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What are the two layers of ABAP system interacts with its database? 2 respuestas The Data Storage interface The Database independent interface The Client database interface The Database specific library.
What are the supported joins in CDS view? 1 respuesta Upper join Injection Left outer join Operators join.
What are the basic principles of ALV SAP HANA? 2 respuestas Only retrieve the database data which is to be displayed on screen The ALV Optimization for SAP HANA to display data on the screen To ensure that the user chooses the data on the selection screen is displayed Data described declaratively instead of passing big internal tables.
Which repository objects can you edit only in the ABAP development tools in eclipse and not in theclassical abap workbench? Core data services view 3 respuestas Core data services view External view ABAP program containing new open sql Database procedure proxy Full text index.
When are referential joins executed in analytical views? 1 respuesta When fields are optimized When fields are selected When fields from both the tables are requested When all the tables are optimized.
You create a check variant in the Code Inspector which includes the check 'Search problematic Select *statements'. SAP HANA is used as the database. In the check parameters, which value would you use forthe percentage of fields that are effectively used? The The same value as on a traditional, row-store only based database A higher value than on a traditional, row-store only based database A lower value than on a traditional, row-store only based database A value that you calculate based on the number of tables.
What are the steps that supported several tools, which in total result in a Guided PerformanceOptimization? 2 resppuestas A selection Code Inspector (SCI) and ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) to locate potential functional and A new tool called SQL Monitor to determine the priority if different programs access the database The ABAP Trace (SAT) and the ABAP Profiling perspective to measure and compare runtime Tools analyzing performance at run-time, to determine if critical constructs.
What all are the factors involved in Working with ADT? 3 respuestas ABAP interface ABAP programs Module interface ABAP Class Workbench programs.
What must you do when you define and implement an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP)? 3 respuestas Define all method parameters to be passed by value Use scalar types for all AMDP method parameters Mark the AMDP method as a READ-ONLY database procedure Specify the database system and the language List all ABAP Dictionary tables used in the procedure body in the USING clause.
Which task can you perform with the SQL Performance Tuning Worklist tool (SWLT)? 1 respuesta Create a graph comparing the runtimes of ABAP code before and after optimization Combine information from static ABAP code scans with runtime data from the SQL Monitor Estimate the new total runtime of optimized code Combine information from static ABAP code scans with runtime data from the SQL Trace tool.
What are the two types of editors available in ADT? 2 respuestas Eclipse (native) ABAP (native) SAP (GUI) Client (native).
You changed an SAP HANA object that you transported using an SAP HANA Transport container. You wantto release the transport request with your changes. In which sequence do you perform activities in theABAP development system immediately before the release? 1 respuesta Open the SAP HANA delivery unit Select take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA Delivery unit Activatethe SAP HANA transport container Open the ABAP transport request Select take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA transport container Open the SAP HANA transport containerSelect take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA Transport Container Open the package Select take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA Delivery unit Activate the SAP HANAtransport container.
You import an ABAP workbench request into a SAP SYSTEM P81. The ABAP workbench request contains asingle SAP HANA VIEW CA_CUSTOMER that belongs to package 2HA400_00. Which prerequisites aremandatory for an implicit deployment of the SAP HANA view onto the database? 2 respuestas PACKAGE ZHA400J30 HAS deployment Mode A SYSTEM P81 has SAP HANA has primary database Package ZHA400_00 Is listed in table SNHI_DUP_PREWORK View CA_CUSTOMER has deployment mode A.
Which features does the source code editor provide in ABAP Development Tools (ADT)? 1 respuesta Form-based Class Builder Content Assist Screen Painter Quick Fix.
What must you take into consideration when you use the new open SQL syntax (available as of SAP Netweaver 7.4 SP05). 2 respuestas All fields in the GROUP BY clause must be separated by commas All Keywords are case sensitive All ABAP variables must be escaped with a proceeding @ sign All arithmetic expressions can be used for all type of variables.
Which of the following option provides access to the views and database procedures that you can consumein the ABAP environment 1 respuesta Catalogue outlook Modeler Perspective System Perspective Open Content outlook.
What are the three best approach for Transitioning and optimizing ABAP applications to SAP HANA 3 respuestas Scaling Optimize Detect Innovate Tuning.
An Analytic Privilege consists of several restrictions. What are they? 3 respuestas Cube restrictions Activity restrictions Analytic restrictions View restrictions Validity restrictions.
Which of the following are view annotations for a CDS view? 3 respuestas Buffering type Environment Client handling Access control Semantics.
You developed an ABAP program using ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver. How can you executeit? 2 respuestas Use the Open Development Object dialog (CTRL+SHIFT+A) and enter /Execute in Open the ABAP program in the ABAP Development perspective and execute it using the shortcut In the Project Explorer view, right-click the program and choose Run As - ABAP Application from.
Which code-to-data capability supports- Extended view definitions and Better SQL-92 standard support inopen SQL? 1 respuesta SAP HANA specific features Database for sophisticated analysis New SQL parser used in model Database oriented programming model /Execute in.
What is the main benefit of the SQL Performance Tuning Worklist? 1 repuesta It establishes a governance process for performance optimizations. It allows you to simulate the impact of performance optimization patterns. It allows you to correlate the results of an ABAP source code analysis with SQL runtime data. It automatically translates ABAP coding to SQLScript.
