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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEWork list unit 7 unit 8 unit 9

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Work list unit 7 unit 8 unit 9

Work list unit 7 unit 8 unit 9

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Word Lis unit 7 accident appointment back break your arm break your tooth burn your hand call in sick/late caplets checkup chest pains.
Word Lis unit 7 clinic cold cold medicine cough cut your finger dentist dizzy dosage drug store earache.
Word Lis unit 7 good luck have a checkup have a cold headache health problem heartbur high blood pressure hospital hurt your head injury.
Word Lis unit 7 itchy loss of control manage stress medical assistant medicine medicine label miss work nauseous over-the-counter (OTC) pharmacist.
Word Lis unit 7 pharmacy prescription rash refill respect shot sick sore throat sprain your ankle stress.
Word Lis unit 7 swollen symptom tablespoon take care of someone upset stomach wrist.
Word Lis unit 8 agriculture assist customers availability candidate car service driver clean equipment computer application software cover letter computer system.
Word Lis unit 8 administrator customer experience employment greet visitors experience flexible food service worker full-time gardener give notice at work.
Word Lis unit 8 greet visitors handle phone calls health benefits health care health insurance help wanted ad install computer systems job application job duties.
Word Lis unit 8 job history job interview job market job requirements job title manager manufacturing nursing assistant oŽce assistant, 152 operate a forklift , 148.
Word Lis unit 8 operate a forklift order supplies organize files part-time plan work schedules prepare food problem solve receive shipments receptionist record patient.
Word Lis unit 8 information receptionist references résumé salesperson sales associate shift software software developer sort materials.
Word Lis unit 8 speak Spanish stock clerk stock shelves store manager supervise employees take care of patients technology truck driver unemployed unload materials.
Word Lis unit 8 use a cash register use a computer warehouse worker work as a team work history.
Word Lis unit 9 art Associate’s Degree Bachelor Degree be disrespectful behavior bully Certificate college college degree community college.
Word Lis unit 9 community service degree Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) elementary school English language arts financial aid fool around for-profit get along with others.
Word Lis unit 9 get extra help grant guidance counselor high school loan Master’s Degree math music non-profit notice from school.
Word Lis unit 9 parent-teacher conference P.E. (physical education) phone message plan well principal private PTO (parent-teacher organization).
Word Lis unit 9 public report card scholarship school events school nurse school play school subject science science fair skip class.
Word Lis unit 9 social studies/history technology tuition university voicemail world languages.
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