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a 14 gage cable when compared to an 18 gauge cable has the same current rating higher current rating lower current rating.
in a front release connector, the pin will be released from the front and extracted from the rear released from rear and extracted from the fron released from the front and extracted fron the front.
an interconnect cable has what insulation same thickness as airframe cable thicker than airframe cable thinner than airframe cable.
why is the ground side of an electrical power conductor usually connected to a male connector to make installation of the connector easier to reduce the chance of an accidental short to reduce the chance of corrosion affecting the pins.
maximum T of tin coated copper cable is 220º 260º 105º.
plug pins are numbered from outside in clockwise from the inside out clockwise from the inside out anticlockwise.
equipment wire is flexible and suitable for soldering can be used for interconnect wiring has thicker insulatino than interconnect wire .
in the wiring code shown , what does the number 6 repressentt? 1EF6B22 NMS V cable number circuit funcion cable size.
an aluminium oxide layer on a conductor will do what when the temperature is increased? Remain the same become thicker become thinner.
what is a coaxial cable? a single conductor two or more conductors a twisted pair of conductors.
x on an electrical cable indicates emergency power AC power control system.
what must you be carefull with a hot stamped cable? corrosion peeling of the insulation wet arc tracking.
what is the effect of aluminium oxide on aluminium electrical cable? insulates reduces resistance provides strength.
what is amperage in an 18 sw cable 1 amp 10 amp 5 amp.
a co-axial cable is better than a normal cable because there is a electrostatic field around it which helps to reduce the electromagnetic field weight for weght it can caatty moere signal it has less resistance.
whatg is the danger if a silver coated connector comes into contact with glycol de icing fluid fire hazar corrosion wet arc tracking.
when silver coated connectors are used in unpressurised parts of the aircraft wet track arcing can occur separation of the coating can occur corrosion can occur.
the conductor in tersil cable is stainless steel nickel plated copper tinned copper.
a cable is marked NYVIN 22 . The 22 represent current/weight ratio cross sectional area current rating.
copper is an inferior conductor to aluminium when coparing weight for weight csa with csa load for load.
silver plated copper wire has a maximum working tem of 250º 300º 200º.
for an electrical cable to be fireproof it must be able to stand 1100º for a 20mins 10mins 15mins.
oxide on exposed silver plated wires is non corrosive a conductor an insulator.
on a rear insert plug the tool is used to insert the pins from the front and extracted from the rear instert the pins from the rear and extract from the front instert the pins from the rear and extract from the rear.
nickel coated cables temperature range is 200 to 250 150 to 200 100 to 150.
aluminium wirieng when flexid will have a higher resistance have no effect work harden and embrittle.
a foot operated hydraulic swaging tools is checked for fluid level vertically horizontally only when operating pressure is reache.
on a hydraulic waging tool, the swage is formed when the bypass valve closes and ram is neutrally loaded the bypass valve opens and ram is neutrally loaded swage pressure is reached on the gauge.
interference in ribbon cables can be prevented by the use of a common earth return between signal wires in the cable grounding alternate wires so that signal wires are never adjacent using alternate return wires so that the cable differences cancel each other out.
HT leads are multi strand , single core, screened single strand, single core, screened multi strand, multi core, screened.
if the cross sectional area of a cable is increassed, what will happen to the voltage drop decrease increase stay the same.
the cross sectional area of a copper crimp barrel is larger than aluminium one smaller than an aluminium one same as an aluminium one.
electrical cable on aircraft is mainly made from copper because it offers low resistance to current flow it more malleable it does not oxidise.
when crimping, what chapter in the ata system should you refer to? 20 24 12.
interconnect cables employ thinner insulatino than airframe types are used for equipment wire in the unified system are the cable through the mec to the engine.
the first step for the coaxial cable to attach to the end fitting is use a tooling hold between the assembly and cable the outer covering is cut back to expose the braided outer conductors back-off the insulator and connect with conductor.
a fire resistant cable must maintain adequate insulation in a fire for 10 min 5 min 30 min.
when silver coated connectors are used in unpressurised part of the aircraft wet track arcing can occur red plague can occur separation of the coating can occur.
knuckling is a problem on earlier aircraft cables due to hot stamping of cables too much flux wires being pulled through too hard.
cable current ratings are based on a conductor temperature rise of 40º and if the maxiumum design ambient temperature is continuosly exceeded they should be multiplied by the K factor divide by the K factor halved.
which of the following types of electrical wire is likely to be used for connection of thermo couples around the jet pipe of a turbine engine nyvin tersil fepsil.
the main reason why crimped joints are preferable to soldered joints is the quality of crimped joints will be constant no flux is needed there is no heat required.
in the cable ident 2P215A28N the position of the letter P indicates that it is a pneumatics system calbe the circuit function which segment the cable is in.
crimping therminals are colour coded. the colour indicates the type of crimping tool to be used only the wire size to be sed with that crimp only both the crimping tool and the size of the wire to be use.
a 14 swg electrical cable when compared to a 18 swg cable can carry less current the same current more current.
co axial cables are used as they are able to handle high current as the fields fue to current flow in the inner and outer cancel each other out as they produce an electrostatic field around them which prevents HIRF interference.
direct removal conector pins are fittet from the rear are fitted from the front but removed from the rear and removed from the rear and removed from the front.
when installing coaxial cable, it should be secured along its entire lenght at 2 foot intervals at 1 foot intervals wherever the cable sags.
which of the following factors must be taken into account when determining the wire size to use tor an aircraft installation? allowable power loss, permissible voltage drop, current cattying capability of the conductor, type of load (continous or intermitent) mechanical strength , allowable power loss, resistance of current return path through the aircraft structure, permissible voltage drop allowable power loss, resistance of current return path throught the aircraft structure, current carrying capability of the conductor, type of load (continuous or intermittent).
how should splices be arrenged if several are to be located in a electrical wire bundle? enclosed in a conduit grouped together to facilitate inspection staggered along the length of the cable.
when approved, splices may be used to repair manufactured harnesses of installed wiring. The maxium number of splices permitted between any two connectors is two one three.
the most common method of attaching a pin or socket to an individual wire in an MS electrical connector is by crimping soldering crimping and soldering.
the mpin section of an AN/MS connector is normally installed on the power supply side of the fcircuit either side of a cirucuit (make no difference) the ground side of the circuit.
the primary considerations when selecting electric cable size are the voltage and amperage of the load it must carry the system voltage and cable lengh current-carrying capacity and allowable voltage drop.
how does the routing of coaxial cables differ from the routing of electircal wires coaxial cables are routed at right angles to stringers and ribs coaxial cables are routed as directly as possible coaxial cables are routed paralel with stringers and ribs.
the socket section of an AN/MS connector is normally installed on the power supply side of the circuit the ground side of the circuit either side of a circuit (make no diference).
in the american wire gauge system of number used to designate elect wire sizes, the number assigned to a size3 is related to its cross sectional area combined resistance and current carrying capacity current carrying capacity.
where electrical cables pass through holes in bulkheads, formers, ribs, firewalls, etc, the wires should be protected from chafing by wrapping with electrical tape wrapping with plastic using a suitable grommet.
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