AM DP can detect 3 types of syntax errors in active or inactive source code. What are these errors ? 3 respuestas UNION specific syntax errors HANA specific syntax errors SQLScript errors Database independent syntax errors Database platform syntax errors.
You create a new table definition using the ABAP Dictionary and maintain the database specific technicalsettings table. Why do you create a row store instead of a column store? 1 respuesta To allow creation of a full-text index To limit the need of indexes To limit the unpacking and reconstruction of rows To limit the data footprint.
Before migrating to SAP HANA, which Code Inspector check do you have to consider to avoid functionalregressions? 1 respuesta SELECT statements that bypass the table buffer Use of the ADBC interface Search for DB operations across modularization units Standard Web Dynpro checks.
According to the performance analysis recommendations; which steps are recommended after doing adatabase migration to SAP HANA? 1 respuesta Perform regular performance scans on your ABAP custom coding as part of the development Switch the storage type of you custom database tables to column store and use the database Activate your ABAP custom coding, which was deactivated before the database migration, using U Perform regular performance scans on the ABAP coding delivered by SAP as part of your2.
Discuss the conditions required to ensure the Referential Integrity? 2 respuestas Referential integrity holds true in both the directions There are three joins in the table There are two joins in the table There is at least one join in the other table.
Explain how and when to create calculated column - Using graphical Modeling Tools? 3 respuestas The calculation could be an arithmetic of character manipulation It is possible to nest so that one calculated column, in turn, is based on other calculated columns Time calculation will be opened in a read-only mode ] Time characteristics based calculation Calculated column also support non-measure attributes as a part of the calculation.
Which of the following information is mandatory in the definition of an association in a Core Data Services(CDS) view? 1 respuesta The alias for the association The cardinality of the association The target entity of the association The filter condition for the association.
Explain the Enterprise Information System of- SAP HANA Implementation Scenarios? 3 respuestas HANAAccelerators Business Suite on HANA/ BW on SAP HANA HANA Modeling All SAP applications on one SAP HANA platform All HANA Combinations on one platform.
Why is a security concept in SAP HANA required? 2 respuestas Database administration should be restricted to skilled Editing of SAP HANA data models should only be possible for "Users" of the model Access to ERP tables must be restricted Need to have selected users in SAP HANA for Information Management.
For which purpose can you use literal values in an Open SQL statement? 1 respuestas To comment your development directly in the coding To alias the result of an arithmetic expression To provide a default value for a database table column To perform a generic existence check.
You want to develop an ABAP application for SAP HANA using the front-end image of your Amazon WebService (AWS) trial system. Which plug-ins do you need to add to the existing Eclipse installation? 1 respuesta All plug-ins provided by SAP Development Tools for Eclipse None; everything is preconfigured SAP HANA Tools ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver.
How can you check if Core Data Services (CDS) views with scalar input parameters can be used in OpenSQL queries in your system? 1 respuesta Use the static method use_features of class cl_abap_dbfeatures. Check the value of the ABAP system field sy-cdsfeatures. Perform a static code check using the FUNCTIONAL_DB variant. Check the Open SQL statement in the Explain SQL Statement transaction (SDBE).
Which is the new concept that is introduced and improved by using SAP HANA Specific Features? 1 respuesta Programming model Table buffering New advanced SQL syntax Procedures ABAP-Managed Database Procedures.
What is the Limitations of ALV for SAP HANA? 3 respuestas All unit/ currency restricted to 10,000,00 records Restricted to 5000 records / unit Without currency/unit consideration No unit/ currency split if aggregating amounts/ currency values Restricted to 10,000 records.
How can you consume a Core Data Services (CDS) view? 2 respuestas Use the Data Preview in ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver. Use the ABAP language statement WRITE and the CDS view name as the argument. Use it as a data source in the FROM clause of an Open SQL query. Use the CDS maintenance transaction (SCDSV).
What is the scope of the AbapCatalog.Buffering annotation in a Core Data Services (CDS) view? 1 respuesta The entire CDS view The CDS views used in the FROM clause The set of key fields specified in the additional annotation AbapCatalog.buffering.numberOfKeyFie The elements in the projection list of the CDS view.
How can you enhance an existing ABAP Search Help with a type-ahead function? 1 respuesta Enhance the lookup table with an additional ACCURACY field and insert an accuracy value. Modify the search help with the Native SQL command ALTER SEARCH HELP. Use the fuzzy-search exit in transaction SE11. Use the enhanced options in transaction SE11.
Where can you consume associations in a Core Data Services (CDS) view? 3 respuestas In the FROM clause In the WHERE and HAVING clauses In the input parameter list In the name list In the projection list.
How can you exchange SQL Monitor data between two systems? 1 respuesta Configure a secondary database connection to the target system and query the data in the SQL Create a snapshot of the SQL Monitor data, export it to the file system, and then import it to the Create and release a transport request containing the SQL Monitor log files. Deactivate the SQL Monitor in the source system and activate the SQL Monitor in the target.
Which feature can you use to improve the performance of data transformation in the Extract, Transformand Load (ETL) process? ABAP Messaging Channels (AMC) ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) Service Adaptation Description Language (SADL) Process Agent Framework (PAF).
How to call the stored procedures in ABAP code? 1 Respuesta Open SQL CDS view Native SOL Only SQL.
Which of the following take advantage of the computing power of multiple CPUs used by SAP HANA? 2 respuestas Database table compression Partitioning Column data storage Parallel processing.
