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1. Does he really like_____? Yes, he does. a. sports shows b. sitcom c. documentary.
2. I hate________. a. sitcom b. game show c. talk shows.
3. _______________I sleep until the afternoon. a. Never b. Sometimes c. Hardly ever .
4. My parents really like __________. a. games show b. the news talk show.
5. Julio never watches ____________. a. documentaries b. sitcom cartoon.
6. Hello, I’m Paul. Nice to __________ you. I´m Carla. a. know b. meet c. find.
7. Miguel Suarez is single. We call him _________ Suarez. a. Mrs. b. Miss. c. Mr.
8. Can I borrow __________ pen? a. your b. are c. you.
9. _______ a big Elvis Fan. He is amazing a. I b. I´m c. My.
10. Your father and mother are part of you ________. a. co-workers b. singer c. family.
11. Another word for father is __________. a. mother b. father c. dad.
12. I______ lunch at 1:00 pm every day. a. ´ve b. has c. have.
13. Do your friends eat a lot of snacks? Yes, they ________. a. does b. don´t c. do.
14. I ___ Facebook on my phone a. llok b. do c. check.
15. We _______ sports at school. a. make b. play c. take.
16. We ________ videos in our English class. a. never watch b. watch always c. ever much.
17. _______ do you friends have dinner together? a. How often b. Who c. What.
18. You hate ___________. a. the news b. cartoon c. soap opera.
19. My parents like __________. a. cartoon b. soap operas c. police drama.
20. There are no ________ in this city. a. pools cheap b. pools small c. new pools.
21. ___________ no swimming pools in my neighborhood. a. There aren´t b. There are c. There is .
22. I need to get some money. Let’s go on the ________. a. bank b. gym c. post office.
23. Are you hungry? Yes, __________. a. I´m b. I am c. You´re.
24. What’s your name? ______ Gabriel a. It´s b. Is c. It.
25. What are these? __________ my keys. a. They´re b. There c. This .
26. ______ is an iPod. a. These b. Those c. This .
27. My credit card is in my _________. a. wallet b. eraser c. umbrella.
28. I am hungry. I am going to eat my ___________. a. snack b. dictionary c. eraser.
29. My parent’s parents are my _______. a. grandparents b. parents c. grandpas.
30. ________your best friend belong to a club? a. Does b. Do c. Are.
31. My dad __________ his e-mail everyday. a. don’t’ checks b. doesn’t checks c. doesn’t check .
32. Every week, I ______ the apartment. a. do b. make c. clean.
33. ____________ your sister go out wirh? a. When does b. How often do c. Who does.
34. My parents love___________. a. sitcom b. the news c. game show.
35. There is a Calle 13 concert tomorrow. Cool! _______ go to it! a. Let b. Lets c. Let´s.
36. How do you __________ Patricio ? a. spell b. first c. last.
37. My mother and my father are my _____________. a. grandmother b. parent c. parents.
38. A: What´s your ________ ? B: It´s Ramiro Sanchez a. last b. name c. first.
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