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09.3. Social Psychology Factores Humanos Parte 66

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09.3. Social Psychology Factores Humanos Parte 66

Factores Humanos Parte 66

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What is peer group pressure?. The influence the House of Lords have over the House of Commons. Our behaviour influenced by our friends and colleagues. The influence an individual has over a group of people.
A regular behaviour of an individual is known as. the norm. habit. culture.
In a discussion, the person who is most likely to be agreed with is. the person who repeats the point most times. the most argumentative person. the person with the highest status.
An engineer who has developed his own way of performing a task. is in regular violation. is improving maintenance efficiency. should be commended for his resourcefulness.
The aim of human factors programs within an organizations is. to safeguard the health and safety of maintenance personnel by reducing accidents in the workplace. to optimize the relationship between maintenance personnel and systems with a view to improving safety, efficiency and well-being. to reduce costs by increasing efficiency, safety and quality and decreasing waste through human error.
An aircraft engineer who has 'responsibility'. must be licensed on the particular type of aircraft. are liable to be called to account as being in charge or control of, or answerable for something. is in a management position within their company hierarchy.
The impact of human factors and human error is most important to. technicians and engineers. planners and managers. It is equally important to technicians, engineers, planners and managers.
Where are the responsibilities of Licensed Aircraft Engineers laid down?. AWN 3. The Air Navigation Order. CAP 715.
Diffusion of responsibility may occur. to an individual working as a member of a team. with certain people whether they are working in a team or alone. to an individual working alone.
Risky shift' is. the probability of being assigned to a work task which involves some element of risk or physical danger. the name given to an inadequate shift handover. the tendency for a group of workers to arrive at a course of action which is riskier than that which any individual member might pursue.
To ensure that a technician remains reasonably current on the aircraft types to which they hold authorizations, they are required that. they have appropriate continuation/refresher training only. they are involved in at least 6 months of actual aircraft maintenance experience in any 2 year period only. they are involved in at least 6 months of actual aircraft maintenance experience in any 2 year period and they have appropriate continuation/refresher training.
The difference between what a person 'can' do and what he 'will' do is largely determined by his. motivation. education and training. physical and mental health.
Whose responsibility is it that an engineer remains current on new technology and procedures?. The organization's. The CAA's. The engineer's.
According to Maslow, safety needs (protection from potentially dangerous objects or situations). is the last need of human after all other needs have been satisfied. is second only to physiological needs (food drink, oxygen etc.). is the most primal need of humans.
The symptoms of de-motivation are very similar to the symptoms of. stress. tiredness. mental illness.
The desire of an individual to 'conform' to a group by allowing one's opinions, attitudes and actions to be affected by prevailing conditions is known as. peer pressure. esteem needs. culture issues.
Confirmation bias' is. error in work carried out by a supervisor who has also inspected and signed for his own work. an inspection of work carried out by an independent inspector or supervisor. the subconscious attention to evidence which confirms an engineer's beliefs, and inattention to evidence which contradicts his beliefs.
A person with low self-esteem is. more likely to conform to peer pressure. less likely to conform to peer pressure. Conformity to peer pressure is not affected by level of self-esteem. .
Motivation is. a reward or punishment designed to reduce errors. a reward or punishment designed to increase work rate. the thing that drives someone to do something.
Peer pressure is the perceived pressure to carry out a task in the same way your colleagues would. the perceived pressure to conform to what you believe your colleagues expect of you. Nothing.
The eyesight of an engineer is the responsibility of. the Quality Manager. the optician. the engineer.
A good team is one where every member has. an opinion. an input. a job.
AWN 47 states that the engineer. is responsible for health and safety. is responsible for the work he has signed for. does not report for work if unfit.
An effective group work is when. everyone contributes in some way. everyone discusses ideas and opinions. everyone has a job to do.
Which of the following defines a peer pressure situation?. Your supervising manager pressuring you to complete the current task on time. Your girlfriend telling you to go out with her. Your colleagues pressuring you to work faster so they can go home.
Successful working teams have the following attributes:-. Members participate in team activities but retain their own individual requirements. All the members participate in team activities and discussions. All the team members work in isolation and therefore provide highly individual solutions to the same problems.
Good aircraft maintenance supervisory judgment is usually based upon. knowledge and experience and reference to approved data. the evidence available and forceful management ability. knowledge and experience and reference to course notes.
Organizational culture (whether good or bad) is best described as. the way we do things around here'. written procedures. team resource management.
In an organization which practices human factors there is. punishment for all violations. no blame unless there is a deliberate violation. a no blame culture.
A person can be said to be motivated if. they cut corners to get the job done quickly. they are on a productivity bonus. they are taking action to achieve something.
Group polarisation can result in. a group making a more cautious or extreme decision. a group making a better decision than the individual. members of the group not talking to one another.
Who is most likely to deviate from standard procedure?. Young, inexperienced man. Over confident, young man. Old tired man.
The ideal behaviour of a professional aircraft engineer is. goal directed rather than person directed. both person and goal directed. neither person or goal directed.
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