How will you select a preference for Validation rules? 1 Respuesta Windows- Modeler- Preferences-SAP HANA-Validation Rules Windows- SAP HANA-Modeler-Preferences-Validation Rules Windows- Preferences-SAP HANA-Modeler-Validation Rules Windows- SAP HANA-Preferences-Modeler-Validation Rules.
What all are the steps to perform -To enable type-ahead for an input field on a screen? 3 Respuesta Process on all the input fields Switch on proposal search for input fields Identify Elementary Search Help Automatic updates of all the input fields Check Pre-Requisites.
Which recent software innovations are applied in SAP HANA? 3 Respuestas Improved data compression algorithms Columnar data storage Automated de-installation at system shutdown Insert Only approach Random Undefined Multi-Memory Swapping (RUMMS).
In a Graphical calculation view you want to implement a union between two result sets that differ only inthe fact that one of the two has one additional field named ADDRESS. How can you achieve this in a unionnode? 2 Respuestas Create an input parameter for the ADDRESS field Exclude the ADDRESS field from the union Create a restricted column for the ADDRESS field Map the ADDRESS field to a constant value.
You created and activated database procedure. How can you call this procedure? 2 Respuestas By a core data services view By another database procedure By a script-based calculation view By using Sap Analysis for Microsoft office.
In an Open SQL query, you select the sum of sales order gross amounts and a CASE statement to flag saorder gross amounts below a certain value. What information has to be provided in the GROUP BY list? 1 Respuesta The alias of the CASE construct used in the SELECT list None; the GROUP BY list is added automatically The CASE statement as provided in the SELECT list without its alias The name of the gross amount column that is used in the CASE statement.
You perform a static code check using the Code Inspector (SCI). In your SCI variant, you select the Searchproblematic SELECT * statement check. What does this check report? 1 Respuesta SELECT * statements where fewer than a specified percentage of all fields are effectively used SELECT * statements on tables with the Column Store storage type SELECT * statements on tables with more than a specified number of fields SELECT * statements on tables with more than 100,000 records.
In which of the following situations could a row store table be more suitable than a column store table? 2 Respestas The table contains text that you want to search. The table contains data that you want to aggregate. The table contains only a small number of records. The table contains mainly distinct values per column across rows.
Your ABAP program contains an Open SQL join of two client-dependent tables. You want to replace thiswith a native SQL SELECT statement. Which of the following changes to the SELECT statement can you useto retrieve the same data as before? 2 Respuestas Use the CLIENT SPECIFIED addition. Include the client field in the join condition. Include the client field in the field list. Include the client field in the WHERE condition.
List down the elements involved in User Management and Security in SAP Hana? 3 Respuestas Correctas Create users Assign security Manage users Work Management Assign Job security.
Name some perspectives that are available in the SAP HANA Studio? 3 Respuestas The Administration Console perspective The information perspective The technology & innovation perspective The Resources perspective The SAP HANA Modeler Perspective.
One of your SAP systems needs to be migrated from its current database to an SAP HANA database. Youwant to avoid any functional issues after the migration. What should you search for and if necessaryreplace in the existing custom ABAP code? 3 Respuestas Code that relies on implicit database sorting Direct access to a cluster on the database ORDER BY Clauses in Open SQL statements Native SQL statements Left outer joins in open SQL statements.
How to create a core data services view? 3 respuestas Use additional annotations - marked with the @sign Use SQL capabilities for Netweaver Use DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL like syntax to define the view Use the ABAP Development Tools for SAP Netweaver Use data services tools for updates.
What is the main purpose of SAML for SAP HANA Studio? 1 Respuesta The assertion is issued by a user after the client was successfully authenticated To support scenarios where clients are not directly connected to the SAP HANA Database SAML may be selected as an Owner's authentication method when creating users in the SAP The SAP HANA database supports login of Owners only.
What can you include in the projection list of a Core Data Services (CDS) view? 3 respuestas A field from the structural output of an ABAP Managed Database Procedure used in the FROM ABAP system fields such as sy-langu or sy-mandt \/ CI String constants and literal values Aggregation functions over fields of ABAP Dictionary tables used in the FROM clause A field from the projection list of another CDS view used in the FROM clause.
What is Core Data Services (CDS)? 1 Respuesta A collection of core features and services that provide data from the ABAP application server layer A collection of services for ABAP application programming that provide access to the core features A collection of services that provide information about the data volumes of the SAP HANA core A collection of domain-specific languages and services for definition and consumption of.
SAP HANA: Delivers Across 5 Dimensions. These five dimensions lead to certain goals HANA has to meet.What are these goals? 2 Respuestas Analytical DBMS features Hybrid data and management system High Performance and Scalability Support for system tables.
The SAP HANA database is a hybrid in-memory database that combines Few technologies within. What arethese technologies? 3 Respuestas Row-based database technology Column-based database technology Value-based database technology Time-based database technology Object-based database technology.
What you must do when you define and implement an ABAP Managed Database Procedure AMDP? 3 Respuestas Specify the database system and language Define all the method parameters to pass by value List all the ABAP dictionary tables used in the procedure body in the USING clause Use Scalar types for all the AMDP method parameters Mark the AMDP method as read-only.
The source code editor in ADT provides many helpful features. What are these helpful features? 2 Respuestas Creating interface from Method Calls Creating Parts for Interface Methods Creating Method Implementations from the Method Definition Creating Method Definitions from Implementation Parts.
