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NEW 에스포일공 (엠엠)

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NEW 에스포일공 (엠엠)

NEW 에스포일공 (엠엠)

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Which are hallmarks of successful cloud offerings? Accelerated Innovation Cycles Best Practices for Industries and Countries Fully-customizable Solutions Reliable Data Centers A Modern Growth Platform.
All Customer Personalization done using Self-service Configuration (SSC) UIs and Expert Configuration is stored separately from SAP Best Practice content. Ture False.
Your customer wants to know what kind of management can be performed for SAP Fiori business catalogs. Which of the following is true for these? They can be changed as per the customer needs. They are delivered pre-configured and cannot be changed. They are assigned to users using the PFCG transaction.
Which of the following are the benefits of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Procurement? Increased profitability derived from employee compliance and sustainable cost savings Effortless user experiences with unprecedented transparency into spend, enabling companies to Run Simple Faster order and invoicing cycle times with fewer errors and the ability to drive early payment discounts.
Which of the following are key capabilities of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Procurement? Full source-to-pay processes, including spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, procurement, invoice, and payables management Supports multi-dimensional financial accounting and reporting standards Provides a holistic procurement platform for direct materials, indirect goods, services, contingent labor, and travel Real-time supplier evaluation.
With SAP S/4HANA, the operational purchaser is supported holistically across all buying activities like processing Purchase Requisitions, to finding an appropriate source of supply, and creating and processing Purchase Orders. ture false.
How can a business user define the level of automation within flexible workflows? Dynamic start conditions Approval rules using ABAP N-step approval.
Which start condition can be maintained for the purchase requisition approval workflow (header)? Document Type Company Code Amount Creation Indicator.
There is no adoption to responsibility management for the purchase order approval workflow. true false.
Smart Buying is a skill of which of the following? SAP CoPilot SAP Business Intelligence SAP NetWeaver SAP Solution Manager.
Which role is required to configure the settings for communication management? Project Manager - Commercial Services Administrator Configuration Expert Master Data Specialist .
Which Product Type Group does the scope item 22Z deals with? Material Service Good Document.
You can use Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) whenever you want and don't need any confirmation from the supplier to use it. true false.
Which of the following documents does Automated Purchase-to-Pay with SAP Ariba Commerce Automation (J82) scope item deal with? Purchase orders Ship notices Payment terms Payment advice.
Which of the following configuration apps (SSCUIs) are used in Central Purchasing (2XT)? Define Company Code, Plant, Purchasing Organization for Backend System Activate Central Settings for Purchase Orders Activate SAP S/4HANA Procurement Hub and Scenarios Define Configurations based on Purchase Requisition Origin Maintain Condition Type Mapping for Purchasing Documents.
Which of the following roles are required for the Consumable Purchasing process? Purchaser Warehouse Clerk Accounts Payable Accountant Buyer .
In guided buying, which of the following process steps is done by the employee? Post Goods Receipt Create Shopping Cart Create Purchase Order Approve Shopping Cart .
Which document authorizes the purchasing department to procure a material or service in the quantity specified? Purchase Order Purchase Requisition MRP report Purchase Contract .
A purchase contract can be created with reference to which of the following data objects: Purchase requisition Contract template Purchase order Purchase contract.
Which of the followings are available as Analytical List Pages in SAP S/4HANA Procurement Analytics? Monitor Purchase Order Items Monitor Purchase Contract Items Monitor User Interaction Items Monitor Scheduling Agreement Items .
Which of the following prerequisites must be fulfilled to use the flexible workflow to approve the purchase requisition? You need administrator authorizations for approval. You need to assign the release conditions. You need to activate the flexible workflow for purchase requisitions. You need to set the default settings for users.
Which business area does the scope item SAP S/4HANA for Legal Content (1XV) belong to? Sourcing and Contract Management Supplier Management Order and Contract Management Quality Management.
Which of the following roles are relevant for the Scheduling Agreements in Procurement process? Employee-Procurement Purchaser Warehouse Clerk Inventory Manager.
Which business role is required to create a request for quotations in Sourcing with SAP Ariba Sourcing (1A0)? Ariba Supplier Purchaser Warehouse Clerk Accounts Payable Accountant.
Which of the following apps is used in Subcontracting? Monitor Down Payments Dead Stock Analysis Change Outbound Delivery Purchase Contract Item.
How are the supplier responses for quotation sent to SAP S/4HANA Cloud from Ariba Network? Using the cXML message type QuoteMessage Using emails from the supplier Using SAP JCo No response is sent as the process takes place in the same system.
