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Which configuration allows Buyers to create a list of company-issued property that is distributed to contingent and SOW workers, such as badges and laptops? Asset Type Worker Pay Type Qualification Job Question.
Where on the Worker record are Asset Types assigned? Cost Allocation tab Related tab Details tab Manage tab.
Which Qualification Assessment Scale should be used if you need to include an attachment? Certification Points Yes/No Duration.
What tasks can activity items manage? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Editing worker valuating supplier Tracking signatures Managing cost centers Evaluating worker.
How are User Roles managed in SAP Fieldglass? A set of permissions that cannot be changed are assigned to users. Users choose their permissions based on their role in the workflow. A set of permissions SAP Fieldglass created are assigned to users. Permissions are assigned to users based upon their role in the workflow.
What feature can help hiring managers determine which procurement type to use in SAP Fieldglass? Activity Checklist Decision Form Activity Item Approval Group.
What is a General Ledger Account used for? Managing pay rates and bill rates A central repository for accounting data Record keeping a company's financial data Detailed tracking of task and expense codes.
Which of the following are benefits to using a vendor master? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Buyers may conduct business with hundreds of vendors. Buyers can invite multiple new vendors at once. It helps reduce the buyer's tax liability. Participating suppliers can see competitors' rates. It reduces the need to manually enter supplier information.
How does the Markup method affect the MSP Fee? The Fee is added to the Supplier Bill Rate The Fee is subtracted from the Buyer Bill Rate The Fee is subtracted from the Buyer Bill Rate The Fee is added to the Buyer Bill Rate.
You need to create a Corporate Calendar that allows for regional differences in standard work schedules. What details can the Corporate Calendar include? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Specific non-working days On-boarding and off-boarding activities Core hours when workers are expected to be in the office, or on-site Recurring non-working days.
Which configuration is used for buyers to specify the competency, duration, and level of experience desired to help suppliers submit the most appropriate candidates? Worker Pay Type Asset Type Job Question Qualification.
What are the 3 foundational (master data) elements within SAP Fieldglass? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Business Unit Site Locations User Cost Center.
What is the main purpose of the Configuration Manager role? To provide a complex and highly technical user role reserved for leadership for accessing integrations and reports To grant super users access to integration, system, and maintenance tools via a self-service dashboard in the application To allow Super users with highly technical backgrounds access to the back-end of the application To provide a technical user role reserved for senior developers who can access the buyer's configuration and system.
What functionality is used to organize SOW templates and suppliers? Categories Qualifications Questions Classifications.
Why would you associate proxy roles to a user role? To select proxies for a single user that could serve as a proxy To select proxies for multiple user roles that could serve as proxies for all To select a single user who can perform the role of a proxy To select the roles that could serve as proxies for that role.
Which of the following describes the difference between a general ledger and a general ledger account? They are both related functionalities used for the same purpose. A general ledger account is associated with task and expense codes rather than a business unit General ledgers are required, while general ledger accounts are optional. A general ledger account is associated with a business unit rather than task and expense codes.
Which of the following are aspects of the Data Dictionary functionality? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. It is split into two groups; report fields and formulas It is located in every user's Reference Library It is where users can see all reportable fields in the application It is accessed via the Admin menu under the Report header.
The Messaging section within the SAP Fieldglass admin menu allows Administrator users to perform which of the following activities? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Create reminders for various user groups within SAP Fieldglass Manage the various aspects of notifications generated from within SAP Fieldglass. Chat with buyer users and supplier users regarding current transactions Send direct messages to users of SAP Fieldglass.
Which of the following are examples of an activity checklist? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Reset username and password details Worker and supplier evaluation Worker and supplier onboarding and offboarding New SAP Fieldglass account registration Contract negotiation and authorization.
What is the next step after creating a rate? Create Rate Group Create Rate Grid Create Rate Category Create Worker Pay Type.