Which character is used to escape host variables in the new Open SQL syntax? 1 respuesta ~ (tilde) * (asterisk) : (colon) @ (at).
User STUDENT_A create and activates a design-time object. In which schema is the run object generated? 1 Respuesta _SYS_BI _SYS_BIC STUDENT_A SYSTEM.
Which conditional expressions can be used in Core Data Services (CDS) views? 2 Respuestas CASE statements in the projection list IF statements in the projection list COALESCE functions in the projection list WHILE statements in the WHERE clause.
What do you understand by the SAP HANA Software Optimization? 1 Respuesta Provide combinations of objects and partitioning Speed up the processing within the database Huge potential for hybrid database Bring logic to where the data is calculated first then only move to results.
What allows you to resolve errors quickly or warnings reported about the code? 1 Respuesta Debug perspective Quick Fix Code execution ABAP debugger.
Which of the following feature were added to the ABAP Dictionary to support the SAP HANA database? 3 Respuestas Storage type for tables Definition of full-text indexes De-pooling and de-clustering Changes of data class D. Definition of an enhancement category.
What are best practices when programming in ABAP for SAP HANA? 2 Respuestas Eliminate nested SELECT statements to reduce the overall number of database accesses Use repeated SELECT SINGLE statements to ensure that you only read arrow if it is really required Calculate aggregations using ABAP code on the application server to limit database load Use a column list in the SELECT clause to ensure that you only read a column if it is really required.
Which of the following repository object can you edit only in ABAP Development tools in Eclipse and not inthe Classical ABAP workbench? 3 Respuestas Core Data service (CDS) view External view Database procedure proxy ABAP program containing new Open SQL Full-text index.
What are the benefits associated with The SAP HANA real-time Operational analytics? 2 Respuestas Query Speed support Fast insights into business activity High modeling flexibility Simplification of massive data.
Which of the following tools and programming techniques use the SQL data definition language? 2 Respuestas Core data service (CDS) access control Open SQL Core data services (CDS) data definition ABAP Dictionary.
What are the benefits includes with SAP HANA Full Text Search? 2 Respuestas Exploit structured contents in SQL Easy to use modeling tool Large number of toolkits are available Fewer data duplication and movement.
Which option in SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder (transaction SEGW) can be used to implement the consumption of a Core Data Services view? 1 Respuesta "Read from DDL source" "Map to Data source" "Relate to Business Entity" "Consume CDS view".
What are the benefits of using the SQL Monitor (transaction SQLM)? 2 respuestas It displays the database execution plan for all SQL statements. It collects monitoring data asynchronously without additional database interaction. It can be active in a production system with minimal performance overhead. It schedules ABAP programs to monitor and log all database accesses.
Which TADIR object type is used for the definition of a Core Data Services (CDS) view? 1 Respuesta R3TR DDLS R3TR VIEW R3TR TABL R3TR DDIC.
Which of the following are performance recommendations when using SAP HANA? 2 Respuestas Avoid transferring large result sets between database and client applications. Define indexes on the columns that are used in calculations. Move data-intensive calculations from the database to an application server. Filter data in lower layers.
What are the different views provided by the ABAP Profiling? 2 Respuestas Performance Check methods Metadata accesses A Hitlist of the most time-consuming programs or methods Database accesses.
Why is not a key factor of ALV for HAN A? 1 Respuesta To activate and execute the program in the application Derived column headings from the data element To supply suitable values for any input parameters The data display is restricted to a maximum of 2 billion cell.
What are the Functions of Transaction DBACOCKPIT? 1 Respuesta Use Schema for the Connections Maintain, Monitor and test secondary database connection Maintain only HANA specific objects Used to access local or remote database system.
You define and implement an AM DP. What do you have to list after the USING clause? 3 respuestas SAP HANA views used in procedure body ABAP dictionary views used in procedure body AMDP Used in Procedure Body ABAP dictionary tables used in procedure body CE function used in procedure Body.
What are the Guidelines for optimizing ABAP code running on HANA? 3 Respuestas High-speed data analysis DB specific properties Column store Technical settings Open SQL settings.
You execute a Native SQL query statement to retrieve a list of information using the corresponding ABAPDatabase Connectivity (ADBC) API method. Which additional steps are necessary to retrieve the result setinto an internal table? 2 Respuestas Bind a reference to the internal table as an output parameter to the CL_SQL_RESULT_SET instance Close the CL_SQL_STATEMENT object to release the resources. Use an Open SQL query that uses the JOIN between the result set and the internal table as a data Fetch the result using the next_package method of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET.
What are the main points of SAP HANA High Availability Per Datacenter that are available even in the event of a disaster? 2 respuestas Shared file systems for only one server Active clusters for all servers Services-Name and index server on all nodes High availability configuration.
You use ABAP database connectivity (ADBC) to issue native SQL calls to the database, the native SQL call?Which of the following methods of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET retrieves the tabular result of the native SQLcall? 1 respuesta SET_PARAM EXECUTE_QUERY NEXT_PACKAGE SET_PARAM_TABLE.
What are the Parameters for Analytical and Calculation view? 3 Respuestas Specifying unit of measurement Create a copy of a report Passing other values to be used in calculations Setting a filter for columns To store data for critical analysis.
You want to implement business logic on the database layer. 1 Respuesta The Left-Right approach The Near-Far approach The Inside-Out approach The Top-Down approach.
