atmospheric pressure is the weight of the air column on a place. True False.
Average or normal pressure, measured at ... level, is 1 013.5 mb. sea sky space mountain.
Areas with lower than average pressure are ... anticyclones depressions barometer weather vane.
On Earth there are high and low pressure areas. At the Equator there is permanent ... pressure. Low High.
On Earth there are high and low pressure areas. In temperate areas, high and low pressures alternate. True False.
On Earth there are high and low pressure areas. In the tropics and at the poles, there is permanent ... pressure. Low High.
Cold air is heavy and tends to fall. Then it warms up and causes wet weather. True False.
Hot air is light and tends to fall. Then it cools down and causes precipitation. True False.
Fronts are the contact point between two ... masses that have different characteristics. water gas air heat.
Read the following sentence: 'It's sunny today, you don't need the umbrella'. Is the sentence related to weather or climate? weather climate.
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