When should the Integration Connector Wizard be used? If you know the connector to be used but are not sure which transfer method to use If you know the data to be integrated but are not sure which transfer method to use. If you know the connector to be used but are not sure which version to use. f you know the data to be integrated but are not sure which connector to use.
What does Contingent Type allow? Buyers can set up rules and determine the fields visible on templates and job postings. Buyers can create a pool of questions that job candidates need to answer when applying. Buyers can set up the number of work hours expected for a position. Buyers can set up types of contingent workers.
Which Segmented Object Detail (SOD) type is used when a tenant requires cost objects to be derived from the SOD value? Grid SOD Cost Center Attribute SOD Custom Field SOD Cost Center Allocation SOD.
What module is the Advisor functionality an extension of? Analytics Profile Worker Statement of Work Contingent.
What is the purpose of the 'expense code' when an organization chooses to manage worker expenses within SAP Fieldglass? It is the item that is used to define the rates applied for reimbursement. It is used to track any expenses a worker may incur whilst on the job. It is the code given when the Administrator creates expenses in SAP Fieldglass. It is the module where the worker submits their expenses for approval.
How can a Contractor Access Agreement (CAA) be signed in SAP Fieldglass? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. After Storefront self-registration Electronically, after registration invitation By fax number By email attachment.
When selecting a currency for use within your company, which objects must each new currency be associated with before use? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question Cost Center Business Unit Job Posting Template Site.
What modification type would you use on the User Upload to update a user? Modification Type D Modification Type A Modification Type Z Modification Type U.
Where can the Administrator set the Program Office contact details to display in the footer of all messages sent from SAP Fieldglass? Contact Us Details Email Message Template Message Center Messages.
What is changed in a tenant of SAP Fieldglass when a custom XSL Template is loaded? The logo at the top of the page The specified module's PDF output The logo at the top of the page The invoice download connector.
Which feature allows you to manually execute any download connector that is enabled for your company and configured to run via the user interface? Integration Audit Trail Download Draft/Rejected Time Sheets Download Data Upload Data.
What characteristics do Cost Centers have? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. They correlate exactly with Business Units. They are only associated to a single currency. They are for allocating and tracking financial transactions They represent functional units in which transactions will be billed.
Which of the following apply when working with the Configuration Manager? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. The Configuration Manager has access to the whole admin menu and the self-service dashboards. It is a separate account with different login information The Configuration Manager only has access to the self-service dashboards. The user permissions are separate from and additional to an Administrator user's permissions.
When using the Admin Menu, the available options in Company Structure allow you to perform which activity? To enable and disable specific functionality and establish rules of use for your company within the SAP Fieldglass application To create and edit data objects which enhance the usage of the features available within the SAP Fieldglass application. To define foundational elements which establish the structure of your company within the SAP Fieldglass application To manage and define workflow elements to ensure transactions are processed accurately within the SAP Fieldglass application.
Which activities can users with messaging administration permissions perform? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question Customize the content of messages when a specific action is performed Decide if an escalation message should be sent for overdue incomplete tasks Recall messages that are sent by accident Re-send an unread message to a user for them to read Enable and disable individual messages.
What does My Group indicate with user visibility? Users can view all documents within their business unit, cost center, or site. Users can access documents they are associated with by that document's owner. Users can view only the documents that they are the document owner. Users can access documents they have always been associated with.
When a user with the appropriate user role permissions selects 'View all Work Items' from the Admin Menu, what actions can they take? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Send new work items to users within the company. Take action on behalf of another user. See all active work items within the company for all users. See all notifications that have been sent to a specific user.
Which rate structure is associated with Standard Time (ST)? Rate Rate Group Rate Category Rate Component.
Which of the following are reasons a Microsoft Excel template could be attached to an SAP Fieldglass report? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. You need to better format the report output Your company has maxed out on the number of scheduled reports. You need to include multiple worksheets with pivot tables. You need to include additional charts or formulas. You do not have permission to receive the report any other way.
Which factors affect the users' visibility to reports generated by SAP Fieldglass? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question Buyer company annual revenue User role within the application Number of active users for each company instance Permission within the application Access to report folders.