In addition to closing the result set. what does the CLOSE method of the CL_SQL_RESULT_SET class when using ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) do? 1 Respuesta Update packages Release resources Update resources Update resources.
What are the two different kinds of Identifiers used to represent names used in SQL statement? 2 Respuestas Limited identifiers Undelimited Identifiers Delimited identifiers Numeric identifiers.
Your customer wants to migrate to SAP HANA and you want to identify which business processes shouldbe optimized. Which of the following steps must you perform to get this information? 2 Respuestas Combine the results of the SQL Monitor with the results of a static source code analysis. Combine the results of the SQL Monitor with the results of an ABAP runtime analysis Activate the new SQL Monitor in a productive system. Activate the new SQL Monitor in a development system.
You want to debug an ABAP program using ABAP development tools (ADT). How do you launch thedebugger? 1 Respuesta Choose the Run --> Debug options in the menu Set a breakpoint in the ABAP program and execute the program Choose the debug as option in the context menu of the ABAP program Create a debug configuration for the ABAP application and run the program.
What are the Possible Approaches with AS ABAP < 7.4 SP02 2 Respuestas Consume using native SQL Stored Procedures SQL units Interaction with Database.
In ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver, you execute the ABAP Test Cockpit on an ABAP program tofind performance optimization potential. Where can you find the result of the static code checks? 1 Respuesta In the Project Explorer view In the Problems view In the Outline view of the ABAP Performance perspective In the Outline view of the ABAP Performance perspective.
What is the scope of the AbapCatalog. Buffering annotation in a Core Data Services (CDS) view? 1 Respuesta The CDS views used in the FROM clause The elements in the projection list of the CDS view The entire CDS view The set of key fields specified in the additional annotation AbapCatalog.buffering.numberOfKeyFie.
How many result sets are returned when an SAP HANA database procedure is called using the CALL WITHOVERVIEW statement? 1 Respuesta As many result sets as there are input parameters in the procedure One result sets As many result sets as there are table output parameters in procedure Two result sets.
In the source code editor you can navigate quickly from the definition of a method to its impelmentation.To do so, you select the method name and press wich key(S)? 1 Respuesta ctrl + f2 f6 ctrl + shift +f5 f3.
List down the three main concepts of the SAP HANA database 3 respuestas correctas Object store Column Store Partitioning Tools combinations Compression.
ANSI SQL owns features and adds languages. These languages divided into three parts. What are they? 3 Respuestas Data Definition Language Data Control Language Data Transferred Language Data Manipulation Language Database Language.
What are the elements of ABAP Database Integration? 3 Respuestas DB For ABAP Application server Client database handling Other DB.
Explain the Authorization Concept and the types of privileges associated with it? 3 respuestas System privileges Application privileges Analytic privileges Object privileges Package privileges.
What are the steps involved in SAP HANA Evolution? 3 Respuestas Optimized ABAP on SAP HANA ABAP applications on SAP HANA ABAP as accelerator on SAP HANA ABAP can run on SAP HANA ABAP can access SAP HANA.
What information can you specify using annotations (marked with the @ sign) when you define a CDS viewin an ABAP system? 3 respuestas The logic for aggregations, grouping records, and filtering groups of the CDS view The name of the representation of the CDS view in the ABAP dictionary The extent to which records of the CDS view should be buffered on the application server The join conditions of the CDS view The client dependency of the CDS view.
What are the components of The Enterprise Procurement Model Demo Scenario? 3 Respuestas Stock Product Procurement Sales Services.
Which of the following folder is essential to relate to Smart Data Access and also combines data fromremote sources? 1 Respuesta Security folder Content folder Administration folder Provisioning folder.
Discuss the main capabilities of SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office? 2 Respuestas Sort data by characteristics Convert crosstab cells to formula Analyze data with the design pane Suggests style sets for crosstabs.
In an ABAP Core Data services (CDS) view, what must you do expose an association for use in another CDSview? 3 respuestas Include all fields used in the ON condition in projection list Define the cardinality for the target entity Specify an alias for the target entity Specify the other views in which the association can be used.
What are the key points that should be kept in mind while performing the Non-automatic update in SAPHANATr.Cont.? 2 Respuestas Take snapshot manually before releasing of the container You need to refresh the content of the container manually Automatic release of units Changes to Delta Container.
What is the purpose of an ABAP project in ABAP Development Tool for eclipse? 2 Respuestas It represents the connection to an ABAP System It provides access to all ABAP repository objects in an ABAP system It is used to transport the ABAP repository Objects It represents the connection to the SAP HANA Layer.
Discuss the basic approach of classical ABAP programming? 2 respuestas Creating and consuming all the contents from network Keep load from the database Get all the data you need on the application server and do your processing in ABAP Collect all the data and perform Parallel processing in ABAP.
Open SQL largely standardized, three sub-languages. What are these sub-languages? 3 respuestas Data Transferring Language(DTL) The Data Definition Language (DDL) The Data Control Language (DCL) Data Manipulation Language (DML) Data Evaluation Language(DEL).
Name the views that are available to administer and monitor one or several SAP HANA systems? 2 respuestas The Administration view The Security view The Landscape view The System Monitor view.
You made changes to an object (X) used by an ABAP managed database procedure (AMDP). You did NOT changes the AMDP itself. Now you execute a program that calls this. In which cases does the call triggerthe creation of the database procedure in SAP HANA? 2 respuestas X is an ABAP Dictionary table X is a stored procedure X is an AMDP method X is an SAP HANA view.
