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7 cont cab

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7 cont cab

cont cab

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when is a turnbuckle not in safety when a small diameter wire can be passed though the inspection hole when you can see daylight through the hole when a wire of the same diameter as the instpection hole can be passed through.
how do you check a turnbuckle is in safety use the inspection hole o count the threads showing ensure that the turnbuckle cannot be turned by hand make sure no threads are showing at either end of the turnbuckle.
cables are preferred to other control system because single braid allows for 2 way directions they are strong and light they manintain slight mechanical adventage over push/pull systen.
turnbuckles, depending on type, are locked by stiffnuts locknuts and wire castleated nuts and splitpins.
cable tension is maintained bby a grommet a cable tension regulator a fairlead.
to correctly tension cables it can help to take up initial slack by additional pulleys have control surface locks in to support weight and adjust turnbuckles equally use a cable run with turnbuckles at least every eight feet.
turnbuckles are correctly fitted when both rods are seen to touch in the inspection hole rods enter the barrel by the same amount the inspection hole is blind or the required number of threads are showing.
how is the diameter of a cable measured diameter of one wire multiplied by the number of wires overall diameter diameter of one wire only.
9*16 cable is 9 strands of 16 wires 9 cables having 16 turns per inch cable size 9/16 inch diameter.
turnbuckles are used to join the two ends of the cable adjust major tension on the cable adjust minor tension on the cable adust mayor tension on the cable.
a turnbuckle is in safety when the colour on the threads is showing it is lockwired the witness hole is covered or the amount of threads showing at the cable end is in acordance with the amm.
a turnbuckle can be safetied by teflon lock nuts lock nuts and safety wirelocking doesnt requiere go be safety locked.
spring locking clips for turnbuckles can be used on no flying control cables all flying control cables only on trim control cables.
what is the small hole on a swaged turnbuckle for? to check for moinsture deposits to check if correct amount of cable hass been inserted before swaging to ally the turnuckle to be wire locked.
when checking the safety of turnbuckles yuo should use what? visual check wire the same diameter as the inspection hole wire smaller than inspection hole.
if a pulley shows sign of wear on one side the cable is too tightly tensed the pulley is too large for the cable the cable is misaligned.
a 7*7 cable has seven strands each of fourteen wires seven wires one wire.
cable stops are manufactured from stainless steel copper magnesium alloy.
pulleys are manufactured from brass and phenolic resin tungum and high tensile steel stainless steel and nylon.
in a teleflex flexible control syhstem, the teleflex cable consist of multi strand steel wires and is used primarily as a single one way device operated from a control lever a high tensile steel wire with a right or left hand helix wire wound on to it. The system can operate in two directions a flexible seven or neneteen strand steel cabel used for the operation of manual flying controls.
a cable tension regulator will be installed in a flying control system to automatically compensate for low cable tension caused by worn cables compensate for rapid movement of the controls by taking up the slack allow for variations in temperature which will vary the cable tension.
aircraft flying control cables are normally classified by the circumference of the cable and overall lenght number of strands it contains and the numer of wires in each strand minimum breaking load or the diameter in inches.
7*7 cable has seven stranded wires each with 7 wires 14 wires 49 wires.
tension regulators on aeroplanes with fully metal bodies are used to set up the necessary tension maintain the necessary tension maintain low tension.
what is the smallest size cable than may be used in aircraft primary control system? 5/16 inch 1/4 inch 1/8 inch.
how are changes in direction of a control cable accomplished? bellcrancks fairleads pulleys.
a flight control cable is replaced if single wires are blended together the protective fluid coating is missing a wire is 20% worn.
tension regulators on aeroplanes with fully metal bodies are used to set up the necessary tension maintain the necesary tension relax the tension in cold conditions.
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