Which of the following process steps of Automated Dynamic Discounts with SAP Ariba Discount Management (19O) takes place in SAP Ariba Network? Send Payment Advice to Supplier Pay Single Invoice Bank Payment Approval Display Discounts information report for Buyer.
Which of the following are characteristics of transferring data to SAP S/4HANA using files? Used to transfer small to medium quantities of data Used to transfer large volumes of data Staging tables are created automatically Staging tables can be filled by SAP tools or external ETL tools (Extract, Transfer, Load) Pre-delivered MS Excel templates are available for migration objects Pre-delivered templates are downloaded and populated manually with relevant business data.
What SAP Fiori app allows you to mark a product for deletion ? Product app Mass Maintenance of Master Data app Manage Product Master Data app Manage Mass Processing app .
What is the purpose of the Fit-to-Standard workshop? Define required master data. Define the contractual details. Define authorization mapping. Define deltas / gaps for the backlog.
Which enablement tools will Configuration Experts use to demonstrate scope items in a Fit-to-Standard workshop? Business Process Flows Learning Center Test Scripts Starter System SAP Learning Hub Business Driven Configuration Questionnaires.
What is the digital core that allows customers to scale their digital transformations across the entire enterprise? SAP HANA SAP Cloud Platform SAP S/4HANA SAP ERP on SAP HANA.
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the default middleware solutions in cloud integration scenarios. true false.
Match the middleware tool to the connection type. Default point to point option - Direct Connectivity Middleware, on-premise and cloud compatible - SAP Process Orchestration Middleware, default middleware option - SAP Cloud Platform integration Point to point, SAP specific apps - SAP Cloud Connector.
What kind of products does the best practices model company in SAP S/4HANA Cloud produce? ice cream PCs Bicycle Pumps.
Which of the following are key components of the SAP Activate Methodology? Guided Configuration Landscape Transformation System Configuration SAP Best Practices.
What is included in the implementation cost of a standard SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution? Starter System including SAP Best Practice processes enabled and configured for the scope the customer purchased, and sample data from the customer’s legacy system. Starter System including SAP Best Practice processes enabled and configured for the scope the customer purchased, and a model company with sample data. Quality System with SAP Best Practice processes enabled for the scope the customer purchased (not configured). Two Quality Systems, including one with SAP Best Practice processes enabled for the scope the customer purchased (not configured), and the second as a testing/development landscape. Production System that includes additional onboarding services.
What type of extensibility is not available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? Classic extensibility Key user extensibility Managed extensibility.
Which scenarios demonstrate in-app extensibility? Creating business objects Creating a mobile application Creating CDS views Creating custom logic using ABAP Creating a custom theme with the UI Theme Designer Creating custom fields for an application Creating custom forms with the Adobe Forms Designer.
Which use cases are applicable for side-by-side extensibility? You need to change the colors of the standard UI. You need to create a new UI for the existing application. You need to extend the existing application including new functions. You need to change fields position in an existing screen.
How does SAP ensure customizations in SAP S/4HANA Cloud are lifecycle stable? Direct modifications to SAP objects are not allowed Eclipse and ABAP Workbench (SE80) are integrated into the application SAP objects are accessed only via whitelisted APIs Classic extensibility is not allowed for customizations.
What SAP innovation in the extensibility outlook will significantly reduce the efforts required for a transition to the cloud by enabling customers to reuse code and skills? SAP Cloud Platform, Connectivity SAP Cloud Platform, Integration SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment SAP Cloud Platform, API Management .
In the Guided Buying for Central Procurement with SAP Ariba Buying (‏3EN‏), which of the following process steps is also an automated step? Create Purchase Order Create Goods Receipt Create Shopping Cart Display Shopping Cart .
Which of the following process steps of central requisitioning take place in the connected system? Create Supplier Invoice Create Purchase Requisition Create Credit Memo Approve Purchase Requisition.
What are the characteristics of supplier consignment stock? Supplier consignment stock is stored at supplier site Supplier consignment stock is stored at your own warehouse Supplier consignment stock is property of the supplier Supplier consignment stock is part of your valuated inventory.
In which parameter of the Core HR with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (JB1) SAP_COM_0001 communication scenario would you define that both employees and contingent workers are replicated from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to SAP S/4HANA Cloud? Employee Class Type of Workforce Exclude Org. Assignm. w. Employm. Status Excl. Organizational Assgmt Replication.
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