What is an attribute view and what are its practices? 3 respuestas May contain filters May contains flow charts Used to join tables Used in diagrammatic Projections May use in calculation views.
What all are the advantages provides by ABAP Development Tools? 3 respuestas An open platform for developing new ABAP-related tools A set of open, language- and platform-independent APIs A brand new ABAP development experience on top of the Eclipse platform An open platform for developing powerful database view A set of Eclipse data pool and Client- Open platform.
What are the two main factors of SAP HANA Innovations and Challenges? 2 Respustas HW technology and innovations SAP BW innovations DBMS technology and innovations SAP SW technology and innovations.
You follow the Code-to-Data paradigm in your ABAP coding. Which of the following scenarios conflicts withthe SQL performance guideline "Keep unnecesary load away from the database"? 1 Respuesta The data-intensive calculations can be performed on SAP Netweaver Application Server ABAP when code-to-datamode is switched on The transfer of coding to the database reduces the memory consumption of associated ABAP Dictionary tables inthe application layer Then in-memory architecture of SAP HANA prevents the transfer of large datasets between the database layerand the application layer The in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA allow calculations to be performed on the database layer, which helps toavoid unnecesary movement of data.
To connect with the SAP HANA system and seethe corresponding catalog content etc., use the Systemsview. How will you add a system to this view? 2 Respuestas Database user- also different from your ABAP user By using SQL application By using Open Catalog look Password for the database user.
Which of the following is a limitation when you create an external view? 1 Respuesta You must know the underlying tables and join conditions of the SAP HANA view You must use the ABAP Development tools (ADT) TO CREATE the external view You can only use native SQL to consume the external view You must include the name of the SAP HANA view in the name of the external view.
The SAP HANA state-of-the-art search experience includes full-text search with advanced features like... 3 Respuestas Fuzzy search ACID search Linguistic search Freestyle search Isolation search.
Which data provisioning methods can you use when you need real time replications? 2 Respuestas SAP Landscape transformation Replication server (SAP SLT) SAP Replication server SAP HANA Direct extractor connection (SAP DXC) SAP Data services.
Which form of services is responsible for defining and consuming semantically rich data models? 1 Respuesta Conditional services Model-ll services Core Data Services (CDS) It services.
In ADT which setting below to a specific project rather than the entire workbench. 1 Respuesta Code formatting option Statement Template options Code completion option Editor shortcut options.
In SAP HANA SQL, you want to create a table whose definition should NOT be visible in the catalog? Whichof the following table types fulfill this requirement? 1 Respuesta GLOBAL TEMPORARY LOCAL TEMPORARY COLUMN ROW.
You use the ABAP trace (SAT) to measure the run time of a program. In a class, method X checks thevalidity of its importing parameters and calls method Y. What pattern of gross and net run time would youexpect to see the in the ABAP trace results for method X? 1 Respuesta The net run time is less than the gross run time The net run time is greater than the gross run time The net run time is equal to Zero The gross and net run times are identical.
You use native SQL to access the SAP HANA database. What should you do to retrieve the correct data? 3 Respuesta Explicitly handle the client field Specify the database schema if it is not the user's default schema Use a Comma-separated column list Use the UP TO n ROWS addition Use the tilde symbol (-) to separate qualifier from column name.
What all are the Types of Applications based on SAP HANA? 2 Respuestas Server based on SAP HANA Data Mart based on SAP HANA Innovation based on SAP HANA New or Native SAP HANA.
Which of the following option is not the main capability of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for OLAP? 1 Respuesta Swap axes Insert filter components Create Presentations Create data by members and tables.
What are the two main methods to add a system to the SAP HANA Studio? 2 Respuestas By Resource console Automatically By Importing a Landscape Manually.
What views will be most efficient for General Modeling Principles? 2 Respuestas Attribute view Schema view Column view Analytical view.
You want to debug an ABAP program using ABAP development tools (ADT). How do you launch thedebugger? 1 Respuesta Choose the debug as option in the context menu of the ABAP program Set a breakpoint in the ABAP program and execute the program Choose the Run --> Debug options in the menu Create a debug configuration for the ABAP application and run the program.
Which of the following tasks can you perform with SQL monitor (transaction SQLM)? 1 Respuesta Search for problematic SELECT* statements Display the execution plan of an SQL statement Capture the SQL profile of an application Combine static and dynamic performance analysis results.
Which data sources can you use for SAP list viewer with integrated data access? 3 Respuestas Internal table CDS View Database Table Database procedure External view.
When would you use a column store table instead of a row store table? 2 Respuestas When there are mainly distinct values in the table When the table has a small number of records When you require aggregation and analysis of values When you want to enable a full-text-search of the table.
If the Search Options are enabled, you can set the Search Parameters for an attribute of a view. Thefollowing parameters are available? 3 Respuestas Fuzzy search Freestyle search Point base ranking Weights for ranking Index search.
What are the ABAP development guidelines? 2 Respuestas Improved tools for performance analysis Extensions to ABAP Language Improved hybrid components for SAP HANA Consuming Only ABAP contents for SAP HANA.
What are the uses of SQL Trace (ST05)? 3 Respuestas Applying Code inspector Detect redundant or identical select statements Locate database performance issues Display record of all database access Locate work base issues.
