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The production of curricular materials is not a time-consuming process. True False.
This author proposed some reasons that can lead the teacher to create his/her own curricular materials: Brewster Harmer Hymes Gnagey.
These are exercises designed by the teacher, made on sheets of paper and then photocopied: Worksheets Flashcards Posters None of them.
This is not a function of a worksheet: It can be used for oral or written practice. It fosters motivation. It promotes autonomous learning. It helps to introduce and practise vocabulary. .
The first step when designing a worksheet is... making the instructions clear and brief. making an attractive layout. trying them before being used. leaving enough space to write.
When designing a worksheet, the teacher should try to squeeze too much onto the sheet. True False.
The aim of this worksheet is to complete one's sheet by interacting with one's partner. Information gap Picture dictation Matching True/False.
In this kind of worksheet, pupils listen to the description given by the teacher until they complete it. Picture dictation Time dictation True/False Information gap.
This is not a type of worksheet: Wh-questions True/false Information gap Time dictation.
What is the main disadvantage of using flashcards? They could be hard to see for the whole class. Elaborating them is a time-consuming activity. The pictures can't be interesting for pupils. They sometimes include words.
This author mentioned some criteria for choosing a course book. Brewster Ellis Harmer Chomsky.
Choosing a course book is extremely difficult. True False.
Which author prepared a course-book evaluation to follow before selecting a course book? Brewster Harmer Hymes Chomsky.
If we look for a special section in the units for revision and self-assessment in a course book, we are talking about... General questions Specific questions.
How many parts does the material evaluation form have? 7 6 8 9.
If we consider if the price of the materials is suitable for our pupils, we are talking about... practical considerations in a course book the language type in a course book the layout and design of a course book none of them is correct.
We must not judge whether the course-book layout and design is attractive for our pupils. True False.
When using a course book, this author proposes 5 options in case of changing some content of it. Grant Brewster Harmer Nunan.
What does "authenticity of communication" means? This term does not exist. It means that we should make students say what a native speaker would say in similar circumstances. It means that students should be taught to pronounce words in a perfect way. It means that students should have plenty of opportunities to communicate in English.
Materials produced for communication between native speakers in a non-educational context are called... authentic materials simulated materials non-authentic materials simulated-authentic materials.
Authentic materials are considered as advanced and just apt for students with a high level. True False.
What's the main reason for using authentic materials? They are free for the students. They are very rich from a linguistic point of view. They increase the level of the pupils. They can be found everywhere.
Who defined authenticity? Harmer Brestwer Grant Nunan.
The most important type of authenticity, according to the author that defined the term, is... learner authenticity authenticity of goal authenticity of task authenticity of text.
This kind of text "is one that has been designed especially for language learners" Non-authentic text Authentic text Artificial text Simulated text.
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