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The legal reference for LOMCE is... Organic Law 8/2013, December 9th Organic Law 8/2013, December 19th Organic Law 8/2012, December 9th Organic Law 8/2013, December 4th .
LOMCE is a partial modification of the O.L. 2/2003 May 3rd True False.
This is the legal reference for the Primary Education Curriculum in Galicia Decree 105/2014, September 4th Decree 104/2015, September 4th Decree 105/2014, September 14th Decree 105/2014, September 24th.
One of the ultimate objectives for learning a foreign language is... learning to understand the language learning to write the language learning to read the language understanding of a foreign culture.
Foreign Language is compulsory all the primary stage and it´s included into the first group of areas called “troncales” True False.
One of the benefits of learning a foreign language is that the access to the working world will be easier for pupils. True False.
The curriculum consists of: objectives , competencies , contents , evaluation criteria , learning standards and teaching methodology according to... The 4th article of Decree 105/2004 The 4th article of Decree 105/2014 The 5th article of Decree 105/2014 The 5th article of Decree 104/2015.
The process of acquisition is... parallel to that of learning independent to that of learning the same as learning none of them is correct.
Errors are... something necessary in the process of acquisition of a foreign language something to avoid in the process of acquisition of a foreign language something we need to correct in the process of acquisition of a foreign language something impossible in the process of acquisition of a foreign language.
This author proposed several hypotheses when learning a second language: Krashen Asher Harmer Nunan.
__________ refers to a process in which conscious rules about the language are developed. Learning Acquisition Speaking Reading.
This is a device that learners use to edit their language performance. The monitor hypothesis The affective filter hypothesis Learning/Acquisition hypothesis The natural order hypothesis.
The school educational project is a document which is compulsory for all the educative institutions according to LOMCE in its... 121st article 21st article 111th article 131st article.
Why must there be coordination between teachers of foreign languages and the official language? In order to avoid repetition of contents In order to find difficulties in the learning process In order to make the process of aquisition easier In order to look for specific educative needs.
The general annual programming is one of the... stable parts of the School Educational Project unstable parts of the School Educational Project.
Curricular concretions are... stable parts of the School Educational Project unstable parts of the School Educational Project.
School interior regulations/ RRI can be found in this document: Decree 374/1996 17th October Decree 374/2006 17th October Decree 374/1996 7th October Decree 374/1996 27th October.
The School Curricular Project was a part of the Educational Project, nowadays its concept has changed into.... Curricular Concretions NOF RRI PEC.
There are ___ Key Competences in Galician curriculum 7 8 6 9.
According to LOMCE we have specific objectives for each area. True False.
The Galician curriculum considers the stage objectives in its... 3rd article 4th article 2nd article 5th article.
The specific objective talking about a foreign language is letter... f g h l.
_____ are the set of knowledges , skills and attitudes that contribute to the achievement of the objectives of each area and educative stage, and the acquisition of skills Contents Objectives Assessment Criteria Key Competences.
The contents in the Galician curriculum are divided into... 5 blocks 4 blocks 3 blocks 6 blocks.
________ is a set of strategies , procedures and actions organised and planned by teachers , so conscious and reflective , in order to facilitate student learning and achievement of stated objectives Methodology Contents Assessment Criteria Program Planning.
The main goal of English area is... the acquisition of communicative competence learning English and its grammar learning English vocabulary to be able to maintain a conversation to be able to maintain a conversation in English.
The connection between the four skills was shown in a diagram by... Harmer Krashen Asher Nunan.
This is an oral receptive skill listening speaking reading writing.
This author described Interculturality in foreing language education. Kramsch Krashen Crystal Harmer.
This author explained the different possible groupings of pupils in the class. Harmer Kramsch Krashen Crystal.
this is the Decree that stablishes the Plan of Scholar Orientation Decree 374/96 Decree 376/94 Decree 377/96 Decree 374/06.
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