ABAP 7.4 provide support for optimizing ABAP applications running on SAP HANA. What are thesetransparent optimizations? 3 Repsuestas Do all the data processing in Application server Performance analysis tools have been improved The ABAP language and the Open SQL language have been extended Re-use components have been extended or optimized for SAP HANA The consumption of SAP HANA artifacts was simplified.
DB-Specific Properties that allows switching between storage types when running on an SAP HANA database. What are these storage types? 2 Respuestas Column store Re-use component store Row store Technology store.
What are the steps involved in SAP HANA Evolution? 3 Respuestas ABAP can run on SAP HANA ABAP can access SAP HANA Optimized ABAP on SAP HANA ABAP as accelerator on SAP HANA ABAP applications on SAP HANA.
You are implementing an ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) for SAP HANA. What do you have todo in the corresponding ABAP class? 1 Respuesta Implement the ABAP AMDPJHDB Event Handler Declare the ABAP class as a sub-class of CL_AMDP_RUNTIME_HDB Set the visibility of the corresponding class method in the declaration section to PUBLIC Implement the interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB.
What are the Perspectives and Views of SAP HANA Studio. 2 Respuestas System Properties Administration console Open system properties Development properties.
Explain Transitioning ABAP Code to SAP HANA - Performance Considerations? 3 Respuestas Some codes transferred to other systems Classical performances recommendations for open SQL remain valid Some shifts in priorities, examples, nested selects(higher) indices(lower) Some codes immediately run faster Some codes impacted positively and should be priorities.
Which is not a Golden Rule for Open SQL? 1 Respuesta Minimize the Amount of Data Transferred Keep the result set large Minimize the Number of Database Accesses Reduce the Database Load.
What are the principles of Using HANA Transport Containers properly? 3 Respuestas Release of Transport request Automatic update for all export methods Import of Transport Request To create Transport container of delivery unit Takes a 'snapshot' of all SAP HANA objects of delivery unit.
What are the purposes of tools in SAP HANA system that is an Eclipse-based integrated developmentenvironment? 3 Respuestas Organizing Configure Administer Selecting Monitor.
Which of the following tool is introduced as a holistic quality assurance tool? 1 Respuesta ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) DBA Cockpit DBMS Cockpit BW system.
How many result sets are returned when an SAP HANA database procedure is called using the CALL WITHOVERVIEW statement? 1 Respuesta Two result sets As many result sets as there are input parameters in the procedure One result set As many result sets as there are table output parameters in the procedure.
You have defined the following SQLScript procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE LANGUAGE SQLSCRIPT SQLSECURITY DEFINER READS SQL DATA. Which type of database procedures can be called in this SQLScriptprocedure? 1 Respuesta Read-update Write only Read-write Read only.
How will you hide the attributes that are not required for client consumption? 1 Respuesta By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute provider By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute column By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute in the View By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute in the Semantics screen.
Which of the following is not involved in database table of The New ABAP SQL Monitor-Architecture? 1 Respuesta Runtime monitor data Selection data table Critical data table Performance data table.
Which of the following categories of parameters can you use in the definition of an ABAP manage databaseprocedure (AMDP)? 3 Respuestas Returning Importing Changing Receiving Exporting.
You have an SQLScript procedure with a table input parameter it_books. You want to use the parameter onthe right-hand side of an assignment operator within the procedure. How do you refer to the parameter? 1 Respuesta it_books :it_books {it.books} @it_books.
Which tasks does the ABAP managed database (AMDP) framework perform? 2 Respuestas Delete the obsolete versions of the database procedure synchronously Delete the obsolete versions of the database procedure asynchronously Create a new version of the database when the AMDP is first called Create a new version of the database when the AMDP is first activated.
What are some of the features available SAP List Viewer with integrated data access (SALV IDA)? 3 Respuestas Edit cells Group rows Double-click on rows Search in content Display diagrams.
What are the two Profitability Analysis available with CO-PA Scenario in SAP HANA Modeling? 2 Respuestas Account-based Profitability Service-based profitability Costing-based Profitability Product-based Profitability.
Discuss different types of engines associated with The SAP HANA architecture 2 Respuestas Join engine OPAX engine OLAP engine Analytic engine.
Which of the following features does the ABAP Test Cockpit offer that the ABAP code Inspector does NOTOffer? 2 Respuestas Flexible schedule of check runs Enhanced distribution of results Documented checks Configuration of check variants.
What are the Possible Approaches with AS ABAP < 7.4 SP02? 2 Respuestas SQL units Stored Procedures Interaction with Database Consume using native SQL.
Which code-to-data capability is responsible for the Optimizations & Translation of Open SQL SELECT FORALL ENTRIES clauses into native SQL? 1 Respuesta Transparent Optimizations HANA Specific features Buffer system Optimization Database Optimization.
What are the features associated with ABAP CDS? 3 Respuestas Update Create Read Export Distribution.
To upload data from flat files, SAP HANA offers several features. What are these important features? 2 Respuestas When loading new data in the table, it gets appended to the existing data The application suggests the column name and data type for the new tables, and it is possible to edit them The supported file types for upload are: .cssv, .xlls, and .xlsxxx The new table always has a 2:2 mapping between the file and table columns.
Hybrid Data Management System - Combining different paradigms in one system. Discuss capabilitiesassociated with the Hybrid Data Management system 3 Respuestas Traditional disk-based tables Built-in support for planning Text analysis and search Text indexing capabilities Linguistic search capabilities.