How can you create a buyer user? Via the User Connector or the Job Seeker menu Via the User Connector or external system Via the User Interface or User Connector Via the User Connector or job posting.
What is the purpose of the General Ledger within SAP Fieldglass? For tracking and reporting purposes To support Accounts Payable For detailed tracking of task and expense codes To define specific types of reimbursables.
Which of the following features can suppliers access via their Admin menu? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Change company name Reject time or expense sheet Manage sites serviced View rates View distribution lists.
Which kind of configuration are Alerts and Escalations examples of? Activity Item Decision Form Template Thresholds Wizard None.
What is the purpose of the System Variables section in the Admin menu? To set up other systems that can send information to SAP Fieldglass. To modify fields included in messages and the Summary tabs within the User Interface. To enable or disable data values for use on documents in the application. To vary when integrations are triggered to other systems.
A company's workers have set schedules of 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. The worker will need to be paid overtime for any hours worked over 40 in a week. What configuration could automatically allocate any hours over 40 hours worked into an overtime rate on their time sheet? Rate Change Matrix Rate Schedule Rate Component Rate Grid.
What is an SOW Bid? A scope of the work needed that multiple suppliers can review, collaborate, and respond to A type of approval group within the SAP Fieldglass services module A request for more workers created by a supplier servicing a buyer on a SOW A template required for all suppliers to complete when engaging in an SOW.
Which transfer method uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ('HTTPS') that allows the integrated systems to call directly to each other? Web Services SFTP SOAP Manual.
Where in the Configuration section of the Admin menu would a user navigate to create a report header and/or footer? Label Set Custom Field Custom Text Contextual Help.
Which configuration is used when Worker rates are dependent on the type of Worker selected for a position? Job Question Worker Pay Type Qualification Asset Type.
What is a Statement of Work (SOW) clause? Deliverables required during a project but not directly tied to payment or invoices Legal terms and conditions that outline contractual language between the buyer and supplier Payments to be made upon completion of specific milestones or delivery of certain work products Structured payments to be made on a regular or recurring basis.
Which of the following functions can be performed using a System Broadcast? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. A System Broadcast can be retracted. A System Broadcast can be scheduled for a specific date and time. A System Broadcast can be targeted to specific user groups. A System Broadcast can only be sent to users when the SAP Fieldglass agent runs overnight. A System Broadcast can be sent to a user via email and their home page if configured to do so.
You are listed as the Primary Contact Person for your supplier. What will you initially receive in order to service a buyer in SAP Fieldglass? Time sheets Registration invitation Password reset requests Expense sheets.
What aspect of a custom lookup defines the outcome of each row of data? The Key The Value The Delimiter The Segments.
When reviewing details for an upload or download in the Integration Audit Trail, what is the unique identifier called? Server Status Transaction ID Client Message Initiator.
Which admin object is used to create lists of data to be chosen from a dropdown menu? Job Posting Templates List View Master Data Pick Lists.
Which of the following are characteristics of report folders? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question There is a minimum number of report folders required in SAP Fieldglass Report folders are used to group together similar reports Report folders are associated to user roles, which define specific user permissions Any user can view a report after it is associated to a report folder.
Which library will an Administrator user maintain to create the contractual language or agreements for use within Statements of Work (SOWs)? Schedule Library Event Library Question Library Clause Library.
What is an approval group? Groups of authorized approvers who are notified when particular work items are submitted Time parameters that dictate when certain workflow activities must occur Collections of dashboards and graphs used as business reporting tools to assist in corporate decision-making Collections of activity items necessary to initiate and complete particular workflows.
Why would you use Statement of Work (SOW) Templates? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. To allow you to set up Company Configuration that is not editable To standardize SOWs across the organization To allow you to customize what appears on a Contingent document To simplify the SOW create process with default values and pre-populated information To include various Characteristics to be managed as part of a project.