What output does the SAP HANA provide as a unique combination of hardware and software innovations? 1 Respuesta Huge potential to optimize business applications that are running on SAP HANA Huge potential to maximize the number of disk blocks in the application Huge potential to optimize AMDP application DATA Tables The ability to create new complex processes with ABAP application cloud.
SAP HANA DB Migration: you want to avoid any functional issues after the migration? 3 respuestas Order by clause in open SQL statement Left outer joins in open SQL statements Code that relies on implicit database sorting Direct access to a cluster on the database Native sql statement.
What are the features of New Open SQL? 2 Respuestas Supports conditional expressions Supports arithmetic and string expressions Supports specific units of database Supports Code adjustment model.
You developed an ABAP managed database procedure (AMDP). You want to allow the enhancement of thisAMDP using business add-in (BADI). Which of the following objects must you create? 3 Respuestas An enhancement spot A BADI fallback implementation A database procedure A BADI definition A BADI simple implementation.
When to use Enhanced Open SQL 2 Respuestas At the time of Dictionary Views To access system fields A BADI simple implementation Need the query in one piece of code only To view scalar components.
What do you have to consider if you want to use Native SQL in your ABAP programs to access an SAP HANADB? 2 Respuestas The ABAP system check the syntax of the Native SQL statements The database independency of your report can be lost Hashed or sorted tables must be used with the INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS keyword Client handling needs to be done explicitely in the Native SQL statement.
Which steps do you have to perform when defining a view using core data services (CDS)? 2 respuestas Use the DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL like Syntax Create a proxy object for the defined view Define the type mapping between ABAP and SAP HANA Specify the name of the SQL view in ABAP Dictionary.
Which tools can you use to provide input data for the SQL performance tuning work list (TransactionSWLT)? 3 Respuestas ABAP test cockpit (transaction ATC) SQL monitor (transaction SQLM) Code inspector (transaction SCI) Data base performance monitor (transaction DB50) SQL Trace (transaction ST05).
What are the Performance Rules and Guidelines for ABAP on SAP HANA? 2 Respuestas To keep all the loads away from the DB To reduce main memory consumption and to improve insert performance It is beneficial for maximizing your search into database It is beneficial to move data-intensive calculations into the database.
What should you do to follow the code-to-data approach to programming? 3 Repsuestas Use native SQL to access SAP HANA built-in functions. Perform expensive calculations on the database. Transfer all data from the database to the ABAP layer, and then aggregate the results. Perform expensive calculations on the ABAP application server. Aggregate data on the database, and transfer the results to the ABAP layer.
How SAP HANA supports SQL? 3 Respuestas As a means to define Transferring data Read Manipulate data As a Data Calculator.
What is the system privilege required to drop analytic privilege? 1 Respuesta STRUCTURED PRIVILEGE ADMIN CREATE STRUCTURED PRIVILEGE PRIVILEGE ADMIN CREATE PRIVILEGE.
What made SAP HANA possible? 2 Respuesta Improved hardware technology Technology and innovations RAM limitation CPU with single core network.
Which of the following JOIN types are supported in Open SQL? 3 Respuestas INNER JOIN CROSS JOIN REFERENTIAL JOIN RIGHT OUTER JOIN LEFT OUTER JOIN.
What is the full form of HANA? 1 Respuesta High-Performance Analytic Appliance High-Performance Analytic Application High-Performance Analytic Accelerator High Accelerator Numeric Analytics.
What is the main advantage of SQLScript? 2 Respuestas SQLScript code can easily be translated into modeling view SQLScript can be better modularized than traditional SQL SQLScript is faster than traditional SQL.
Which rules does SAP recommended to improve the performance of ABAP report on SAP? 2 Respuestas Use array variants of INSERT UPDATE MODIFY and DELETE Use SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES instead of a nested SELECT statement Perform all calculations and aggregations in the ABAP layer Use a nested SELECT statement instead of SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES.
Which of the statements are true for SQLScript? 2 Respuestas SQLScript is used to push down data intensive logic into the database. SQLScript is an open standard. SQLScript is a collection of extensions to SQL.
In ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver, you execute the ABAP Test Cockpit on an ABAP program tofind performance optimization potential. Where can you find the result of the static code checks? 1 respuesta In the Project Explorer view In the Outline view of the ABAP Performance perspective In the Performance Analysis view In the Problems view.
You want to define an ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) view that totals the NET_AMOUNT column for eachsales order (column SOJD). Which SELECT statement would you use in the definition? 1 Respuesta select from snwd_so {sojd, sum(net_amount) as sum_amount} select from snwd_so {so_id( sum(net_amount) as sum_amount} group by sojd select from snwd_so {so_id( sum(net_amount) as sum_amount} group by net_amount select from snwd_so {so_id( sum(net_amount) as sum_amount} order by sojd.
What is the central goal of using SAP HANA? 1 Respuesta Positive Impact on Business Accelerate Performance Monitor database for record keeping To set Priorities for system.
The new bottlenecks avoided by addressing two challenges, what are they? 2 Respuestas Avoid CPU cache misses Avoid single network Avoid optimizing data Avoid idiling CPU cores.
Which of the following objects can you use in the ABAP layer when using the top-down approach to bringcode to data? 2 Respuestas ABAP managed database procedures Core data services views Calculation views Stored procedure.
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