What is a company's SAP Fieldglass password policy? A section that allows companies to define their own rules for how users must create passwords for accessing SAP Fieldglass The important decision whether they require a password or single sign-on for their users to access SAP Fieldglass A security awareness course that must be completed by a representative from every buyer company A set of strict restrictions determined by SAP Fieldglass that applies to all buyer users globally.
When creating your SOW Templates, which elements are required to be pre-configured (if used)? Classifications, SOW Type, and Clauses Characteristics, SOW Type Label Set, and SOW Type Classifications, Clauses, and SOW Type Classifications, SOW Type Label Set, and SOW Type.
Which configuration is used to group together authorized users and notify when particular work items are submitted for review or approval? Activity Item Approval Group Activity Checklist Decision Form.
If a customer wants to relabel 'Job Posting' to 'Job Requisition', what admin object allows for this change? Custom Lookup Custom Field Classification Custom Text.
Why would you use supervisor role functionality? To use as a system role included in an approval group To set up an individual user's supervisor shown in the org chart To determine the escalation path for escalation thresholds To be able to maintain users and permissions.
Which configuration allows for similar questions to be grouped and easily shared among job posting templates? Qualification Job Question Checklist Asset Type Activity Checklist.
What is the function of a connector in SAP Fieldglass? Allows you to view a count of successful and failed connector and subscription runs over the past four weeks Allows validation that an upload or download processed successfully and to troubleshoot any errors that may have occurred Allows you to view recent subscription actions and troubleshoot subscription errors Allows data to be collated and properly formatted for sharing between SAP Fieldglass and other systems.
When creating a Statement of Work (SOW), what is the first selection you must make? Business Unit Supplier Classification SOW Template.
How many template types are available for each language within the Messaging Template section? 1 9 18 8.
Which rate structure can be used to address pay rate-based contingent labor? Rate Groups Rate Components Rate Components Rate Grids.
Which best describes SOW Workers and the use of activity (onboarding/offboarding) items? They do not apply to the SOW Worker module. They can be completed by buyer or worker users. They can only be completed by buyer users. They are mandatory in the SOW Worker module.
Which of the following elements apply to Invoice Adjustments? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Invoice Adjustments can be either a credit or a debit item to be added to an invoice Invoice Adjustments can be either a credit or a debit item to be added to an invoice An invoice Adjustment must always be a taxable item Invoice Adjustments are not selectable by Suppliers.
Which admin object is used to capture data in a supplier qualification? XSL Templates Advisors Invoice Tax Information Master Data.
How does an SOW bid approval process differ from the SOW approval process? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. When an SOW Bid approval is required, those steps take place first before the SOW Module is engaged. The remainder of the workflow after SOW Bids contains a classification, a supplier, and an SOW template. The first steps for creating an SOW Bid are choosing the Classification and the Template, but the option to choose a supplier is not available. The details of the SOW Bid will generate Details, Clauses, Characteristics, and SOW Workers. After the SOW Bid has been populated and approved, it gets sent to multiple suppliers.
Which of the following are elements of filter sets? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. You can select a filter set or use the default one created for the report in question. Filter sets are created by selecting 'Save As' after the desired filters are in place Filter sets are always selected after running a report and cannot be locked or restricted. The Filter Logic section displays the report output, font name, and font size used in the report. Filter sets can be saved for easy access and used again at a later time.
What data object ensures that invoices coming out of SAP Fieldglass include the appropriate tax and location information? MSP Fees Invoice Tax Information Rate Components Advisors.
By default, what is the maximum number of reports that can be scheduled at one time? 25 75 100 50.
What are examples of the Feature Access you can set on a User's Profile? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Manage Personally Identifiable Information This User can act as Program Manager Manage User Roles Use PMO Dashboard This User can act as Coordinator/Distributor for Contingent Workflow.
Which supplier profile detail will allow the buyer to transact with the supplier for contingent workers? Direct Profile Worker Temp Services.
What is the minimum number of Shifts required when creating a Rate Schedule? 1 0 2 3.
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